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Memoirs of a Masseur

Time is a great truth teller. The months turn into years and slowly veritable truths are revealed. How I wish that everyone grasped on to a dream and fought to achieve it, no matter how senseless it may seem. As I go through my day to day life I find it crucial to set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals…often prompted by nothing more than my heart and soul. To this day I still write my ambitions down in my journal, I reread them often and sometimes adjust them appropriately. When I find myself being unproductive and stagnant I also feel my negative habits escalate. Things that I know I should not do, that don’t help me further myself, take priority. This is always a clear signal that I may be on the wrong path. Goals vary for me as I have always broken them down into three categories: physical, financial (career), and emotional (spiritual). Once I have a clear definition of what I am shooting for the small steps turn into big strides and in most cases have materialized. Not so oddly some of my failures are my biggest lessons turned into strengths. Much of my angst and fears arise when I am not being honest with myself, when I choose to blur the truth instead of keeping with discipline and direction.

Who among us does not want to feel healthier and to have more energy? Is it even possible to be at peace in all of our waking hours, to quell desires of spontaneous freedom that can lead to a poor diet, drug or alcohol abuse, or canceling a previous planned work out or physical activity. Developing strong will power, especially in relation to our set goals, is imperative for a high rate of success. Our bodies have an amazing healing power to continue in the right direction when given the chance. Unfortunately our minds are often ruled by our frail ego’s. Once we live solely for the advancement of our goals and interests we begin to get closer to our innate selves. My entire life has been spent trying to unravel the secrets to successful living. I know one thing for sure, the root of it all is love. Cultivating a deep and respectful love of oneself will drive a person to do more of what truly inspires them. These things change over time but as long as the path is true, there is no wrong. In a sense it is freedom at its finest. With true freedom an individual can stay in the light and feel young at heart. Contentment, health, and a “flow” to day to day activities become apparent.

Self love is the foundation for the construction of a life that contains fulfillment. Deep lasting fulfillment that allow goals to be realized, adventures to be had, and the process of aging to be one of acceptance and joy. The soul can be rejuvenated with unpremeditated acts of kindness and without the comfort of experience at our sides. August can be the month where we set a new standard of truth to ourselves. One which does accomplish new goals, seeks out answers to desires, and one that cultivates the child within us. The less we fight our inner wisdom the more we live in a world just as it is and not otherwise…perfect.

(Todd Pequeen can be reached at 8830-7727 or at tpequeen@yahoo.com. He is the first male masseur in Manuel Antonio and has been providing deep, therapeutic, massages here in MA since 2000. His free time is spent reading, writing, traveling, surfing, and enjoying the wonders of Costa Rica.)

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