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Quepos Flyfishing

By Ollie Bass

RobaloI have written previously about the fantastic sportsfishing available in the waters around Quepos and Manuel Antonio.  International  Game Fish Association world records have been held over the years in both flyfishing and “conventional” fishing by Puerto Quepos  fishermen.   The abundance of billfish in the area makes Quepos one of the premier spots in the world for flyfishing  with anglers successfully catching (and releasing) sailfish and marlin caught on the fly.   Quepos  annually hosts the Gray International Flyfishing Tournament  that was started as a memorial tournament to recognize Jim Gray a local flyfisherman and IFGA recordholder and a pioneer in saltwater flyfishing.   Next month Quepos  will host the Costa Rica Classic  International  Billfish Tournament (www.costaricaclassic.com) benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation. All the money raised in this tournament stays in Costa Rica to help those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

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