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A free consultation with the House Doctor – June 2011

Hello fellow Quepolandiacs,

Just because the “Caja” is in crisis doesn’t mean the “Casa” is too. I promise not to lose my bed-side manner. (It’s more of a hammock-side manner anyway.) Just to keep your issues from requiring tissues, here are a few tips to keep your wallet safe and healthy.

I get the privilege during my house calls to experience the unique perspective of listening to my patients calmly explain to me how the last professionals that serviced their property “totally –expletive- expletived  everything up!” ending in any messy scenario involving water, fire, electric, money, arguments, and sometimes strange disappearances of any number of proper nouns. Where is the accountability for failure in remodeling or simple home repairs? The simple answer you already know.

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To all my fans

By The House Doctor

All I want to do is turn you on, and you let me down. I want this relationship to be over, but alas, you’re the only fans I can get. Overpriced Chinese garbage. We just have to learn how to work together.

Welcome to Fans 101 my fellow Quepolandiacs, the first way to keep these fans lasting is preventative maintenance. The most commonly trashed fan here is the oscillating floor stand type. One day it’s working, the next, just a humming sound and eventually, if unchecked, the lovely aroma of frying electrical innards. By this point, you just may have to pronounce the patient dead on the scene.

Remember when servicing electrical appliances, be sure they are unplugged, I know, I know. You knew that right! So let’s begin.

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