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20 Ways That Can Help You Live Green At Home

Earth Day 2015By Shelagh Duncan

Earth Day is April 22nd. This is the time when we should be re-evaluating our efforts to take care of this planet we call home. We all know about the 3 R’s, but we should also be trying in other ways to lessen our carbon footprint and be a better friend to the environment.

Here are 20 ways that can help you live green at home, and why not consider adopting even a couple of these ideas. If everyone does a little, we can accomplish a lot.

Royal Palm Interiors

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The Sloth Mystery That Is The Night!

By KSTR Research Internist Tom Lawrence

As a research assistant studying the behaviour of two-toed sloths at KSTR I have had to make the transition to a nocturnal lifestyle working between 6pm and 6am. Two-toed sloths are nocturnal so the only way to study them was to become nocturnal myself.  Approaching this job with the idea of spending the night out in the jungle amongst the crickets and the stars seemed a very pleasant change from the bright lights and constant bustle of the London night. Now three months into this role I am happy and comfortable but the first few weeks were a steep learning curve. I found out that night time in the jungle is very mysterious and can even be deadly.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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What is Vida Autentica?

Vida AutenticaVida Autentica as two words translates into Authentic Life or Life Authentic. I personally think I prefer the latter though I do not know which is technically correct. Those two words, if thought of long enough, could mean so many things to the myriad different people who would try to define them that they could never be given a proper definition. I think that there is great power in the combination of those two words. Together they create possibility. All who try to define them as a whole will no doubt bring new meaning to them. They are an idea that somehow exists outside of you, without you and at the same time they are you, they are something that grows from within you. It is your personal attention to those words that takes them out of the realm of the abstract and turns them into ideas and action that bloom into things of love and beauty. I have had some time to think of what they mean to me, so please, take a minute and think of what they could mean to you. Vida Autentica, Authentic Life, Life Authentic.

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Where the Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed: Ever-Evolving Costa Rica

Book coverReviewed by Pat Cheek

After years of being entertained and educated by the wonderful stories of Jack Ewing, that have appeared in Quepolandia, it was with great pleasure that I read his new book. Here is a small glimpse into what awaits you.

Fascinating…never has a history lesson been so entertaining and informative. Jack’s interpretations and factual account of the formation of Costa Rica millions of years ago flows beautifully into the stories of everyday life. Glimpses of the early years of the south-central Pacific  coast and what was to become Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge. Laced with his passion for the rainforest and its wildlife every story paints a vivid picture of how life was and where it is now. “Progress” for this area hasn’t been the building of high rise hotels with manicured lawns and not a monkey insight. Fortunately for us it has progressed with the reforestation of the rainforest and the return of abundant wildlife with a healthy eco system. I know that with Jack Ewing and people like him we will indeed see the return of the tapir and jaguar to this biological corridor. Keeping this part of Costa Rica the “rich coast” as it was meant to be. Where the Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed is a must read for those that love Costa Rica and  those  yet to discover this beautiful country.

Jack Ewing was born and educated in Colorado. In 1970 he and his wife Diane moved to the jungles of Costa Rica where they raised two children, Natalie and Chris. A newfound fascination with the rainforest was responsible for his transformation from cattle rancher into environmentalist and naturalist. His many years of living in the rainforest have rendered a multitude of personal experiences, many of which are recounted in his published collection of essays, Monkeys are Made of Chocolate: Exotic and Unseen Costa Rica. Jack and Diane live on and manage the Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge, a well-known ecotourism destination near Dominical, Costa Rica.

His books are available on Amazon.com in paperback or e-book, at Jaime Peligro Books & Adventure in Quepos and at Hacienda Barú.

Support Skate Park Project Parrita!

Parrita skateboarderDear Quepos,

We are your friendly neighbors Parrita!

We are writing you to tell you about a skate park project we would like to build for the youth of Parrita in a place called La Loma, Parrita. As you may have noticed, Parrita is still very much a developing canton that focuses on agriculture. There isn’t much for youth to do here in their spare time. In the past 3 years the adolescents of Parrita have been asking for a skate park where they can practice this sport that they love and have a safe place to hang out.

The Associacion of Desarrollo Integral de La Loma is very excited to be working alongside a Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer and we are working hard to help see this dream become a reality.

Boys with skateboardsOur Skate Park project for Parrita will offer a safe place for kids to hang out, a healthy alternative to delinquency and drug use and the perfect place to practice skateboarding, bike tricks, and roller skating.

We are asking for your support in this project. Please consider making a monetary or material donation. Every dollar or colon counts!

ADI Las Lomas, Cedula Jurídica 3-002-078247
Account for accepting donations: Banco Costa Rica 100-01-079-002115-3

Please do not hesitate to contact: jessica.skeesick@gmail.com 8523-9734

Haber = To have #2

By Os

HABER  is an auxiliary-helping verb that we use in español when we talk about things and/or actions that we have done in the past.
Do use  HABER  when saying something like:

I have spoken / I have eaten / I have lived / I have been / I have had / I have gone / I have driven / I have gotten / I have done something / I have made something / etc, etc, etc…

Remember that in español the “H – h” is silent.

HabER = TO have #2

I   he you, s/he   ha
we   hemos y’all, they   han

Spanish Pura Vida

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – April 2015

April 2015 CoverBienvenidos/Welcome to Paradise…we turned on the heat for you! There’s  always a chance for a little rain in April especially since Semana Santa/Easter holiday is the 1st week…no worries it certainly won’t be enough to rain out any plans that you might have …you may even want to dance in the rain to cool off a little…………Semana Santa is a very busy time around our area & the best suggestion we can give is have patience …the traffic can be very  heavy and slow headed to the beach –honking horns doesn’t help it move … we want everyone to have a safe and exciting holiday. We have everything you need from all the best tours to all the best restaurants with easy access to Quepos  and Marina Pez Vela where you can take in a movie under the stars on Friday nights or just enjoy the view of all the beautiful yachts that pass our way…this month also brings to the Marina the Offshore World Championship with teams literally from all over the world competing for top honors…you can watch the boats come in starting around 4pm.April 11-17th..we would like to Welcome 10 US Marines from the Wounded Warrior Program visiting our area…thank you for your service and we hope you enjoy you trip… we have tons of top notch live music almost every night of the week so check the schedule on  pg 61 for what’s happening…we would like to thank the guides of Titi Canopy Tour for our adorable cover  photo of Titis on the cable(makes it a little hard to zipline!) we just never tire of these cute little guys. Just a reminder as to the power of the ocean – we at times have a pretty strong riptide so take care when swimming or body surfing  and  keep an on those little ones…enjoy our beautiful area , tell your friends about us and when you get home you can stay in touch at www.quepolandia.com or fb…we welcome your comments and hope to see you around….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia…ciao for now……P