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That’s Fishin’ – August 2013

Sarah fishingBy Sarah Munro 

The past month has brought lots of action both inshore and offshore.  Tides and currents have been super strong with hurricanes further north in the Pacific, which can definitely change fishing.    Another factor is moon cycles, which affect tides; and fishing.   And, the Super-Moon just ended. 

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Off season?! What off season?

kissing a dead fishBy Sarah Munro

The fish are here, that’s for sure.  I went out twice this past month with local captains.  Inshore was in a traditional panga boat among the whipping waves of Palo Seco.  We dropped lines in the water and within 3 minutes we had a fish on.  Awesome.  Got some snook, jack, a pair of catfish, and had a hell of a time with 3 fish that never made it to the boat.  Not bad for just a half day out.

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IGFA Offshore World Championship

Top Angler: Craig John White (Whitey) representing the Shimano West Australian Open

Top Angler: Craig John White (Whitey) representing the Shimano West Australian Open

By Sarah Munro

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the IGFA Offshore World Championship.  In case you don’t know what that means – its the biggest billfish tournament series in the world, and Quepos rocked it.  And the fish most definitely ROCKED IT. 

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Fishing is a disease and I’ve got it. Deal with it……

Sarah FishingBy Sarah Munro

So WHAT if it ended my last relationship,  this one is working just fine……

I am so excited……… The OFFSHORE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE JUST ABOUT HERE.  On the other hand, I’m soooo bummed out because the tourney happens after my deadline.  Can’t win it all I guess.  Otherwise, this chick is headed out for some onshore action and from what I hear – It is Totally hitting.  I’ve talked to a few captains in town and apparently there’s been some massive sea bass and red snapper brought in by even rookie anglers…….That’s makin’ my day…….. how ‘bout yours???? 

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That’s Fishin’ – April 2013

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the Quepos Billfish CupBy Sarah Munro

This is world class fishing, and the season is HOT. Hitting inshore on a daily basis are Red Snapper, Roosterfish, and Snook. Offshore, double hook-ups seem to be the norm for sailfish. SWEET! The marlin are hitting, just a bit more elusive than earlier in the year. Wahoo and Dorado are also being boated on a regular basis. Boats were fishing between 14-20 miles out in December and January; the fish have moved off to cooler, deeper waters at around 25 miles. Make sure your cooler is full! 

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