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Haber = To have #2  REVIEW

By Os

HABER  is an auxiliary-helping verb that we use in español when we talk about things and/or actions that we have done in the past.

Something like:

I have spoken / I have eaten / I have lived / I have been / I have had / I have gone / I have driven / I have gotten / I have done something / I have made something / etc, etc, etc…

Remember that in español the “H – h” is silent.

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Jane Goodall at the Osa Field Institute: The Woman Who Redefined Man

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

By Evelyn Gallardo

Kudos goes to the Osa Field Institute (OFI) for its standing room only grand opening in Uvita and for bringing Dr. Jane Goodall in as its keynote speaker.

Executive Director, Dr. Julie Reyes, made a brief opening statement under a rancho setting about OFI being established as a field school where students, faculty, tourists and life long learners could team up to experience Costa Rica and conduct research together in the heart of a primary rain forest. She then introduced her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall, who was greeted with a standing ovation. She stood on a step stool throughout her talk explaining that she wanted to see each of the 200 attendees.

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Costa Rica powered with 100% renewable energy for 75 straight days And it’s mostly thanks to heavy rains and geothermal energy.

Geothermal plant in foothills of Volcan Rincon de la Vieja

Geothermal plant in foothills of Volcan Rincon de la Vieja

By Myles Gough

(Originally published on www.sciencealert.com March 20, 2015)

Well done Costa Rica, well done.

The Central American country has achieved a major clean energy milestone, meeting 100 percent of its power demand with renewable energy for 75 straight days.

“The year 2015 has been one of electricity totally friendly to the environment for Costa Rica,” the state-owned power supplier Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) said in a press release.

The ICE says the country’s zero-emission milestone was enabled thanks to heavy rainfalls at four hydroelectric power facilities in the first quarter of 2015. These downpours have meant that, for the months of January, February and so far March, there has been no need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

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Tico Talk – May/June, 2015

tico-talk-header¡No más miedo al Subjuntivo!

Es común que cuando se escucha la palabra “Subjuntivo” sintamos un poco de espanto por la fama que ha tomado de ser difícil. Pero en realidad no difícil, solo deben tomarse una serie de consideraciones. En esta y en las próximas ediciones les ayudaremos a entenderlo más.


-e -a
-es -as
-e -a
-emos -amos
-en -an

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That’s Fishin’ – May/June 2015

Sailfish rising

Sailfish rising

By Sarah Munro

I’m insane kind of stoked you know. The Offshore World Championship happened HERE April 11-17. Of course, that was just after the deadline for my article, so you’re going to have to check back in July to find out what happened. The past month has been VERY exciting, and the next one looks to be even more so!

We are in the thick of Tournament Season, and the fish have been co-operating very nicely. When I say very nicely I mean WORLD RECORD CATCH! Leg III of the Los Sueños Triple Crown finished up March 28, with a fight to the very end. The average catch was 2 fish per minute, and the fight for 2nd and 3rd was amazing, it went down to the last 2 minutes of fishing.  The Signature Champion, Tarheel finished all three legs with 27,300 points and a big fat cheque for $100,000.00. Ok, so to put that 27,300 points into perspective, each sailfish is worth 100 points. That’s 273 fish for one boat in one tournament. That’s A LOT OF FISH, no matter which way you look at it. If you’re not familiar with tournament fishing, you might be thinking that we’re all a bunch of killers. Alas, not true. All billfish are identified by an observer on the boat, and then released again into the ocean. Sport-fishing is just that, a sport, and we respect our opponent.

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ALBERT OPPEL  (1944-2015)

AlbertNació en Alemania en 1944. En su natal país fue marino y conductor de trens, llegó a su segunda patria Costa Rica en 1991, hombre afable, noble, amable, educado, filántropo, todo un caballero y amigo de todos. Vino a Quepos en busca de un clima que le asentara a su salud, e hizo de este pueblo su hogar, se resistía a aprender el español y fue feliz cuando un año antes de su partida obtuvo la residencia costarricense. Gastrónomo y excelente cocinero, amante de las comida alemana y fue en su última navidad cuando probó y le gustaron los tamales ticos. En sus buenos años fue un bohemio empedernido, disfrutaba de sus jornadas de tertulia con sus amigos en los bares, a los cuales era asido visitante, Wacky Wanda’s y Dos Locos. Hombre emprendedor, en busca siempre de algún negocio para llevar adelante. Celebraba con ahínco los constantes  triunfos del equipo de sus amores el Bayer Múnich, como celebró la campeonización de su selección y los triunfos de Costa Rica en la mundial. Aquejado por graves dolencias desde hace dos años estaba al cuidado de su esposa Yiniser, aunque no perdonaba las visitas de los sábados a Dos Locos, las cuales realizó aún en los momentos más difíciles de su enfermedad. El descanso eterno le llegó el pasada 25 de marzo, al lado de su familia tica, y siempre con el apoyo de su amigo Marcel Rodhe. Su cuerpo descansa en el cementario loca, conforme su voluntad.  Le sobrevive aquí su hijo Albert. Alerohiti. Cu-cu.

Descanse en paz Papi.

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May/June 2015

May-June 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos-Manuel Antonio we are happy to have you visit….we know you will have a great time…May & June begin our “green” or rainy season and we are looking forward to getting green…it has been one hot hot hot dry season….First we would like to wish a very Happy 93nd Birthday to Virginia Utley on May 20th – we  hope she will be celebrating all month long! We have so many great things for you to do from zip lines to off shore fishing and everything in between…just check our advertisers and sign up for a fun time…this issue covers 2 months so we will have extra articles for your reading enjoyment and puzzles. We would like to thank  Alice Stieber of Germany for sending her beautiful photo of the plumeria blossom –makes a great cover -thanks! – enjoy our awesome restaurants …sip a cold one on our beautiful beach and don’t forget the sunblock even if its cloudy – see our beautiful Marina –if you are here on June 27th please join the fun for the PAWS Benefit  to help the animals of our area and the construction of the new shelter – see details on page­­­____ ….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia …have a great time & follow us on FB and on our web at www.quepolandia.com … travel safe…see you in July…..ciao………..P

*Don’t forget to honor our US Veterans with Papa’s Annual Pig Roast @ Rancho Leon 12 Noon May 25th– Great Music Great food, free donation