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How do you create a little bit of Morning Bliss for yourself each day?

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A women doing yoga outsideA morning bliss practice or ritual will help you start your day from a place of inner peace and power.

Morning rituals are used by some of the most successful people in the world to create an inner environment of strength and stamina, and studies have shown that certain morning routines and habits can set you up for a successful, productive day. ⁣

Think of your routine as your sacred, personal time. it’s a powerful way to prime your mind, body and soul so you can master your day.

Remember these three “M’s” when designing your morning bliss.


Just a little bit of physical movement in the morning helps to get positive energy flowing. This can be your favorite workout, yoga, a walk outside, stretching, dancing. Whatever you choose to do, you will seriously notice such a difference—especially if you sit at a desk or work on your computer all day. ⁣


We like to start our mornings with 10-30 minutes of meditation and visualization. It’s all about getting your mindset right first thing. Meditating on gratitude and peace, visualizing abundance and success—then you can carry these values and images with you into your day. ⁣


A mantra is a set of positive words that leaves you feeling inspired and motivated. This can be a quote or thought written down somewhere you will see throughout the day or maybe even an audiobook or upbeat podcast on personal growth. Mantras have the power to boost your emotional state almost immediately!

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