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Breath and Movement

By Mark Goldstein

Many, if not all styles of yoga integrate breath into their practices. I teach the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga, and we link breath to each movement we make. There are quite a few asanas, or yoga poses, that can illustrate the experience of linking breath with movement, and this edition’s pose of the month is really a pair of poses named Cat and Cow.
Playa Yoga

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Yoga for Surfers

By Shelley Workman

As a responsible wife of a dedicated Surfer and Yoga instructor, this class for surfers has evolved.  Seeing my highly athletic husband and surfer starting to complain after his surf sessions of knee, back or other pains, I felt alarmed.  After talking to other long-time surfers and doing some research, I found these complaints to be common side-effects of many years of surfing.  We put our heads together and committed to many more years of injury free surfing.  From this “Yoga for Surfers” here in Manuel Antonio has evolved.

Yoga and surfing seem like such a natural fit.  Both demand from the body and mind extreme balance, endurance, acuity, stamina, and fluidity.  Our classes combine many disciplines of Yoga into a routine that targets surfing and its specific muscle groups.  We train to simultaneously achieve power, flexibility and balance.   This approach changes the way all parts of our body flow and work together.

Someone once said, “Surfing is like Yoga on the water. You engage your body, mind and spirit.”  Getting yourself into a routine is sometimes hard at first, but once you start to see your surfing improve, you will love every minute of your Yoga program.

The Yoga for Surfers´ class is to get you to spend ten minutes on the beach prepping for your session instead of 30 seconds doing a quick routine.   It’s guaranteed that you won’t cry about missing one set while you get your body ready to charge.  Join us every Wednesday 9:30am at Holis Spa.  Namaste, Shelley

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Sharing Yoga

By Shelly Workman

As I pondered over the close of an old year and in quest for capturing the most in the year to come, I decided to revisit some Yoga books that have encouraged my journey and inspired me along the way.  Even after studying Yoga for over 14 years, I still love going into the basics and principles of Yoga to reflect and reconnect.  Most of what I have learned about myself and how I move through my days and in relationship, I have learned on my Yoga mat.  This ancient art when practiced with dedication becomes a figurative expression of what is literally going on in my life, so I can see more clearly and decide how I want to be.  One thing that I know for sure is, if I need to see the joy in my life, it becomes more obvious after my Yoga practice.  If  I have muscular tension or a lot of stress, I go to the mat and it is literally transformed.  If I need space or even an attitude adjustment, I show up fully to breath and workout hard to detox my mind, body and spirit.  Yoga has become such a resource to me to live and live well.  For this reason, I am inspired to share with you more about Yoga.  I will leave you with a quote from and amazing Yogi that has taught me so much and then I will hope to see you in the studio.  Namate.

¨Yoga is about achieving a balanced mind-neither being swayed by too much ambition nor dragged down by failure.  Yoga teaches you not to over value achievement, to take in stride setbacks and to reassess, and push ahead with life. The practice of Yoga can help you to find peace in having achieved your best.¨  Shivapremananda

Shelley teaches Fusion Yoga for all levels at Holis Spa, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am and again at 9:00am and Yoga for Surfers every Wed at 9:30am.  To reserve your spot call 2-777-09-39 or www.spaholis.com.
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