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Lapas and Titis Form Alliance!!

TCA logoJust 4 short years ago, one of our most active members of the Titi Conservation Alliance began another ambitious conservation project with similar aims: to  protect and extend the habitat of the Ara macao, better known as the Scarlet Macaw! Gaia Hotel and Resort started its program to raise and release these magnificent birds, with the primary goal of connecting the large colony of macaws located around Carara National Park north of Manuel Antonio with the other major colony located in the Osa Peninsula of southern Costa Rica. The program, managed by wildlife veterinarian Msc. Ana Maria Torres, has gradually released 39 “lapas” to date with plans to continue releases during the coming years.

Scarlet macaw flyingThe Lapas and Titis have much in common and thus make a truly interesting Alliance! They inhabit and utilize similar trees found in the rain forest, such as the Gallinazo, the Espavel, and Mango trees. Both species are highly sociable and therefore are favorites with tourists who visit the area. Sadly both species have suffered greatly from habitat loss and illegal poaching, which we are trying to reverse through education programs and habitat reforestation.

While we do indeed enjoy seeing both the Macaws and Titi monkeys more and more, the wildlife experts do request one thing from us however: PLEASE DON’T FEED THE LAPAS! As with Titi monkeys, many of the foods we give them are not the natural diet and can cause them severe health problems for the animal. Please, please enjoy them, take plenty of pictures but no feeding!

Scarlet macaw pairJoin us in saluting the outstanding efforts of Gaia Hotel and Resort and the other member businesses of the Titi Conservation Alliance and the Ara Macao Association (ASOMACAO),   who are working hard to protect the incredible biodiversity around us. For more info about these wonderful efforts, visit www.aramacaocostarica.org and www.monotiti.org.

Volunteers Wilberth Chacón, Daniel Marin Carmona, & Juan Pablo Aguero

TCA logoMarch is the hottest month of the year here in Manuel Antonio, so for this issue we want to introduce you to several very cool people who have worked for the Titi Conservation Alliance almost since its inception 16 years ago. Their dedication and enthusiasm for our conservation projects is truly inspiring!

Wilberth Chacon (l) & Daniel Marin Carmona (r)

Wilberth Chacon (l)
& Daniel Marin Carmona (r)

First is Sr. Wilberth Chacón. He has worked for our habitat reforestation program since 2003, performing tree planting, maintenance and other field tasks for the Naranjo River Biological Corridor. He’s as local as local can get. Born in Quepos county and having spent all his life in the area, Wilberth knows his way around nature as few people do here. Being a curious and hardworking man, Wilberth has taken courses related to Cacao Plantation Management and Exportation of Flowers. Over the years, he has been a key guide and assistant for the various monitoring studies performed by Titi Conservation Alliance and allies, helping with nursery set-up, GPS studies, follow-up of reforestation areas, etc. He´s also an active community leader and member of several different local development associations.

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A Titi Valentine

Mother and baby titiHappy Valentine’s Day to all our Quepolandia readers! While we humans are celebrating the month of love, you may be surprised to know that the Titi or squirrel monkeys celebrate Valentines around the month of August! And so, February actually marks the first month of the birth season, which lasts approximately three months through April. It is always exciting to spot the new mothers with their newborn babies clinging to their backs as the troops travel through the forest canopy searching for fruits and insects. While it may be tempting to help them, please remember not to feed the monkeys as the monkeys are highly susceptible to receiving diseases from human hands.

school children volunteersFebruary also marks the return of classes for the Costa Rican schools. Unlike the US and Europe, the school year  here  runs from mid February to early December, with several national holidays interspersed throughout the year. Everyone also looks forward to the 2 week long midyear vacation break in early July! Students in public schools wear a standard uniform of white shirt or blouse, dark blue pants or skirt and black shoes. Once classes get rolling, the Alliance begins to contact the principals and teachers of the schools to coordinate the various activities such as planting tree nurseries, field trips and tree plantings to be held during the year. Over  the years, the Titi Conservation Alliance programs have grown to reach over 16 different schools located in the Naranjo River Biological Corridor!

Titi Conservation Alliance logoWeFinally, just a quick reminder to all that the summer or dry season is in full swing so please be vigilant for fires out in the countryside. Forest fires are always a major concern during these dry months, and a careless match or cigarette butt can cause major damage to the habitat we are working so hard to preserve for the monkeys and other wildlife in our beautiful area!

Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Nuevo! from Titi Conservation Alliance

Titi Conservation Alliance logoWe would like to again sincerely thank everyone who supported The Titi Conservation Alliance Annual Online Auction in November. We were so fortunate to have many generous donors and buyers and truly appreciate the support. Proceeds from the auction will be earmarked to strengthen our Environmental Education program that has provided free environmental education to 4th and 5th graders in our area since 2003.

