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A Titi Valentine

Mother and baby titiHappy Valentine’s Day to all our Quepolandia readers! While we humans are celebrating the month of love, you may be surprised to know that the Titi or squirrel monkeys celebrate Valentines around the month of August! And so, February actually marks the first month of the birth season, which lasts approximately three months through April. It is always exciting to spot the new mothers with their newborn babies clinging to their backs as the troops travel through the forest canopy searching for fruits and insects. While it may be tempting to help them, please remember not to feed the monkeys as the monkeys are highly susceptible to receiving diseases from human hands.

school children volunteersFebruary also marks the return of classes for the Costa Rican schools. Unlike the US and Europe, the school year  here  runs from mid February to early December, with several national holidays interspersed throughout the year. Everyone also looks forward to the 2 week long midyear vacation break in early July! Students in public schools wear a standard uniform of white shirt or blouse, dark blue pants or skirt and black shoes. Once classes get rolling, the Alliance begins to contact the principals and teachers of the schools to coordinate the various activities such as planting tree nurseries, field trips and tree plantings to be held during the year. Over  the years, the Titi Conservation Alliance programs have grown to reach over 16 different schools located in the Naranjo River Biological Corridor!

Titi Conservation Alliance logoWeFinally, just a quick reminder to all that the summer or dry season is in full swing so please be vigilant for fires out in the countryside. Forest fires are always a major concern during these dry months, and a careless match or cigarette butt can cause major damage to the habitat we are working so hard to preserve for the monkeys and other wildlife in our beautiful area!

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