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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2018

What's Shaking headerMES DE LA PATRIA!!!
Like any good holiday in Costa Rica, and for some of us like our birthdays, September 15th is not about just a one day celebration but a MONTH LONG party for this amazing country we call home! That’s right, Faroles, Cimarronas, flags and patriotism is going to be the theme all month, but September has some other news in store for our Marina Pez Vela family and our community at large and we look forward to seeing the local community here at the marina soon.
Independence Day Activities
September 13
The events will start at 4pm and will feature several of our local escuelas doing presentations of typical Costa Rican Dance, folklore and dress. For many expats and tourist, who come to Costa Rica for its iconic beauty, the opportunity to learn a bit about the history, culture and pride which each Costa Rican has for this amazing nation is a WONDERFUL experience. There is something so special to see the families reliving the passing on the Independence Day traditions, lore, music and dance and do not miss this wonderful day to share and integrate with our international and local community at the Marina.
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September 15, 5:30-9:30pm
This is the actual Independence Day and this national group will be playing from around the sunset on until 9:30pm to create a festive and fun environment here for all to enjoy. All of our restaurants will be open and in the Independence Day spirit with specials for locals and tourists alike, so come hungry, thirsty and ready to dance a bit under the stars or the rain, as is sometimes the tradition on the 15th of September.
What was once a relatively unknown phenomenon here in the area has become a real boom for our low season in the area. The whale migration which we get to experience here right off our coast is becoming a national and international phenomenon and we invite all our local community and visiting guests to take the opportunity to experience these majestic animals in what is the longest migration of any animal on the planet. We are blessed to have these enormous creatures on the waters JUST OUTSIDE of the marina and we have organized opportunities for people from all walks of life to be able to experience this magical time of year. If you would like information on booking a whale watching experience, please reach out to the team at ifishquepos.com or come to our offices at the marina, and our concierge can assist with catamaran tours, private boat tours and any custom experience, but this is a GREAT family activity and one that is unforgettable.
For any of you who are not aware, we are very proud to have 10 luxury villas on site here at the marina which are available for nightly or weekly rental. These luxuries two and three-bedroom villas provide an AMAZING experience for anyone looking to visit the area, with amazing modern luxury accommodations, and the conveniences of all the restaurants, activities, shops and amenities of the marina just below in the plaza. The salt water roof top private pool area is magical and we are offering special green season rates to locals who have anyone coming to visit or just looking for a special night or weekend for a staycation, reach out to our team or check out our site,
That’s right, it is September but in these rainy season months, we know that time, even weeks and months can slip away like the raindrops on the banana leaves and Halloween is coming! We will be inviting all of our community to the Marina for our ICONIC Haunted house, trick or treating and activities this October 31st. Start planning that costume as you DON”T WANT to be the guy or gal in shorts and a t-shirt wishing you could have thought of something more creative!
It is time to start planning for your participation in what is going to be an epic party and the FIRST AND ONLY TOURNAMENT in Costa Rica which is designed to be fun for anglers of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability levels. Inscriptions are open for the first annual DORADO DERBY this NOVEMBER 17th. This is a GREAT chance to spend a day with friends, for businesses in the area to have some fun with their staff, or to have a great experience with you family. With a $250 inscription fee, Dorado focus, party and fish fry, this is the ultimate chance to experience fishing, tournaments and just have a blast. Contact ifishquepos.com for information and reserve your space and a charter boat now!

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