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I AM A Man (Woman)

Careers and lifestyle choices are heavy hitters in this game called life. I recently read that only 13% of Americans love their job. This saddened me profoundly. I never realized how small that percentage is. What are people afraid of? It is time to grow up and start living with those innate cues that every human has. The more you are polluted the less you will hear. Life does not have handcuffs—those are by your doing. I’m confused by the desperation or fantasy worlds that some people live in. Every damn thing that has worth takes work, time, effort, and sacrifice. My friends and I live by this creed, we have no choice.  

I AM A MAN that is asking why no more. I wake up, give thanks, and I breath in the day. My light is beaming. I don’t ask for anything anymore. I’m never in a hurry. My massage work helps me believe in a source. Blessed beyond what I had ever dreamed. Every day feels like a gift. There is no nine to five, no boss. There can be seven hours of massage work to be done, but that ain’t a thing after 21 years of practice. That’s my chosen life. Healthy fun and balanced living—who’s gonna play? No more tears for myself anymore. I’ve learned what’s behind that door. My flow, my energy, it is my family, friends, and clients. Never alone no more.

February can be the best month of your life. Seriously. You must do the work first. Work = sacrifice. However sacrifice can break a person too. Please have the courage, tenacity, and ability to say I will be 1% better tomorrow. As the days click by you may find you are a strait up ninja, but that is for you to decide. Nothing, nothing, nothing, is easy. If it is, walk away. Why would any of us want easy when we are all we need to be already. The positive monster needs to be embraced. Money can’t buy: time, love, happiness, friends, dreams, hope, and health.

Massage Todd is a 19 year local who massages people every day. He surfs, reads, writes, and makes his wife Sarah Yunker at SarahYunker.com his inspiration. Todd can be reached at 8830-7727, tpequeen@yahoo.com or on FB.

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