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Clandestine Music Festival

Queens of Reggae

by Jennifer Samaria

Get ready for the First Annual Clandestine Music Festival in Manuel Antonio! Hosted by local hotel and restaurant owners with the top festival organizers on board, Quepos/Manuel Antonio is about to embark on a 3-day musical event never experienced before.  

This one-of-a-kind premiere live concert series will span over three days from Friday, May 13th, 2022 through Sunday, May 15, 2022 with venues including Drunken Monkey, Tres Banderas, The Fringe, and La Colina. All Clandestine Festival musical performances will be dispersed over the 3 various days at the 4 different locations to provide entertainment of many musical genres for all tastes, all day long. 

Ojo de Buey

Here’s your first look at some of the 2022 lineup:

Ojo de Buey
Queens of Reggae
Pato Barraza
Santos & Zurdo
DJ Rob Baltse
DJ Felo

Santos & Zurdo

Tickets, day passes, beach packages and activities, lodging and package deal information are on sale now and all available at clandestinemusicfestival.com. You can also find the online swag store with Clandestine Merchandise that displays what you can purchase at the different venues when you attend. Some of the deals being offered include discounted overnight accommodations when purchasing tickets as well as a %-off all excursions, activities and tours. Early ticket purchases are recommended for admission. Free shuttle service will be provided between the venues throughout the day and night, and drink specials will be flowing. 

Ticket prices are as follows:

One-day pass includes entrance, welcome drink and free shuttle service. Wristbands will be given at the door. $25.

Three-day pass includes entrance, welcome drink and free shuttle service all three days. Wristbands given on Day 1 at the door. $50.

VIP After-Party Pass includes entrance, welcome drink and free shuttle service for after-party beginning 11pm – 2am. Wristbands given at the door. $25/per night/after-party.

Weekend All Access Pass includes entrance into all events throughout the weekend, welcome drinks at every venue and free shuttle service throughout each day. Wristbands will be given on Day 1 at the door. $90. 

Pato Barraza

The calendar of events is displayed on clandestinemusicfestival.com. If you have any questions or need assistance with tickets, bookings and excursions you can contact Jennifer Samaria on WhatsApp at +1-424-302-3434 or email j_samaria@yahoo.com.

Quepos and Manuel Antonio???? Are you ready???? Vamos!!!!


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December Is Here and It’s Time for the Holidays! — Jennifer Samaria

There are so many beautifully unique traditions worldwide when it comes to the holiday season in December. Countries around the globe celebrate in their own special (and sometimes VERY interesting) way. If you’re dreaming of a vacation in December in another country and want to learn how some of the world celebrates various traditions during this time…keep reading.


Kwanzaa – This is a seven-day celebration of life December 26th to January 1st by people of African descent to honor their heritage including songs, dances, African drums, storytelling, poetry reading, and a feast on December 31, called a Karamu. A candle on the Kinara representing one of the seven principles upon which Kwanzaa is founded, called the Nguzo Saba, is lit each of the seven nights. Each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes a different principle. There are also seven symbols associated with Kwanzaa. The principles and symbols reflect the values of African culture and promote community among African Americans.


Australians decorate a “Christmas Bush,” a native Australian tree with small green leaves and flowers that turn red during the summer. In each state capital, there is a “Carols by Candlelight” service where famous performers sing holiday favorites. About 4000 partygoers celebrate a summertime Christmas on the beach with DJs, bikini contests and an Aussie BBQ lunch.

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On Sunday, October 17th, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William announced the winners of the esteemed Earthshot Prize at an inaugural award ceremony in north London to a star-studded guest list acknowledging the places and people on the front lines driving global change in protecting our planet. Costa Rica was named among the five winners that each received £1 million ($1.37 million) to fund their innovative solutions for the protection and repair of our oceans, air and land.

Andrea MezaThis initiative that has been created, organized and led by Britain’s Prince William aims to find solutions to repair the planet and stemmed from his disappointment in world leaders and their lack of effort and response to the climate change crisis. During the ceremony, the Duke of Cambridge’s passion could be felt as he addressed the guests and the public (broadcasted on BBC One) saying,

“We are alive in the most consequential time in human history. The actions we choose or choose not to take in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next thousand.”

Prior to the ceremony William urged billionaires and world leaders involved in the new space tourism rage to consider using their money, brains and manpower on the more important and pressing environmental issues facing Earth.

The eco-friendly vibe could be felt at the event as organizers asked all guests to “consider the environment when choosing their outfits” for the evening and the only guests that were allowed to attend were already in London at the time so as not to create air emissions via planes.

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