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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – January 2010

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.


CAPRICORN – December 22-January 19

As we all ring in the New Year together, you can also celebrate another year of growing older! Lucky You! 2010 is set to be your year to shine, a “come back” you might say. Forget about your New Year’s resolutions…I think the Mayans might be onto something, and if so, we only have 2 good years left…so go on…smoke your laughin lettuce, eat till it hurts, and have a little rum in your egg nog!


IDEAL JOB: Cactus Thorn Picker outer

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Just Today

by Todd Pequeen

There is always something to stress about. Even when health and happiness are present we often create stress for a variety of reasons. Living this way, in this space, is a mistake. Time is a delusion the mind is happy to hold hands with. I’m sure the cynics are chuckling right now but let me explain. Inside our heads our minds are looking to identify with something. Most of the people I know dwell on memories from the past or their plans for the future. When is my next vacation turns into I don’t want this vacation to end. There is a compulsion to expel the present for the next job on the list, or to space out on what was so good and how to get it back. Obsession with this occurs simply because we can firmly identify with the past, as we have already lived it, and the perfect future is a dream, perhaps even a promise we made ourselves which will be the end all, be all. Whichever we choose, they are both illusions.

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Some of the things happening in & around Quepos – Manuel Antonio

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Drinkin’ n Thinkin’

Dos Locos 2777-1526

Thurs. 7:00 pm

MOVIES – State of the Art Hotel Theater

Si Como No Hotel 2777-0777

Nightly 8:30 pm

Non-Hotel Guests welcome with minimum purchase of  ¢5,000 at Bar n’ Grill or Restaurant

Quepos Bridge ClubThe Quepos Bridge Club plays at 12 noon every Tuesday at Dos Locos Restaurant. Send us an email if you’d like to play queposbridgeclub@aol.com.

Las Fiestas de Navidad – La Receta Tica de los Tamales

tico-talk-headerSin duda alguna la Navidad es una época de reunión familiar, tiempo de unión y celebración en la que los ticos aprovechamos para preparar diferentes platillos típicos de la época, uno de esos platillos es el famoso tamal de cerdo que no puede faltar en la mesa de los costarricenses durante Navidad.
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El Coquito Hotel

For many residents living in Aguirre County, the year 2009 will be the saddest in the annals of Matapalo Beach history.  Due to the complicated laws and regulations which govern the Maritime Zone, many hard working residents on the beach lost their homes and businesses as well as their personal belongings during the parade of destruction which reigned down some months ago.

This months Making a Difference, is dedicated to the collective efforts of these same Matapalo community members who joined together and made an effort to restore what could be salvaged of our precious gem community on the ocean.
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Armando and La Baula

by Jim Parisi

armando and la baulaArmando is a young Tico boy who has lived his entire nine years with his family, just a stones-throw from Playa Real on the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. He’s a smart kid with an active curiosity and Playa Real has continually offered him an abundance of different ways to explore and learn. Upon his request, Armando’s father allows him to spend the night alone on the beach on the evening of his ninth birthday because Armando wants to witness the phenomena of the Baula turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. What transpires on that night has a huge impact on Armando: he does, indeed, see a Baula lay her eggs. In fact, the turtle introduces herself (Yes! She speaks!) as “Annabella”, or Bella for short, and has quite a story to tell the impressionable Armando.

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Fishing Report – December 2009

By Jerry Glover

Seasons greetings, and bienvenidos to Quepos and Manuel Antonio. December begins the prime fishing season for our fishing fleet and we’re all geared up and ready to take you fishing. The Sailfish bite should begin to pick up in the area, with Mahi Mahi fishing still very hot, some being in the 40 to 50 pound range.  A few Sailfish are being boated along with a Marlin in the mix last week on board the OJARAN III. Rooster fish are also being boated on our inshore trips, with two to five fish being released.  Fishing in Quepos is always good year round. For your fishing adventure contact Luna Tours Sportfishing, our office is located in the Hotel Best Western Kamuk lobby, downtown Quepos central. We own and operate the Ojaran II, Ojaran III, Magic Moon, and the Reel Deal (27 ft to 33 ft) and can also arrange other boats for charter up to 46 ft for half day or full day charters.Contact us at 2777-0725 (office), 8869-4808 (24 hour cell), visit our web site at www.lunatours.net, or stop by the office for a fishing report, and talk some fishing.

Fishing Report

Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – December 2009

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

sagittariusSAGITTARIUS – November 22-December 21

Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas! You have a lot to celebrate this year. This month will be a strange one for you…the smell of Evergreen trees has an intense yet subtle effect on you. You may find yourself wanting to snuggle up to stuffed animals and drinking copious amounts of Egg Nog with the little marshmellows in them…this is fine in small quantities, but please remember to give back those stuffed animals when you are done squeezing them.


