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White-tails and Brockets

White-tailed Deer — Odocoileus virginianus

White-tailed Deer — Odocoileus virginianus

By Jack Ewing

Hunters in general and deer hunters in particular are one of the most serious causes of forest fires in Costa Rica, especially in the tropical dry forests of the northern Pacific part of the country. Every year during the dry season forest fires rage in many parts of the country, but the Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste is usually one of the hardest hit. Even though it is illegal to hunt in the park poachers continually pursue the deer there. Since animals have a natural fear of fire, the hunters start a blaze in a place where they think it will scare the deer into running in a particular direction. Their buddies will be waiting, rifles ready, where they think the deer will emerge from the burning forest. The problem is that the fire has a mind of its own, and doesn’t always burn in the direction the hunters want it to go. And, of course, it usually gets out of control and burns vast areas of forest destroying not only the vegetation, but also the wildlife that lives there.Hacienda Baru

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That’s Fishin’ – July 2015

Offshore World ChampionYou can feel the energy before you get there.  You can smell it. You can taste it. And when you arrive at Marina Pez Vela, you can experience it. ‘IT’ is The Offshore World Championship.

Wonder why there’s energy? Why you can taste the competition and the fish in the air? It’s because each of the qualifying 67 international teams had to WIN a qualifying tournament the previous year. Then, they had to get sponsors and get here–with all their gear.

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Tico Talk – July, 2015

tico-talk-header¡No más miedo al Subjuntivo! (PARTE II)

En la edición anterior, dimos inicio al viaje del Presente del Modo Subjuntivo, para ello se estudió el primer uso y en esta edición trabajaremos con el segundo uso. Sólo deben recordar que el Subjuntivo no es difícil, pero sí se deben tomar ciertas consideraciones para que todo sea un éxito.

Uso #2 Se usa el Presente del Subjuntivo para expresar emoción, sorpresa, temor, esperanza o extrañeza + que + subjuntivo:

Verbos que se usan para expresar emoción, sorpresa, temor, esperanza y extrañeza









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KSTR Kid’s Camp

By Tammy Bushby, Volunteer

In March 2015 Kids Saving the Rainforest launched their monthly kid’s camp. Kids from throughout Quepos/Manuel Antonio and surrounding areas participated in an educational day about conservation and animal welfare. Throughout the day the kids took part in activities developed to teach them the importance of the local biodiversity in the forest and how they can help with the conservation of their local area.

KSTR summer camp

The day was also about getting an introduction to some of the animals native to their country as well as some foreign ones. They were given a tour of the KSTR sanctuary and animal clinic which is the temporary home of some soon to be released rehabilitated wildlife, as well as some permanent members which unfortunately cannot be released into the wild for reasons such as injury or inability to cope in the wild.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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When the Timing is Right

By Todd Pequeen

Oh, how time fascinates me! I remember obsessively counting in seconds the last five minutes of class before the liberating school bell would ring.  If I felt energetic I could speed walk home and catch a 3:00 TV program from the start.  My earliest time of stress was caused by my 5:00 “be home for dinner” curfew, how I hated cutting a basketball game short. I absolutely dreaded the fact that I had to wait 3 more years in time in order to graduate high school, before I could finally move to another state for college and finally be on my own.  Yet, my summer months on the shores of Lake Erie I wanted to last forever.  Time is prevalent to most human beings regardless of their culture or heritage.  None of us can ignore it, and most of us both love and hate this…clicking clock.  It is even said that to have too much time on your hands is the devils workshop, very scary indeed.

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Bamboo and Rattan Furniture – Is there a Difference?

Rattan growing wild

Rattan growing wild

By Shelagh Duncan

What better furniture to use in Costa Rica than tropical rattan or bamboo—it is sustainable, lightweight, natural and looks great.

Exotic woods like Ron Ron, Laurel and Cristóbal, are rich in grain and colour but these trees take many decades of growth to produce these beautiful woods. Bamboo and rattan however grow very fast, and rattan actually aids the forest where it grows and is totally sustainable – and as a bonus it is one of the world’s strongest woods. Yes, it actually is a wood.

Royal Palm Interiors

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Viola and ViolinBy Nancy Buchan

One of my best girlfriends and someone who regularly de-railed my train of thought and my life in general, was my viola playing friend Kitty. She was a bit of a classical snob, and I totally understand that, ‘cause most classical players work really hard to master the skills necessary to play that type of music and they are in an elite category. Kitty was particularly interested in the ‘Baroque’ style of music and the kind of odd-ball instruments used at that time. Music, of course, is a continually evolving art form, and when folks talk about ‘Baroque’ music they are usually referring to a pretty broad range of styles and techniques that came from Europe during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. ‘Course it’s the musicologists and historians who have named them that—they didn’t know they were Baroque musicians, they were just doing what musicians do. The so-called Renaissance period started in the 1400’s and the Baroque era lasted for 150 years or so, from 1580 to 1730.

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