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El Hinchdor, Fuzzy Fire & a Couple of Other Things That Can Ruin Your Vacation

stinging caterpillarBy Jack Ewing

Every place in the world―from the polar regions to the deep ocean, from the streets of a big city to the tropical rain forest―has its own particular hazards, of which you need to be aware. If you live in the city you learn about the dangers there and how to deal with them. It’s the same when you live in the jungle. When you’re walking around in a rainforest it’s a good idea to watch the path so you don’t step on any snakes; everyone knows that. But there are lots of lesser known dangers, things that you may not have heard about, that can cause you grief. These include everything from chiggers to stingrays. Some are better known than others and some have interesting stories. Here we’re going to have a look a couple of insects and plants that you may not know about but should definitely be careful with.

Hacienda Baru

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The Life of a Wildlife Lover

By Sam Trull, Wildlife Manager of Kids Saving the Rainforest



I want to apologize now for the sad nature of this but everyone has been asking me to write about what happens when animals don’t survive. Finally, tonight, I feel inspired to type.

I’m no stranger to death. Coming up on the 7-year anniversary of my father’s death I can’t help but be a little extra emotional. Things make me cry that wouldn’t normally…and snippets of moments from the past flash through my mind on a more regular basis. I was there the day my father took his last breaths surrounded by family and friends. I saw the look in his eyes, the way his breathing changed…it all happened right in front of me. As difficult as it was to see my lifelong hero lying in a bed slowly losing his light, I am so glad I was there for his final moments…for two reasons.
Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo


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A Few of The Most Commonly Asked Decorating Questions

Here are some of the most common decorating questions that I have been asked over the years.

What Colour Should I Paint My Walls?

turquoise chair
You can take a cue from your wardrobe – what colours do you love to wear. Which ones get you the most complements? You may love Turquoise or Fuchsia but cannot imagine it in your living room.

My philosophy is not to be afraid of colour – embrace it! Colour is closely tied to our emotions so using the colours we love can only be good, right?

Well…. bright/strong colours look great as T-shirts, blouses and bangles – but head to toe… not so much!  One wall painted a strong colour can look amazing, but often a whole room can just be overwhelming.
Royal Palm Interiors

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complicidadesBy Jim Parisi 

Eric Clapton once said, “I think of guitar playing as accompaniment. Anything beyond that gets gimmicky”. Apparently, violinist Ricardo Ramirez agrees with Clapton. A member of the Costa Rican Grammy award winning band Editus, Ramirez recently released his first solo endeavor, and I really like the concept of the album. Sr. Ramirez invited fourteen Central American singer/songwriters to bring one of their previously recorded works into the studio, to allow them to experiment with their vocal arrangements. And Ramirez takes care of the rest, the accompaniment. Hence, the title: “Complicidades”.
Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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The Joy of Boredom

by Todd Pequeen
I have lived out of a camper van for months at a time.  I sincerely hope to again have my bed, kitchen, and living area in five meters of space.  There is something very liberating about having everything one needs in a small area with the ability to be able to hit the road. Upon my return to Manuel Antonio my house, car, and possessions weighed me down.  I don’t mean they bummed me out, I am thankful for the things I have.  Rather, I feel my time spent dealing with everything, organizing stuff, requires time away from something I grew fond of while on the road…boredom.  Amazing boredom.  I mean exactly that, boredom became a comfort and with luck, will be a friend for life that I can get to know more.

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5 easy ways to detox for 2015

fresh juicesBy Amber Zuckswert

As we step into the dawn of a new year we have one simple choice. To bounce out of bed with radiant energy, eager to jump into the adventures and endless opportunity of the day. Or, sluggishly roll out dreading work with brain fog, anxiety and worry. This vital choice begins and ends with what we decide to eat and how we move our bodies. Many of us have danced, drank and ate our way into oblivion over the holidays. Excess sugar, fat, salt, alcohol and caffeine slurped down during those festive parties clog and slow the vital filtering abilities of the liver, kidney and colon. While lack of consistent exercise has stagnated lymph flow, slowed the metabolism, and atrophied muscle.

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ROGER FRANCIS CONNOR  –   September 4, 1944  –  November 24, 2014

Roger & Isolde

Roger & Isolde

Although born in San Luis Obispo, Roger grew up in Chicago, later attending Stanford University, where he studied linguistics and life and nurtured his very inquisitive and nimble mind.  He had four siblings, two of whom still live in the States.  Roger traveled a lot when he was younger, lived in Nepal for a while and eventually made his way to Costa Rica in the early 70s, where he later met the love of his life, Isolde Schmidt.  Together they transformed Isolde’s small inn on the road to Manuel Antonio into the successful restaurant and hotel, Plinio,  which for many years was a wonderful  place to gather with friends at the bar, and which tourists returned to year after year for the friendly owners, the GREAT food and the beautiful setting.  They worked hard – carved out nature trails, built a pool, hauled lumber up a hill to erect a tower from which the entire Quepos area was visible, built more rooms, hosted many great parties and food celebrations, and Roger was a fierce advocate for the preservation of this beautiful area and for the Ticos who live here.

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