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Awaken Your Inner Warrior

A Heathier You headerBy Manda and Meleah Manning

There are times in life when we are called to show up as our biggest and best selves—experiences where we must travel to the depths of our life force and bring everything we have to the table for a moment, a day, or an extended mission.

These challenges require us to tap into a strength that isn’t always at the surface and readily available in our day-to-day lives. But we are all born powerful, bold, and fearless—we simply have to find it within.

Our voice, our truth, our courage, our confidence, our center point and our healthy boundaries are all aspects of our Inner Warrior. They play a VITAL role in our lives; giving us the strength, discernment and courage to be who we are truly meant to be in the world.

Your Inner Warrior is powerful, potent, discerning, focused and determined. When we harness our warrior energy we’re confident, clear and have the ability to express our truest, most authentic selves in the world.

When we reclaim our warrior energy, we live in love-filled self-acceptance, compassion, and we have the ability to both hear and act on our innermost knowings.

Awakening Your Inner Warrior

Create a mental image of your inner warrior.

What visualization comes to mind when you think of the word ‘warrior’?

Decide how you’d describe your inner warrior.

Perhaps words like fearless and invincible come to mind. Yet maybe the best words to describe warrior energy are resilient, courageous and proactive. Challenge yourself to find five adjectives that describe what warrior energy means to you.

Give your inner warrior a theme song.

Maybe your inner warrior likes a fight song, like something with a driving beat and empowering lyrics. Or perhaps your inner warrior responds best to something softer that relaxes your nervous system and makes you feel grounded for the battle ahead. Make a warrior playlist of 10 songs that help you activate warrior energy.

Practice asking yourself, ‘What would my inner warrior do?’

Before facing any challenging or stressful situation that will require inner strength and resolve, take a moment and ask yourself, “What would my inner warrior do?” How would your inner warrior handle disciplining your child, tackling a tight deadline at work or facing a financial crisis? Stop, quiet your mind for a minute and connect with your intuition for specific guidance on what your inner warrior would do.

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