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The 2 WEEKS rule. Partes 1 & 2

By Os

Parte 1.

SER = TO be

I          s oy

you, s/he, it          es

we          s omos

you all, they          s on

The 2 WEEKS rule is a handy rule that we can use to clarify when to use “SER” and when not. It is not perfect, it is not always accurate but, as I said it’s pretty handy. This is how it works, if something might not change in less than two weeks, then we must use “SER”.
Spanish Pura Vida

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Quest for the Silky Anteater: The Golden Tennis Ball

Silky AnteaterBy Jack Ewing

Back in the 1980s, the economy in this part of Costa Rica was still driven by rice farming and cattle ranching. Tourism was something we all knew would come later, but nobody had a clear picture of how it would work. In 1986, the government paved the road between San Isidro and Dominical, and the bridge across the Barú River was completed. Work on the Coastal Highway south of Dominical was in progress and proceeding slowly. A few tourists started filtering into the area, and cabins to accommodate them started appearing here and there. It was the very beginning of a new way of life for the rural community. In a few years it would come to replace farming and ranching as the most important economic activity in the area.
Hacienda Baru

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A Milestone for Putumayo Records

Music of the AndesBy Jaime Peligro

Forty years ago, Dan Storper traveled to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia to experience first-hand the countries he had focused on for his degree in Latin America studies at Washington University in St. Louis. He found himself enamored with the culture and opened a small South American clothing & handcraft shop in NYC, called Putumayo, after a river and a region in Colombia. The shop quickly garnered a reputation for its uniqueness and Storper soon found himself supplying forty other shops.

In 1993 while in San Francisco, Storper happened upon an African band named Kotoja performing in Golden Gate Park. It was an inspirational moment, the moment when World Music was coined. With the help of his friend Michael Kraus, the music label Putumayo and its first two recordings were launched the following year.
Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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That’s Fishin’ – July, 2014

Fishing for tunaBy Sarah Munro

Got a bucket list? More or less, we all do. For those of us that fish, Quepos is the promised land.

I remember when I hadn’t had the opportunity yet to charter a boat and go offshore fishing, for years I looked through brochures on vacation, never hitting the right circumstances. Nothing shouted out at me. And then, the miraculous happened, and my fishing dreams came true. I moved here, to the promised land.

I will NEVER forget my first trip offshore here in Quepos. Every trip is that way. And if you’ve got any question in your mind on whether you should charter a boat and go out, well, the answer my friend is BOOK NOW.

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Sloth Re-Entry Project

By Seda Taysi SejudOwner of Villa Perezoso and KSTR Volunteer

Young sloths climbingPelota. Ellen. Kermie. Three of the cutest, sweetest, and most special two-toed sloths you will ever meet. Their story is one that we hope will make scientific history and provide vast amounts of knowledge about sloth behavior that hasn’t existed until now. What makes these three so incredibly special and unique is that they were brought to KSTR as orphans and have been successfully hand raised by an amazing group of volunteers led by “sloth mama” Sam Trull who serves as the organization’s Wildlife Manager and “mom” to the orphans.
Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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Food for Thought

supermarket confusionBy Amber Zuckswert

Waltzing through the grocery isles, basket in hand, you pick up an apple. Quick, what are you thinking? Equally significant, what made you pick up a juicy piece of goodness instead of a bag of Doritos? Digging into your subconscious thoughts about food can reveal a wealth of information about what fuels your cravings and poor eating habits.
By examining the thought patterns of a healthier eater in comparison to that of a junk food lover, we can unravel what changes to make in our own psyche when confronted with the slew of food available. Below are some of my findings over the last several years coaching clients, groups and studying clinical research.

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Music & Politics

Ozzy Osborne

Ozzy Osborne

By Nancy Buchan

That bat-biting old rocker, Ozzie Osborne, once said “I think entertainers should stay entertainers and politicians should stay liars.” He’s probably right, but the temptation to use the fame and influence you might have as a musician in the political realm does suck some people in. Rarely do politicians become musicians, but sometimes musicians can’t resist putting their personal agenda onto a national or regional political stage. Musicians have the microphones and the words and the opportunities to take a message to the masses. Musicians can be our conscience and a thorn in the side of politicians – or at least can be an alternative source of information. Every government on the planet knows this, and they all make efforts to manipulate and use artists to their own advantage – or, failing that, they shoot the damn singers or muzzle them or bust ‘em for half a joint…

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