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Superfood Nutrient Dense Smoothies For Epic Living

smoothieBy Amber Zuckswert

Over the past 5 years I’ve lived 100% on a raw vegan diet. I’ve learned so much about my inborn potential. Nourishing my mind and body with nutrient dense raw superfoods has helped me drop fifteen pounds, increase my energy ten fold, build a strong and flexible physique, clear out years of accumulated toxins, and heighten my mental and spiritual clarity. As a holistic plant based nutritionist I get asked about my own breakfast green smoothies and superfood ice creams daily. “What are your go-to superfood nutrient dense meal ideas that give long lasting stable energy?” I hear you. Not all smoothies are created equal! A cup of fruit smoothie would never get me through coaching clients for hours every morning. We are busy people, who need filling nutrient-dense smoothies that will give us unlimited energy, rev up our metabolism and keep us satisfied until a mid morning snack or lunch. Here are five of my favorite breakfast smoothies with the addition of a few key satisfying ingredients.


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Choosing Your Perfect Coffee Table

Rattan coffee tablesBy Shelagh Duncan

The coffee cable is an essential piece of furniture for any living room. Find out what will work best in your space.

In the UK, the coffee table was made popular during the late 1800’s, and low tables have been used in other cultures for a long time before that. In the US, they evolved from taller tables and were marketed as cocktail tables after Prohibition was repealed in the 1920’s says Jan Cummings, who teaches furniture history courses for Johnson County Community College’s interior design department. So what’s the difference between coffee and cocktail tables these days? Not much really. Some say the shape – coffee tables are square or rectangular, and cocktail tables are rounded, but it’s probably more to do with marketing – and what you’re drinking!

Royal Palm Interiors

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Variations on Greek Salad

Cooking Corner logo

By Bill Dwyer

Greek salad is one of the classics of the salad genre. The combination of fresh ingredients is perfect for the palate.

I provided a basic recipe for Greek salad in an earlier column; but I’m revisiting the subject in this month’s column because I’ve been experimenting with various ways of slightly altering the basic recipe using other ingredients frequently used in Greek cuisine. Greek salad proves to be amazingly adaptable and versatile, and just as delicious as ever.

I won’t be prescribing ingredient proportions or directions for assembling the salad in this column. You can decide for yourself what sizes or shapes to cut the veggies and feta cheese in your choice of proportions, and how to display the finished product. Cooking is more fun when you can be creative!

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Kids Saving The Rainforest Quarterly Report

By KSTR Wildlife Vet, Pia Martin DVM

KSTR would like to share part our quarterly report submitted to MINAE (the Ministry of the Environment):

In the last 3 months KSTR has rescued 44 animals, so in addition to the 31 we already had at the rescue center, it was total of 75 animals rescued with 27 different species!!

From these: 24 were RELEASED!! YES!!! That is a great release rate for rescue centers.

35 were moved to the Sanctuary because they are non-releasable (beautiful confiscated birds that don’t even know how to fly), and of these, 20 are still at the rescue center, and only 10 died, which is also a great number.

Our most miraculous recovery was a Howler monkey who had been electrocuted and had first, second and third degree burns over 80% of her body. We were able to save her and she was released back into her troop!
Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo


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That’s Fishin’ – August, 2014

Mahi mahi madness

Mahi mahi madness

By Sarah Munro

Welcome to Quepolandia, where the fish outnumber the people. It doesn’t get better anywhere else. Maybe that’s why Costa Rica translated means Rich Coast. Either way, you are here, with access to some of the best fishing grounds on the planet.

This year the Offshore World Championships were hosted here for the second year in a row – and with a New World Record Catch!

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Noble Patria (Noble Homeland)

Costa Rica flagBy Nancy Buchan

For the Ticos and for those of us lucky enough to live in or be visiting this beautiful country, watching the World Cup soccer games last month was a proud and exciting thing. The Costa Rican Sele team played great, and made it clear to all that it was no fluke that they had gotten farther in the elimination process than ever before in their history. They played with discipline and skill and team spirit and HEART! It was big fun to be part of the ecstatic and giddy partiers celebrating their dreams. One of the best things about the whole soccer mania time was how cool the Ticos were about their eventual loss to the Netherlands. No one whined about losing, or blamed the referees or made unnecessary excuses – folks here were gracious and proud of their athletes and their country. Even for the folks who thought they didn’t like soccer, it was infectious fun to be part of!

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The 2 WEEKS rule. Parte 3

By Os

¡Hola amigos! ¿Did you watch the games of “La Sele”? They did amazingly great, didn’t they? ¡¡We made historia for sure!!

Last month we learned a super handy rule: The 2 WEEKS rule. ¿Remember how it goes? It goes like this:

The 2 WEEKS rule is a handy rule that we can use to clarify when to use “SER” and “ESTAR” and when not. It is not perfect, it is not always accurate but, as I said it’s pretty handy. This is how it works:

If something might not change in less than two weeks, then we must use “SER.”


If something may change in less than two weeks, then we must use “ESTAR.”

Last month we saw several examples when we can apply the rule. This month we are gonna see some examples of exceptions when NOT to apply the rule. Ready?

SER = TO be #1

I          s oy

you, s/he, it          es

we          s omos

you all, they          s on

If something might not change in less than two weeks, then we must use “SER.”
Spanish Pura Vida

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