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HankWilliamsBy Nancy Buchan

There are probably more songs written about love gone bad because of those issues than there are sweet songs about perfect relationships and everlasting fidelity. Mainly ‘cause the messy stuff is way more interesting! Every style of music has their entries into this category, and frankly there are so many songs about cheating on your partners that it’s kind of embarrassing. We’ve all been told lies, whether it’s a kind, white lie – “No, honey, those pants don’t make your butt look big…” – or the whoppers that involve serious treachery and which change everything and usually doom a relationship.

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The Family Freedom Project

The Family Freedom ProjectBy Jim Parisi

Liisa Vexler is a conundrum: she is an engaging mother of two boys, Dexter & Charlie, happily married to their father, Derek. They are a family unit who enjoy doing things together: a classic family unit. I know these people. Liisa is a no-nonsense, down to earth realist. And she has a quick wit, along with a sense of adventure. She takes chances, but calculated ones.

She is also an author, her new book very aptly titled “The Family Freedom Project” and even in that title, the dichotomy comes out. Liisa takes chances.
Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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Sustainable Delicious Cuisine in Paradise

By Amber Zuckswert

What do you do in the heat of the Costa Rican Summer when all you want is a piece of cake? Whip up this super easy and scrumptious raw vegan, no-bake, cake made with natures most perfect foods. It is creamy, sweet, fresh, tart, and beautiful.

Coconut Berry Blast Banana Ice Cream Cake

Coconut Berry Blast Banana Ice Cream Cake

Coconut Berry Blast Banana Ice Cream Cake


  • 10 strawberries for outside, cut in half
  • Vanilla ice cream cake layer
  • 2 cups cashews
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup dates
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
  • Seeds from 1/2 vanilla pod (or 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract)
  • Coconut milk or coconut water, as needed

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Quepos Open 2014

Quepos tennis tournament

Olivier Collins (semi-finalist), Gábriel Fonceca (winner), Daniel Auberon (director), Alexandro Monge (semi-finalist), Sauro Andráni (finalist)

4th Tournament at the Tennis Club Quepos was held November 01 – 09, 2014. It was a big success with 26 players. A nice crowd of enthusiastic tennis fans came to watch and enjoy lunch.

The Road to Brazil

Costa Rica Pro Rafting Team Brings Home the Bronze!

May-June 2014. The Pro Rafting team represented the city of Quepos Aguirre CR Rafting Championship, earning with just a month of training, the best record at the team level. Surpassing our expectations and those of many teams with much more experience than ours.
General Location 1 of 5 teams competing
In category Slalom Head to Head we were first in the competition. Secondly we won the categories of Downriver and Sprint. In this way, we as a team won the National Championship and qualified for Costa Rica World Rafting R4 to compete in Brazil for the World Rafting Championship held in October 2014.
Represent Costa Rica and Canton of Aguirre in competitive events in the best way. In the future, the process of preparation, training and competition is the first step for youth and children recreation sport combined.
Discipline • Commitment • Teamwork • Respect
Costa Rica Rafting teamTeam Members
• Felipe Cervilla. 28 years. Captain of the team. Rafting Guide. 12 years experience.
• Jonathan Mora. 26. Rafting guide, safety kayaker and Freestyle. 9 years experience. Representative national rodeo kayak. Nat Champion 2011 CR
• Roberto Mendoza. 26. Rafting guide and safety kayaker and Free Style. 11 years experience. CR 2012 Champion Nat.
• Ronny Mora. 31 years. Rafting guide and safety kayaker. 11 years experience.
• William Molina 29 years. Rafting guide and safety kayaker. 11 years experience.
• Juan Jose Molina 29 years. Rafting guide and safety kayaker. 11 years experience.

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2014

December 2014 coverBienvendios/Welcome to Paradise in December 2014…we are rockin’ & rollin’ into High Season and so happy you have come to enjoy our beautiful area! Our rains are coming to an end but we are lush with greenery of every shade right next to the beautiful blue Pacific—you picked a great place to spend time…you will find everything you need right here in Quepolandia. Our pages are full of awesome restaurants of every flavor…new to us is Spicy Lemon offering sushi & fusion at the beach, or Buru Restaurant & Poolside Grill atop El Faro just before the Manuel Antonio National Park(a great tour)and you can grab a slice of tasty pizza at La Pasado…plus try the monthly specials at Hawg n’ Bill…oh and don’t forget to enjoy our beautiful beach….Port of Quepos is the place to FISH…check out our charter fleet with Luna Tours, Makaira Sportfishing, Pez Rey or Reel Deal – just to name a few and go catch that BIG one! You’ll find all the info in our pages plus great stories. If you are here for Christmas(need a gift..pick up a box of delicious chocolates from Tulemar!) and New Year’s then you are in for more fun….that special dinner will be available at several of our restaurants…check with Victoria’s, Z Seafood & Grill or Kapi Kapi and downtown Quepos will have a New Year’s Eve celebration in front of the seawall complete with fireworks at midnight and live music—my favorite party of the year! Dos Locos Restaurante has live music and party favors, too.  We will try to update the planned activities here online and on facebook.com/Quepolandia as they come in………we would like to thank Paul Gerace of Dominical again this year for our December cover, RedEyed Tree Frog Meets Hibiscus—made the perfect Christmas cover!  Enjoy all our tours whether it’s flying thru the air on a zipline with Titi Canopy or cruising the mangrove with Green Planet Tours…just get out there and have funbe safe..be aware. Seems the year has just zipped by… I would like to take a minute to thank this awesome community for its continued support of Quepolandia… without our advertisers and writers we would have no purpose. Muchisimas Gracias to all of you – Happy Holidays and see ya in 2015!……….P

Jungle Beats

Jungle Book

Jungle Book

By Nancy Buchan

To my amazement and delight I find myself living right next to a real jungle. Not in the dense thick of it, but it is nearby and there’s plenty of proof that the animals and insects and birds and plants share its edges with us town dwellers. There’s always a symphony of noises coming out of this primal area – sometimes I don’t even get out of my hammock to see what kind of critters are having issues in my yard, or what type snake just slithered into the bushes. Like most of us, before I moved here my jungle knowledge was derived from books, paintings, photos, cartoons and songs….

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