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Apoye a nuestro seleccionados nacionales de Bodyboard Mundial ISA CHILE 2014

In English

Por Angélica Sancho

Quepos Bodyboard/Asociación Deportiva Body Board Aguirre, creación Setiembre 2012

Gracias al apoyo de Quepos, hemos logrado enviar a los seleccionados quepeños a los Mundiales ISA del 2012 y 2013. En ambas ocasiones con excelentes participaciones.

Participaciones destacadas:

  • Neydalie Vasquez, sexto lugar Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 femenino 2012
  • Emilio Vargas, medalla bronce Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 2012
  • Jefferson Bustos, medalla oro Mundial ISA Venezuela sub18 2013
  • Jefferson Bustos, Campeón Centroaméricano 2013 categoria open
  • Yazdanny Castro, Subcampeón Centroaméricano 2013 categoría open

Quepos Bodyboard

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Support our Bodyboard National Team ISA World Championship Chile 2014

En Español

By Angélica Sancho

Quepos Bodyboard/Aguirre Bodyboard Sports Association, since September 2012

With the support of Quepos, we managed to send the selected quepeños ISA World 2012 and 2013. Both times with excellent performances.

Previous Achievments:

  • Neydalie Vasquez, sixth place ISA World sub18 female Venezuela 2012
  • Emilio Vargas, World bronze medal, Venezuela sub18 ISA 2012
  • Jefferson Bustos, ISA gold medal World Venezuela 2013 sub18
  • Jefferson Bustos, Central Champion 2013 open category
  • Castro Yazdanny, Central Sub 2013 open category

Quepos Bodyboard

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What I’ll Tell My Daughter about La Sele, 2014

Daughter with flagBy Katherine Stanley Obando – July 6, 2014
Many Costa Ricans and their most fervent fans have been sitting in the eye of a storm for the past few weeks, struck dumb by amazement, watching wide-eyed as accolades all over the world for “the little team that could” have whirled around us in dizzying splendor. But today, as Costa Rica was eliminated, words returned. Here’s why this matters so much to me, what I want to tell my baby daughter someday about everything she’s seen and not understood these past few weeks:

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Day In The Life Of A Billfish

By Daniel Auberson  (Translation by Martin)

SailfishIt’s eight in the morning. I’m fast asleep in the middle of the pacific, 50km from the shore of Manuel Antonio, and 100m below the surface. I wake up refreshed after a night’s hunting, where I ate what must have been 20kg of small fish. I can hear the noise of a motor far away; nothing strange about that, there are always these things like big trees buzzing about overhead.

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Brad Watts – Farewell to a Friend

Brad WattsBy Molly McKeown

Recently our little community was rocked by the sudden passing of one the town’s most beloved residents, Brad Watts. Currently there is a palpable void in our community because we have lost a truly great man.  This loss has been compounded because we didn›t just lose a man, we also lost a charismatic musician with an irresistible smile, a respected business owner, a bad ass kayaker, a kick ass surfer and an amazing friend. Brad ‘Flip’ Watts was a one of a kind man. He had a huge heart, and an even bigger appetite for life, (and snacking . . . possibly in equal measure).

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5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Life

Waterfall blissBy Amber Zuckswert

As we step into the dawn of a new year we have one simple choice: To bounce out of bed with radiant energy, eager to jump into the adventures and endless opportunity of the day. Or, sluggishly roll out dreading work with brain fog, anxiety and worry. This vital choice begins and ends with what we decide to eat and how we move our bodies. Many of us have danced, drank and eaten our way into oblivion over the holidays. Excess sugar, fat, salt, alcohol and caffeine slurped down during those festive parties clog and slow the vital filtering abilities of the liver, kidney and colon. While lack of consistent exercise has stagnated lymph flow, slowed the metabolism, and atrophied muscle.

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Baby Steps

By Paul Gerace, Dominical

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I had been photographing this sloth with it’s baby for about a month and a half. The baby was always clinging to her and they were never apart. They stayed in the same tree for about a week at a time, but always returned to that same tree. 

With lots of patience I was lucky enough to see the baby sloth’s first venture out away from it’s mother. It was thrilling in slow motion. The mother positioned itself next to a branch above. Then sloth baby slowly climbs up mother’s body, over her shoulder, and steps off of her arm. Junior did different hanging poses and gave some glances towards it’s mother. About 15 minutes later it climbed back down and reattached itself to it’s mother. I was able to photograph the entire sequence.

Costa Rica, the Land of Tomorrow

By Pat Joffrion

In order to open a bank account, I need a CPA to verify and certify our income. I made an appointment for Tuesday at 2 p.m. and arrived promptly at his office in Quepos. “He will be in his office tomorrow,” the smiling secretary said to me. “But our appointment is for today,” I replied. “No problem,” she said. “You come back tomorrow.” 

Got my CPA paperwork on Wednesday morning and headed over to open our bank account? “The lady who does that will be in tomorrow.” 

Went back to the bank on Thursday, filled out all of the required documents, and pulled out several thousand dollars to deposit into our new bank account. “I’m sorry,” the teller stated. “But there is a 24-hour waiting period. You cannot make a deposit into your account until tomorrow.” 

I can’t wait to make my permanent move here. Everything is so relaxed. People don’t get excited about very much. I’ve learned that people here don’t die of heart attacks… because there is always TOMORROW!

Coconut On My Mind

alzheimer bookBy Jill Green

Thoroughly enjoyed my friend Nancy Buchan’s article Coconuts! I would like to add Chapter 2.

