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By Nancy Buchan

 Music has been described as the ‘soundtrack of our lives’, and for most of us living today, that’s pretty accurate.  We’ve always had access to music –not just music being performed live, but music re-produced through vinyl recordings or cassette tapes or 8-tracks or iPods or computers or even player-pianos.  My generation leaned heavily on radio stations to presumably play the coolest new thing or to introduce us to new musicians.  Sometimes they were brave and experimental and sometimes they played only crap provided and pushed by the studios.   TV shows allowed us to hear everything from symphony orchestras to the then revolutionary Rolling Stones.   Then that medium morphed into MTV, which sent it a bit sideways with its preoccupation with visual looks and style.  There’s less control of what is out there now – the all-powerful record companies and distributors have been knocked on their butt by the internet – but there is still plenty of music being played and preserved somehow all over the planet.   Every generation seems to have their ‘own’ songs, and those songs can bring forth a memory of a time or place that is crystal clear. 

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