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Getting a second chance at life in the Rainforest . . . as it should be

Baby 2-toed slothsBy KSTR 

So much has happened since we published the news about our sloth needs in the June issue! And we are thrilled to announce this news with our community. As we all know, thanks to Sele and Sloth Kong leading the way, these adorable creatures, with their bed-head hairstyles, smiley faces, and just plain cuteness have taken the world by storm. Sloth videos, paraphernalia, and sanctuaries abound, yet what is not as known, is that right here, deep in our rainforest, a team of individuals have been working 24/7 to do something that has rarely been done in Costa Rica . . . giving orphaned sloths a second chance to go home…to live the life that they were meant to live…to be free to climb and eat and explore the rainforest…that is the dream of Kids Saving the Rainforest. By starting the new offshoot organization, The Sloth Institute Costa Rica, www.theslothinstitutecostarica.org, they are helping make this come true.

The new organization, has a four part mission:

  1. Rescue and Release of Sloths including meeting all husbandry needs and funding all equipment/enclosure needs
  2.  Research of Re-introduced Sloths (GPS collar program), captive rescued sloths and of wild sloths in the Manuel Antonio area
  3.  Collaboration with other organizations around the world that work with sloths
  4.  Education—promoting responsible and balanced information about sloths to the public.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo


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Why Is Guillermo Anderson Smiling?

Guillermo Anderson

Guillermo Anderson has put Honduran music and culture on the global map. This has not been an overnight event. The singer, guitarist and songwriter has been recording and performing for more than two decades now, operating out of his home town of La Ceiba, on the Caribbean side of his country. He has recorded a dozen albums on the homespun Costa Norte label, owned and operated for the past fifteen years by Max Urso in Tegucigalpa, the capitol of Honduras. It should be noted that each of Anderson’s rcordings have their own, unique sound, a key in demonstrating that like Costa Rica, Honduras also has a versatile, panoramic spectrum of musical styles and genres. Papaya Music, a major recording company in Costa Rica agrees: the produced a greatest hits CD, “Llevarte al Mar” for distribution here on their label.
Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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Apoye a nuestro seleccionados nacionales de Bodyboard Mundial ISA CHILE 2014

In English

Por Angélica Sancho

Quepos Bodyboard/Asociación Deportiva Body Board Aguirre, creación Setiembre 2012

Gracias al apoyo de Quepos, hemos logrado enviar a los seleccionados quepeños a los Mundiales ISA del 2012 y 2013. En ambas ocasiones con excelentes participaciones.

Participaciones destacadas:

  • Neydalie Vasquez, sexto lugar Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 femenino 2012
  • Emilio Vargas, medalla bronce Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 2012
  • Jefferson Bustos, medalla oro Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 2013
  • Jefferson Bustos, Campeón Centroaméricano 2013 categoria open
  • Yazdanny Castro, Subcampeón Centroaméricano 2013 categoría open

Quepos Bodyboard

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Support our Bodyboard National Team ISA World Championship Chile 2014

En Español

By Angélica Sancho

Quepos Bodyboard/Aguirre Bodyboard Sports Association, since September 2012

With the support of Quepos, we managed to send the selected quepeños ISA World 2012 and 2013. Both times with excellent performances.

Previous Achievments:

  • Neydalie Vasquez, sixth place ISA World sub18 female Venezuela 2012
  • Emilio Vargas, World bronze medal, Venezuela sub18 ISA 2012
  • Jefferson Bustos, ISA gold medal World Venezuela 2013 sub18
  • Jefferson Bustos, Central Champion 2013 open category
  • Castro Yazdanny, Central Sub 2013 open category

Quepos Bodyboard

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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – September 2014

virgoVIRGO – August 23-September 22

After spending the whole of August in bed, you will greet the world with a renewed vigour. Embrace new challenges and be helpful at work to those you have been awkward to in the past. Try to think up some new jokes and smile for at least an hour a day.


libraLIBRA - September 23-October 22

In an impromptu moment of creativity over the coming month, possibly while you shower lavishly or, maybe, while cavorting Fred Astaire style in heavy rain, you will compose a bouncy melody you will name ‘None of your bees wax.’



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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September/October 2014

Sept/Oct coverBienvenidos/Welcome to the heart of Green season in our little slice of Paradise……..we like the rain as it feeds our rainforest and keeps us GREEN…we are still here to serve your vacation plans and know you will have a great time….please note that calling ahead to restaurants for hours of operation is a good idea as several close for short periods at this time of year to give their staff a little vacation, Kapi Kapi closes Sept 30th so get there before for a great meal.. Most are open to serve you some great food so enjoy! Tours are in full operation and our beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park is open with new trails for your exploring and lots of animal sightings along the way – our guides are the best! If you are lucky enough to be here on Sept 15th head to Quepos around 10:30am and find a spot to watch a wonderful parade to celebrate Costa Rica Independence Day…marching bands, floats and lots of national pride and FUN… Don’t forget Halloween on the 31st with lots of parties & costumes! The Quepos National Bodyboarding team will be holding many events the next 2 months in order to raise money for their trip to Chile for the ISA World Championship in December…These young people need our help to raise the much needed $3500 each –just the neoprene wet suit for the colder water of Chile is $250 – team members and associates will be passing thru Quepos every Thursday to ask for 1000cl ( Un Rojo)donation to help them on their way….check page 16 for more info … our awesome cover photo of “monotiti mango madness” was taken by Bethany Winsor of Dallas, Tx & Manuel Antonio—thanks Bethany for sending it in … Quepolandia will also be taking a short break with this double issue…so settle in- work a crossword and Sudoku, or read a great story in the Q…we will see you back here November 1st …please say hello to our advertisers and let them know you found them in the Quepolandia…oh one last thing..check out the ad for Mini Price Store with coupons for Sept. & Oct. discounts!… remember you can follow us here online and facebook.com/Quepolandia …………ciao for now………….P

Superfood Nutrient Dense Smoothies For Epic Living

smoothieBy Amber Zuckswert

Over the past 5 years I’ve lived 100% on a raw vegan diet. I’ve learned so much about my inborn potential. Nourishing my mind and body with nutrient dense raw superfoods has helped me drop fifteen pounds, increase my energy ten fold, build a strong and flexible physique, clear out years of accumulated toxins, and heighten my mental and spiritual clarity. As a holistic plant based nutritionist I get asked about my own breakfast green smoothies and superfood ice creams daily. “What are your go-to superfood nutrient dense meal ideas that give long lasting stable energy?” I hear you. Not all smoothies are created equal! A cup of fruit smoothie would never get me through coaching clients for hours every morning. We are busy people, who need filling nutrient-dense smoothies that will give us unlimited energy, rev up our metabolism and keep us satisfied until a mid morning snack or lunch. Here are five of my favorite breakfast smoothies with the addition of a few key satisfying ingredients.


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