Today I celebrate life, one with a healthier mind and body. I’m on one of my kicks. This time it’s coconut oil. It all started with an article I read in The Tampa Bay Times about Dr. Mary Newport who says coconut oil has significantly lessened the effects of Alzheimer’s on her husband, Steve. I read her book from Amazon, Alzheimer’s Disease, What if There Was a Cure?, and found it amazing. Not only does coconut oil help reduce the ravages of memory loss, but also it helps in weight loss and a host of other neurodegenerative diseases. I immediately hacked down a coconut from my Costa Rican farm and started experimenting.

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Passing of our dear friend, GYPSY ROSE MCKEE

By Penny Watne

Gypsy & meThere are a couple of notes at the end of the theme music for the BBC program, Downton Abbey. These notes are unexpected, yet beautiful, and capture your attention. While the listener would have been content to peacefully sail along to the end of the piece, the writer chose instead to challenge the listener. With the passing of our dear friend Gypsy Rose McKee (formerly Eddie McKee,) I was reminded of how those two notes affect me every time I hear to that music. Gypsy’s passing was, like those notes, unexpected, as she was taken from us suddenly from natural causes in late September, but more than that, Gypsy was unexpected and that drew people to her. She exhibited what it was to be truly accepting, compassionate, loving and forgiving. She could sense when someone needed a friend to listen and there was no better listener than Gypsy. She was always patient and truly interested. Her grace and wisdom grew from her surviving a past filled with both unusual challenges and exhilarating joys. She thought always of others and was willing to give, even in times of personal struggle. The entire community misses her.                                                                                                                           
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Serpientes Venenosas de Costa Rica

(in English)

By Manuel Cabalceta Mendéz, Guía Profesional de la Selva
manuelstours@icloud.com, www.manuelstours.com, 8719-6195 

Jumping Viper/Mano de Piedra

Jumping Viper/Mano de Piedra

Entre los reptiles las serpientes son el grupo de mayor éxito adaptivo, se conocen alrededor de 2900 especies. En Costa Rica podemos encontrar 139 especies de serpientes, representando un 60% de los reptiles de nuestro pais, de las cuales 22 son venenosas, por lo que existen 117 que no lo son, podemos encontrarlas prácticamente en todas las regiones del país, desde el mar y llanuras, faldas volcánicas y cordilleras hasta unos 2800 metros de altura, abundando en zonas bajas alrededor de los 1500 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

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Venomous Snakes of Costa Rica

(en Español)

By Manuel Cabalceta Mendéz, Professional Rainforest Guide
manuelstours@icloud.com, www.manuelstours.com, 8719-6195

Translation by Brian Schoenholtz 
brian.schoenholtz@limecoral.com, (630) 760-8017,  (505) 8616-4365

Jumping Viper/Mano de Piedra

Jumping Viper/Mano de Piedra

Among reptiles, snakes are the most adaptive group and there are an estimated 2,900 species in the world. In Costa Rica, there are 139 species of snakes, representing 60% of the reptiles of the country. 22 species are venomous and the remaining 117 species are non-venomous. Snakes are found in almost all regions of Costa Rica, including the low lands, volcanic slopes, and even as high as 9,000 feet on mountain ridges.

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ASUQUE Torneo de Surf

Asociacion de Surfeadores Quepos - Torneo de Surf

Asociacion de Surfeadores Quepos – Torneo de Surf

By Georgia King  & photos by Ivan Castillo

If you were lucky enough to wander down the far north of the beach a few weekends ago, whether by chance or knowing what lay in wait, you would have had the chance to witness the Torneo de surf in Playitas Manuel Antonio-Quepos. On the 7,8,9 junio 2013 this tournament was presented for ASUQUE, Asociacion de surfeadores Quepos. 

ASUQE was the first surf association to exist here in Manuel Antonio. After a quiet period for a couple of years it is now organizing and running tournaments throughout the year in Manuel Antonio. 

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This last one was well attended with possibly more anticipation due to the fact that it was taking place during the tail end of a large swell that had hit the waters of Manuel Antonio. 

Waves over the weekend were frequently overhead and some entries into the water were proving to be tricky. Everyone pushed through and provided some fantastic demonstrations of surf and boogie board talent for the eager onlookers. Participants came from all parts of the country to compete and test their skills in the challenging waters off of Playitas beach. 


Leaping Lizard

Landlady with Iguana

Landlady with Iguana

By Eli Rowe

So, here’s an interesting story: 

About a week ago, I was in my room, using my computer, when I heard my boyfriend holler in the living room.  I got up to see what the fuss was about. He told me there was a huge iguana who just invited herself in and she was currently taking refuge behind our couch. Ok. No problem. I have experience with reptiles. My brothers used to keep several as pets. 

So, my idea was to shoo her from behind the couch right out the front door. Piece of cake. But, my boyfriend had a better idea. Why not corner her with the broom so he could pick her up? What a great photo op that would be! Hey! Maybe we could put it on the cover of the next issue of Quepolandia. 

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Sloth on the Rocks

Sloth on the rocksBy Jeannie Bird 

Back in Quepos/Manuel Antonio – this being my 7th journey to Costa Rica and every time there is always something to write home about. 

I choose to be on foot while living here for 3 months and find myself discovering wonderful quiet side roads, waterfalls, and pristine beaches. 

Into my second week I head out to the local playa with my dog Candi to spend some time for a swim.  I notice movement on the rocky ledge and walk closer.  Whow! “What are you doing here?” I ask.  Thus my conversation with a sloth begins.  This fellow obviously has fallen from a tree and there isn’t a tree close enough for him to climb back on and be where “a sloth should be – up a tree”!

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