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¿Me? ¿Te? ¿Nos? ¿Lo? ¿La? ¿Los? ¿Las?…


Hola a nuestros amigos lectores. En este artículo les ayudaremos a aprender cómo usar correctamente los pronombres. Tal vez les ha pasado alguna vez que están en una conversación, cuando en un momento no saben cuál pronombre usar y no saben si éste va al frente o después del verbo.

Pronombres de los Objetos Directos.



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ukuleleBy Nancy Buchan

In the fine tradition of traveling minstrels, a lot of interesting looking folks with musical instruments have been passing through our little town of Dominical, locally known as Dysfunction Junction. Some of them linger for a while, playing at a bonfire on the beach, or blissed out dancing at the Envision Festival or boogying at Best Fest, or sharing an original song with the fascinated locals at the bus stop. Most guitar manufacturers now routinely offer backpacker instruments for the musical traveler who doesn’t want to be laden down, but they are often pricey and frankly are not really close to being able to cope with the jungle stuff here that assaults wood and glue and metal. So, the coolest choice of instrument must surely be the humble yet powerful ukulele. I’ve seen lots of them lately – they are small and lightweight, inexpensive yet pretty darned durable, and they have this infectious happy quality that just makes people smile. And the nylon strings don’t hurt your fingers!

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Avoiding Heat Stroke

Steffie StickheadBrought to you by Steffie Stickhead 

Hi! I’m Steffie Stickhead and I’m your local Safety Stick. Sometimes you learn Safety from your mistakes and that’s just what happened to me when I first came here. I went to Manuel Antonio National Park and it was awesome but WOW. The sun was so intense and I didn’t bring enough water for the hike. Next thing I knew I was dizzy, had cramps and a headache. My friend had to put me in her backpack and carry me out of the park to the Doctor’s office. You can see in the photo, this stick had to be carried! Thank goodness for my friend because some of the symptoms can be lethal!!!

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Dance Your Stress Away

Sunny DanceBy Amber Zuckswert 

Even the most shy wall flowers and introverts have found themselves dancing around their bedroom (behind closed doors) in underwear, flipping their hair like a rocker and lip syncing in the mirror. It just feels SO good, so wild, free and fun. Why not?!  While some prefer bubble baths, candles and a great book to calm their nervous tension at the end of long week, others get their jollies by shaking out their frustration on the dance floor. I strongly believe this stems from the human need to escape the chattering mind full of worries, to-do’s and fear. Dance allows us all the opportunity to delve back into our bodies, turn off the brain for a bit, get creative, sweat, laugh and smile with our friends. Luckily, Manuel Antonio and Quepos are fantastic places to find your inner Shakira. 


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Green Mango & Avocado Salsa

Cooking Corner logo

By Bill Dwyer

It’s green mango season! The mango tree in our back yard is heavy with new fruit right now. Looks like a bumper crop this year.

Not everyone is aware that green, unripe mangos are not only edible but preferred by many in the tropical countries where mangos are cultivated. In India they are cooked into chutneys. In southeast Asia they are sliced and pickled, or simply eaten as snacks after dipping them in fish sauce or soy sauce. Here in Latin America, a wide variety of salsas and salads use green mangos as a main ingredient. In season, green mangos can be found at farmers’ markets and greengroceries. Sometimes you may spot a street vendor selling small plastic bags of green mango slices, which people live to snack on in the heat of the day.

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Times Table * HablAR = TO speak/TO talk

HablA=  TO speak/TO talk

I          habl o

you, s/he, it          habl a

we          habl amos

you all, they          habl an

I am pretty sure you know why this verb is important…  Right!  It is important because it is the pattern that you follow when you have to conjugate hundreds of –AR verbs. 

Spanish Pura Vida

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That’s Fishin’ – April 2014

Big OneBy Sarah Munro

A-Mazing. That’s one of the words you could use to describe the fishing here, and aren’t you lucky to be here, in the middle of one of our hottest fishing seasons EVER. 

It’s insane really, new Tournament World Records, boats calling in on average 30 sailfish daily. Numbers as high as 50, continue to shatter the season. Recreational boats are doing fantastic as well, with numbers averaging 10 Sailfish per day. Marlin are heating up a bit, and the inshore action is spot on friends. Spot on.