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Diseases of Prosperity

I believe in having to pay to play. The best and most rewarding things in life take ample amounts of time to mature. Things such as relationships, love, fitness and financial goals, and successful careers all need time and continuous effort in order to truly fruit. Work needs to be done and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears are a part of the process along the way. If something comes easy its value most likely is low. I find it curious that some cultures influence us in exactly the opposite direction through media, marketing, and their focus on profitability. The forces that be try to persuade us that there is a quick cure for everything or that by simply buying a product worries will end. If you are hungry fast food is the answer, no need to even get out of your car. Any ailment or discomfort, pop a pill to mask the symptom, no need to sleep, rest, eat nutritious food and be hydrated. Looking for love? Websites for immediate and perfect “soulmates” are a few clicks away. If that is still too much work we have legalized prostitution right here in Costa Rica. One can’t get quicker than that! My point being this month is a new year which means we can shift our minds and change our lives. If we can get comfortable with being uncomfortable we can re-wire ourselves from the inside out. Enjoying oneself when not in a comfort zone is one of the secrets to anti-aging, change, and growth. Magic can happen when we chose to pay dividends with struggle, knowing that the results will return tenfold.

A simple investment such as $100 a month compounded over 50 years can lead to a retirement fund. If started early enough the same goes for our body, mind, and spiritual selves. When we sacrifice just a little each day we add to our quality of life. It is ironic that the so called “golden years” are often ruled by excess and gluttony to the point where ambition, desire, and pushing oneself physically simply disappears. Perhaps the process of aging should be used to evolve and treat ourselves with more love, time, and health. Modern living for the most part lulls us into complacent grooves. It is possible that as a species we are regressing. When I look around I see more out of shape people than healthy. I see less communication and more staring at a screen. Some humans appear to have a physiological and/or psychological sluggishness and complacency. Many of us make our livings with our minds as opposed to our not so distant past relatives that had very physical livelihoods. I believe it is essentially important to jerk ourselves out of the sludge, to bring a passion and swagger to the wonderment of the moment.

January can be a month where we decide to methodically and consistently exceed whatever current capacity we have limited ourselves to. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Intense anything can change our inner space and lead to a higher level of consciousness. Melding our body and minds in ways that we never thought possible will lead to a very addictive blissful and centered “glow state of mind”. Why not just begin to give it a try? Set that alarm early and just do something new. Take cold showers for the month…..that alone will alter your rhythm. Go for the vegetarian/vegan meals for a month or be the new person in that class you always wanted to try. Healthy fasting is a great idea to shock and revive our bodies. The priority is to get into the immediate present by just doing something new, something with passion. If you are thinking too much you cannot perceive the immediate present; it really is as simple as that. Once we deeply submerge ourselves in a challenge we can truly stand and see that there is magic all around us. Seize today because one day it will be your last.

(Todd Pequeen is a pioneer of the spa industry here in Manuel Antonio since 2000. He works independently at his tree top home studio or at your location and can be reached at 8830-7727 or at tpequeen@yahoo.com. His free time is spent reading, writing, surfing, traveling, and spreading love.)

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