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Can’t be That Long Ago, Can It?

Titi monkeysHard to believe it but it’s a fact-the Titi Conservation Alliance was founded 15 years ago by a group of hard working business people of Quepos Manuel Antonio who wanted to make sure our lovable Titis weren’t pushed out by tourists and other folks. Our sincere thanks to the founding visionaries and to the staff and volunteers who have worked for TCA over the years.

Titi Conservation Alliance

Here are just a few of the many accomplishments of the TCA over the years:

  • Creation of the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor, and the planting of over 65,000 trees to connect patches of forest for the monkeys.
  • Innovative environmental education program taught to over 800 students annually in over 15 public and private elementary schools in the Quepos-Manuel Antonio area.
  •  Numerous educational workshops and training seminars for member businesses on sustainability topics such as CST (Certificate of Tourism Sustainability), Carbon neutrality and marketing.
  •  Funding of high level university research on the titi monkeys and their habitat.
  •  Two time winner of the Ford Foundation Conservation and Environmental Education Prize.

This year we will continue to focus our efforts on our 3 core areas: Habitat reforestation, environmental education and sustainability issues.

Help us celebrate our anniversary by spreading the word about TCA and better yet, become a member and help support our projects in 2016. Our anniversary year has started out with Russ Jensen coming on board as our new director, the rollout of our  brand new website (www.monotiti.org) , as well as plans to reach the major milestone of over 70,000 trees planted.

Thank you for 15 years of wonderful support !

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