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KSTR – July 2017

KSTR logoBy Lexi Baca and Cameron Dabbiere

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen! And of course, any monkey or other type of Costa Rican animal that has come across this article. I hope your day is going well! I feel like it has been awhile. Today I get to talk about a new and exciting thing that happened while I was away.

Cameron's boatLast April, there was a huge yacht parked in the Marina Pez Vela. Did any of you notice it? It was probably the biggest boat we’ve ever had at the Marina!

On that boat, believe it or not, lives a 10-year-old boy with his twin brother, younger brother, older sister, mom, dad, teacher, and nanny. His name is Cameron, and he came to visit us at KSTR during his trip here.  Cameron shared that he loves animals and that because of inspirational experiences like visiting KTSR, he wants to be both a naturalist and a crew member when he grows up!

His family left Costa Rica a few days later and headed for the Galapagos Islands, followed by the French Polynesian islands including the Marquesas and the Tuamotus among other exotic places – we can’t keep up with them! This month, Cameron sent us a travel journal reflection from his time at KTSR in Costa Rica.

CameronI feel lucky I was able to spend the afternoon at Kids Saving the Rain Forest. I love how KSTR saves so many animals and is able to release many of them back into the wild. My family and I had so much fun on the tour. When we first arrived, Chip and our tour guide welcomed us. Our tour guide taught us a lot about the different species of animals and their story about how the animals got to KSTR.  My favorite animals were the monkeys. I had so much fun watching them because they are so playful and curious. After the tour, we ate lunch at KSTR and got to know Jennifer. After lunch, Jennifer gave us a tour around the beautiful property. My family and I took turns cutting a sugar cane stalk with a machete and Jennifer was watching us the whole time! There are amazing plants and animals in KSTR. KSTR is helping so many animals and doing great work!!!

Cameron, his family & KSTRPersonally, I love the fact that, a few months later, Cameron is still thinking of us and is excited to follow our progress and stay involved. We hope Cameron will come back and visit often and maybe even volunteer one day! Cameron’s story teaches us that even the smallest experiences can make a big difference, and maybe even affect the course of one’s life!

On a different note, I also wanted to remind you that KSTR is planting trees monthly at their property outside of Parrita.  By the time you read this, volunteers from our community will have planted 1,000 trees in June, donated by ICE.  This is a huge team effort to reforest our wildlife corridor…please write to us if you want to volunteer on the next tree planting day in July.  In the meantime, if you are planting your own trees, here is some guidance from the experts:

  • Cameron at KSTR with familyPlant trees 3-5 meters away from each other, depending on how large they will be as adults.
  • Dig a hole as deep as the roots and twice the circumference.
  • Remove the plastic or container from the sapling and loosen the dirt around the roots a bit.
  • Place the tree in the hole carefully, making sure the roots are extended and cautiously placed.
  • Fill the hole with dirt (and a little fertilizer if desired), then pack the dirt well and make a little hill of dirt above the level of the hole so that rains will compact the dirt and not burn the tree.
  • The best time to plant trees is during the rainy season, so no need to water as the rains will take care of the sapling.
  • Watch it grow to provide food and shelter for our wildlife!

Well, till next time, my dear readers!  Take care and make sure to eat your vegetables.

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