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Reforestation & Monkey Bridges



By Elena Crouch
Social Media intern, Student of Northeastern University

For an organization that in 2015 alone, has rescued over 218 animals and planted over 7,000 trees since they began, it’s hard to believe the modest roots of Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR). KSTR was started over seventeen years ago by two nine-year old girls whose mothers lived in Manuel Antonio. The two girls, Janine and Aislin, were witnessing the steady destruction of the rainforest in their backyard and decided to create their own organization and make a change. KSTR began as a reforestation organization, and has since grown tremendously and has developed into four main projects: reforestation, the monkey bridge program, the KSTR Wildlife Sanctuary, and the KSTR Wildlife Rescue Clinic.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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Memoirs of a Massuer

By Todd Pequeen

This year has been an extremely hot one. Dry with intense sun, sweat never seems to leave my brow. The plants and trees around us have been desperate. Some days I’ve felt desperate; the need to escape. Day after day their leaves curl inward; it is miraculous that they hold on. Soon they know the rains will fall. In the near future the bounty of fruits, flowers, and cooler temperatures will replace the desert like conditions. I’ve always thought of life as a never ending journey of peaks and valleys; plant or animal hardships never stop. Challenges and difficulties should be welcomed; we overcome and that is how we grow. It takes sacrifice and a belief in what’s to come to achieve something in this world. Just as the plants and trees push on each day, so must we human beings. Smiling in the face of hardship; humor in the midst of dispute. In order to hold on, to be flexible yet durable, a strong foundation is essential. Whether it is the roots of a plant or a tree or the support of friends, family, and community, we cannot do “life” alone.

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Cheesy Baked Eggs with Kale & Bacon

By Desiree Brassert

We must be thankful that one of the hottest superfoods in the world is now readily available in our town. Not only is kale loaded with vitamins, but it is also known to lower cholesterol, fight certain cancers, and eliminate toxins.

Here’s a quick and simple crowd pleaser that you can make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If bacon is not your thing, try crumbled smoked trout.

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What Type of Window Covering Should I Choose?

Bedoom-copyBy Shelagh Duncan

Where Do I Start?

Window treatments have been a part of life for most of us. We consider it one of the finishing touches for any room. There are many window covering options available to us here just as there are back home, and a huge variety of different styles, fabrics, textures and colours to chose from. However, once we move to the jungle and have are lucky enough to have staggering views, or perhaps total privacy afforded by lush vegetation or  a lovely large lot,  then covering the windows can be a secondary consideration.

Having said that, the other thing to consider is function. Why do you need to cover this window? Is it for privacy, do your rooms get too hot, is the early morning sun too bright, or do you just want to soften the feel of the room? Perhaps it is in a bathroom, where the builder decided in his wisdom that a large window in middle of the shower area would be a really good idea! Whatever the reason there is usually a great solution – but you have to know how to find it.
Royal Palm Interiors

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One Man’s Mission: Rebuilding Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast’s Chocolate Industry

Chocolate headerBy Gary Garrett

Ahhh, chocolate, the Food of the Gods as it’s Latin name translates. So many varieties,forms and flavors to satisfy our craving. A rich part of Costa Rica’s history. But times have changed and a small group of people are determined to bring back an industry that could once again thrive in Costa Rica.

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The 20/80 Rule.  PARTE I & PARTE II

Spanish Sucks by OsImagine that with only 20% of vocabulary you could be able to handle 80% of normal conversations.  Imagine that instead of trying to memorize 1000 words; 200 would be enough.  Imagine that instead of learning and conjugating 100 verbs; 20 would be sufficient.

Well, that’s what the experts call the 20/80 Rule.

Today, I am going to present a longer list of some of the most common words in Spanish.

This list has been generated from subtitles of movies and television series with a total of about 27.4 million words.  So, take it seriously 😉
Spanish Pura Vida

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That’s Fishin’ – May-June 2016

Catch your own monster

Catch your own monster

By Sarah Munro

It’s that time of year where the buzz and the bite are equally hot. For instance, the recently completed third leg of the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown brought in 832 more fish than last year. During the 9 days of competition, this tournament brought in 6570 fish, and released them all. Coming up before this article goes to print, is the Offshore World Championship, held here at Marina Pez Vela April 16-23. Tight lines to all competitors!

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