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That’s Fishin’- March 2015

Team Tranquilo

Team Tranquilo

By Sarah Munro

Welcome to the Promised Land. Well, more correctly, the promised sea. The fishing here off of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is bar none, some of the best in the world. It attracts anglers of all types. Professionals, rookies, and bucket-list-crosser-off-ers. Consider me all of the above. Also consider me extremely lucky, for this past month, I’ve had some of the best fishing experiences of my life.

Firstly, if you’ve read my previous articles, you know about the boat Tranquilo. If you haven’t, Tranquilo is a 57’ Spencer Yacht, now registered for Sport Fishing Tours that has only previously been here as a competition tournament boat. So, lucky me being lucky me, I got to go out twice this month on Tranquilo, the first as a Photographer/Videographer during the first leg of the Los Suenos Triple Crown Tournament Series, and the second as a fun-day, breaking ‘billfish cherries’ per say.

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Stress is a Mess

By Todd Pequeen

Stress is a mess. It is a jumble of strange sleep patterns, worry, depression, and angst.  Many clients tell me that they have had “a lot of stress” and I always ask for more details. It is “in the details” that helps me to uncover how the mind has created tension and where it is hiding in the body.  Some people get so preoccupied with their own exhaustion that their thinking is unclear.  Muddled thoughts and confusion will drain a good night of sleep and root the next day into an energy deficit.  The cycle feeds on itself and that is why we must get to know and learn our stress.  Once we do we can put our self- care first and work towards being better to ourselves day in and day out.

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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

By Nancy Buchan

Throughout time we have learned our survival skills and our histories and how to make art and music from the older folks around us. The village elders. The tribal chiefs, the master craftsmen, the seasoned veterans. The verbal accounts from our forefathers that give us perspective. The musical traditions that have brought us together or have defined us regionally. Musicians have always been guided by the players or writers who came before – we learn from them that it is not the ability to play a flurry of complicated stuff that is important, but it’s the wisdom to play the right stuff. The skills that enable us to play with other musicians doesn’t just happen either, so most musicians end up being teachers to the less experienced players, whether it’s intentional or not. Unless you are reading notated music, like in an orchestra setting, it is necessary to invent your own parts to blend with and compliment the other musicians. It takes time to learn this. And a good dose of humility.

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Top 5 Ways to Build A Conscious Business and Lifestyle

group of participantsBy Amber Zuckswert

Get paid to do what you love? I know what you are thinking, “yeah, right! Maybe in another lifetime.” People who make that type of money are obviously born ridiculously talented and just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. Lucky souls who stumble into a dream lifestyle … right? Wrong. Okay maybe there are a rare few who just happen to make it big for no apparent reason, but the vast majority have spent their life doing more homework, working longer hours, jumping hurdle after hurdle, refusing to succumb to the naysayers of the universe, and developing a sharp self discipline.

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Tener = To have #1 (again)

By Os

¡Hola gente!  ¿Todo bien?  ¿Did you read my last ariticle?  It was bout the verb TO HAVE #1 in español.  TENER.  As it is a very, very important action word, today we’ll review what we learned last month…  Let’s start filling the following box.

TenER = TO ______ #

     I       you, s/he  
     we      y’all, they   

I hope these you filled it like this one:

TenER = TO have #1

I   tenGO you, s/he   tiene
we   tenEMOS y’all, they   tienen

Spanish Pura Vida

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The Great Room

The Great RoomBy Shelagh Duncan

It’s Great – because this is the place where everyone ends up!

So, move over kitchen – the great room has become a favorite gathering place in the house. Or is it the living room, or family room.

Whatever you call it, it’s a multifunctional room that provides space to lounge on a comfy sofa in front of the TV, find solace with a good book, watch the kids play, and enjoy good conversation.

For us, with our more casual lifestyle here, it has almost completely replaced the more formal living room. Now it can encompass all of the above, plus casual dining and work and study areas.

The Great Room was a big fad beginning in the 1980s with all the new home builders, and was usually in addition to the basement rec. room or rumpus room. It grew as an extension to the kitchen, where Mom could keep an eye on the kids (and the soaps perhaps), while preparing family meals.Royal Palm Interiors

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Kids Saving the Rainforest REVAMPED Wildlife Sanctuary Tour!

Baby sloth in a coffee cupWhat’s so different now?  The Wildlife Sanctuary Tour is from 9 AM until 12 Noon, everyday (except Tuesdays). We have extended the tour so you can now relax by the pool @ Blue Banyan Inn where the sanctuary is located.

Two of the biggest draws and it’s what people have requested: INLCUDES TRANSPORTATION and… drum roll please… YOU SEE A SLOTH!!! (Sloth will be seen from behind glass only.)

The tour will still include snacks/refreshments at the end and of course you get to see the following animals in the sanctuary: Spider Monkeys, White Faced Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Tamarins, & Marmosets, Nocturnal Kinkajous (if they are awake), Parrots, Parakeets, Sloth & White Hawk (coming soon).

Minimum Suggested Donation per person: $60 for adults and $45 for children under 12, (3 and under), free.  All proceeds go toward the animals! Want to take a little memory of your visit with us? CHECK OUT the KSTR Store when the tour is over!  We have great sloth towels, monkey pillowcases and much more!

To book a tour contact us info@kstr.org for more information.
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