Highlights 2016

The Alliance is proud to report that with close to 3,000 trees planted this year, we surpassed our goal of 70,000 total trees planted since our founding 15 years ago. We are so grateful to the landowners who participated with us in 2016-Sr. Carlos Mora and family in Pocares, the Gamboa family and Lic Manuel Solano and the Hogar de Ancianos in Naranjito, and the Gannon family in Anita. We now have reached a great milestone with over 40 landowners who have collaborated with our habitat reforestation program in the Naranjo River Biological Corridor..
Titi Conservation Alliance continued to grow this year, with the addition of several new members-Mid World Costa Rica Adventure Tours, Capris S.A., and 2 Costa Rica Real Estate became members and we urge you to support their businesses. Our new website at www.monotiti.org came on line in early May along with enhanced social media presence for the organization and its members. We also established new alliances with St Judes School in Lindora Santa Ana, and Best Adventure Travel, ground operator for Road Scholar travel groups to Costa Rica.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Titi Conservation Alliance – December 2016

Tree planting at the Gamboa Family Farm

Tree planting at the Gamboa family farm

As we approach the Christmas holiday and year end festivities, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported The Titi Conservation Alliance Annual Online Auction in November. We were so fortunate to have many generous donors and buyers this year and truly appreciate the support. Proceeds from this year’s auction will be earmarked to strengthen our Environmental Education program that has provided free environmental education to 4th and 5th graders in our area since 2003.

New Members

We are so pleased to welcome several new members to Titi Conservation Alliance!  Mid World Costa Rica Adventure Tours, came on board in September followed by 2Costa Rica Real Estate a well known local realtor and finally Capris S.A. one of Costa Rica’s most important hardware and heavy equipment suppliers. We are also happy to be allied this year with Best Adventure Travel a local ground operator for the Road Scholar tour groups.

We truly appreciate the support of these new businesses! Please be sure to thank the staff and owners for making the decision to support our conservation projects in Quepos- Manuel Antonio and surrounding areas.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Titi Conservation Alliance – November 2016

It’s an online auction time of year and we need your support! This is Titi Conservation Alliance’s primary fundraiser and your support is absolutely needed and greatly appreciated. All auction items has been given by our generous donors, including: fun adventure tours, fine dining offers from restaurants and wonderful stays at participating hotels all around Costa Rica. The proceeds from this year’s auction are being earmarked to improve our environmental education program. The auction will be held from November 5-23, 2016 and is available worldwide. We are ready for your bids and please spread the word! You can find more info on our website www.monotiti.org.

Online auction

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Blue Flags are Cool!

Blue flagIn September, Costa Rica celebrated its Independence and you were sure to see the colorful red white and blue flags all around the country. But if you looked closely, you may have also noticed another flag next to the national flag – a dark blue one with one or several stars. This flag means the school or institution is participating in one of the great conservation programs of Costa Rica, known as the Blue Flag or Bandera Azul. This program was originally started by the Costa Rica Water Institute in 1996 as a way to foster community involvement in cleanup of the nation’s beaches.

Blue Flag Beaches is a joint program with the Costa Rica Tourist Institute (ICT). Every year dozens of local citizen committees (110 in 2015 to be exact) are formed and agree to adopt a local beach to care for during the year. The participating beach is inspected 3 times during the year and rated on progress towards improvement in several different aspects: a) Ocean and potable water quality b) Waste collection and treatment c) Environmental education  d) Security and signage. If the beach qualifies then Blue Flags are given at different levels from1 star to a maximum 5 stars. Manuel Antonio National Park and its famed beaches has been the proud recipient of the Blue Flag since the programs inception, quite a feat!

Titi Conservation Alliance

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TCA celebrated Dia del Arbol with Hogar de Ancianos

Hogar de AncianosOn Friday June 17, TCA celebrated Dia del Arbol, (National Tree Day) by organizing a tree planting with 6th grade students from the Naranjito Elementary School at the future site of the Hogar de Ancianos. The Elderly Care Hogar of Quepos is relocating from its current site in Paquita to a new site located at the entrance to the small community of Naranjito about 15 minutes from Quepos. The 2 acre lot was generously donated by Lic. Manuel Solano, however the costs of the necessary infrastructure such as road entrance, electric and water connections have been raised by the Homes’s administrative Association from public and private donations. Building plans and permits are almost fully completed and construction is due to begin in later this year. Part of the property has been set aside as a “Green Reserve Area” with a short walking trail along the stream that runs through the property.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Meet Our Landowner Sponsors

During the 15th anniversary year of the Titi Conservation Alliance (TCA), we feel it is important to recognize the many people and organizations who have supported our projects over the years. From the founding members who legally created the organization to the staff and volunteers, all have had an important impact on improving the habitat of the Titis (and other species as well). This month we would like to especially recognize the landowners who have given their approval to allow us to plant and maintain trees on their property. Many people do not realize that not only do the sponsors “give up” some land but also incur significant out of pocket expenses such as fencing, weeding, and fertilizer so that the young trees can survive the critical first 3 years after planting.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Can’t be That Long Ago, Can It?

Titi monkeysHard to believe it but it’s a fact-the Titi Conservation Alliance was founded 15 years ago by a group of hard working business people of Quepos Manuel Antonio who wanted to make sure our lovable Titis weren’t pushed out by tourists and other folks. Our sincere thanks to the founding visionaries and to the staff and volunteers who have worked for TCA over the years.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Titi Conservation Alliance has Moved

(En español)

Dear Members and Supporters,

Come visit us! New office! The Titi Conservation Alliance has a new office. Come pay us a visit! The office will be open from 8am until 3pm, Monday to Thursday. You can find us opposite Hotel Si Como No on the main road to Manuel Antonio National Park. Any time you have a question or to know more about our work, stop by!

Exciting new developments for the Titi Conservation Alliance! We are very pleased to report some new steps forward in our work in the Aguirre community, Central Pacific, Costa Rica, to protect the landscape, and the forests which harbor such great biodiversity including the much-loved titi squirrel monkeys. The Titi Conservation Alliance now has some new tools to connect and communicate with more of our members and supporters, both locally and beyond.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Alianza de Conservación del Mono Titi ha Movido

(In English)

Estimado Miembro y Alliado,

¡Ven a visitarnos! Tenemos nueva oficina. a Alianza tiene una oficina nueva. Ven a visitarnos! La oficina estará abierta de las 8am hasta las 3pm, de lunes a jueves. Usted podrá ubicarnos enfrente del Hotel Si Como No en la carretera principal al Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. Por cualquier consulta o para conocer más sobre nuestro trabajo, puede venir a saludarnos!

Blog nuevo: nuevas conexiones para la Alianza de Conservación del Mono Titi … ¡qué ilusión!
Estamos muy contentos comunicarles unos pasos adelante en nuestro trabajo en la comunidad de Aguirre, Pacífico Central, para proteger el paisaje forestal y su naturaleza tan variada, y por supuesto, el querido mono tití. La Alianza cuenta ahora con unos medios nuevos para conectarse y comunicarse con más miembros y aliados, a nivel local y más lejos.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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2012 Annual Fundraiser at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

Titi Thank youBy Tey Arce

Titi Conservation Alliance would like to thank all those who came and support the 2012 Annual Fundraiser at Gaia Hotel & Reserve. Thanks to all of you, the evening’s proceeds reached $4,000, exceeding the initial goal that the Alliance had set for the environmental education program. Beyond having such a great audience, we are happy to recognize that it was definitely a successful night with delicious gourmet appetizers and great people. The live music with Pura Bossa, Gaia´s musicians and the last-minute Argentinean friends from Drake Bay, filled the air with vibrant sweet and playful tunes that positively surprised us all. And for the first time, we must say that the organization pushed everyone towards deforestation…by the end of the night, the donation tree had no more donation leaves left!

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Inspiring Education Arises

By Tey Arce

A famous quote says “The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.” Here is a simple question: How many special classes and teachers inspired your life? Was there any course you loved so much you didn’t want to miss a lesson?

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Titi Conservation Alliance Update – July 2011

Time is precious and titis know it, here is a quick review of our latest results.

For our faithful readers and members, always expecting news and results, let us share a brief summary of the latest activities undertaken by TCA during the past months. We know that time is money, so we share the short version:

We welcome El Pasito school to our program. Believe it or not, is the 11th incorporation so far.

We recently had the pleasure of sharing with a group of “Discovering Deaf Worlds” who visited us to learn more about TCA´s work and our destination. Thanks for coming guys!

Vanderbilt University chose TCA again to help students experience a reforestation day and share with a community within the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.

Three nurseries located in the schools of Ma. Luisa Castro, El Estadio y República de Corea have been finished, and three more are on their way.

TCA recently did the first two scholar field trips of 2011 with El Estadio and República de Corea schools. All of our 11 schools will enjoy this experience.

Never stop learning, TCA brings several workshops.

Titi Conservation Alliance is concerned by the education of children and adults alike. For our kids we have the Environmental Education Program and for our members and local businesses we have our annual series of workshops. Workshops for this year kicked-off last month with the first activity “Intelligent Wastewater Management. Practical Solutions for Businesses in Quepos.” The lectures were provided by Responsabilidad Ambiental Corporativa (RAC), a pioneer company in environmental management and present provider for biodegradable products in CR. The workshop concluded successfully, giving the opportunity to participate without any cost to more than 15 local businesses. Having the tools and practical solutions to improve wastewater management is today a reality.

Be aware of the next ones coming because this is just the beginning. Here are some preliminary details for future workshops:

1. Energy Efficiency in your business. Free, by invitation only. End of August.

2. Tourism-sustainability. Together with CANAECO. September. Discount for CANAECO and TCA’ s members.

We are all part of the solution, we just need to learn how.

Contact us: info@monotiti.org

Titi Conservation Alliance