IDEAL JOB: Citrus fruit dryer

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Some things you may not have known about Sloths

slothby María Pía Martín, DVM

The sloths are part of the Xenartha order which also includes anteaters and armadillos. This bizarre order is only found in Central and South America. They are different from all other animals in that they have an unusual lower back vertebrae and two vena cava (returns blood to the heart, the other mammals have only one).


They are some of the most ancient mammals and have been on Earth for more than 60 million years ago. For example, they are so primitive that their reproductive and digestive tract open into a single chamber called cloaca, like birds and reptiles.

At the beginning, the Megatherium were 6 meters (20 feet) tall giant ground sloths.Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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El Día de Acción de Gracias

tico-talk-headerEl Día de Acción de Gracias es una de las festividades favoritas en Norteamérica. Los estadounidenses lo celebran el cuarto jueves de noviembre.

La fiesta tiene relación con los colonos ingleses que en 1620 viajaron a América en el barco “Mayflower” y que más tarde serían conocidos como peregrinos. El difícil invierno en esa región de Norteamérica los tomó por sorpresa y más de la mitad  murió víctima del frío y el hambre. Quienes sobrevivieron lo lograron gracias a la ayuda que los indígenas de aquellas tierras  les proporcionaron.

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A Message from Costa Rica to the Sons of Al-Qaeda

Crazy from the Heat by Matt Cassedayby Matt Casseday

On the other side of the globe suicide bombers are blowing themselves up more than ever, and although it may sound politically incorrect, even appalling, I must admit I typically feel a bit of sympathy for these desperate young men. I can not imagine what it must be like growing up in that part of the world, living an existence so cloistered, so bleak, so futureless, that the notion of blowing ones self up to kill other people because you have been promised 72 virgins in the afterlife seems a good option. Any time I read or hear about yet another of these acts of terror committed by relatively innocent kids, I consider what, in a perfect world, could be done to dissuade them.

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by Todd Pequeen

“With nothing to risk the Gods need no courage.”

Courage is a relative word by nature. It cannot stand alone, by definition it is simply a response. An ability to welcome something new, difficult, or challenging. This process is positive and fun for some, negative and stressful for others. I propose that we all look at ways to welcome courageous acts into our lives. Day to day living normally isn’t seen as a courageous thing to do. It can be however, to a great advantage. Our daily routines and responsibilities can feel like new if we simply add awareness to the people and events of the world going on around us. By having the courage to do more, be more, care more, and spread more love our daily lives will feel more vibrant and satisfying. I have always been delighted by people who “put themselves out there,” only risking playing the fool. It is no easy task to go outside of our own boundaries, but if we do we can reap the benefits of evolving and becoming wiser. Read More…

Stuffing for a 3-pound Chicken

by Bruce Zabov

cooking-cornerWith North American Thanksgiving holidays and Christmas coming up I thought this would be a good time to go over a basic stuffing recipe you can individualize as you wish. Too, the availability of the packaged stuffing mixes can be pretty variable and being able to whip up your own reduces your dependency on its being available or not. And YOU get to decide on its fat and salt content as well. This is the season weight tends to increase as we feast and it can help to be aware of what we’re feasting on.

You can make stuffing ahead of time and store it in the fridge until you stuff the bird and put it in the oven — but don’t stuff the bird more than a few hours ahead of roasting time. Plan on about 3/4 cup of stuffing for each pound of poultry– for example, 9 cups of stuffing for a 12-pound turkey, or 4 cups for a three-plus pound chicken.

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Chris Cobb and Jenny Roman

By Charlie Berghammer

For our first time readers to “Making a Difference” allow me to review the 4 principal and governing factors which allow our multi cultural community to become engaged.

1. Inspire Change. Provide information highlighting some of our communities biggest challenges, raise awareness and motivate others to take action.

2. Build Community. Connect people with others who share the same vision for change and help them create networks to put plans into motion.

3. Facilitate Action. Offer tools for community members and visitors to our area to make commitments to act and track their progress and results.

4. Strengthen Engagement. Encourage citizen action throughout our local area and Costa Rica by the cultivation of partnerships with other world organizations like Sister Cities International to address our specific needs.

This month’s profile belongs to Chris Cobb and Jenny Roman from the Portalon area.  Recently the school at Portalon was blessed with 15 computers which form the basis of the new computer lab.  We all know that ¨blessings¨of this sort do not just happen.   School Director Jenny Roman, one always known for her persuasion and perseverance was instrumental in procuring the computer lab equipment and thanks to expat Chris Cobb, they now have their first program of computer web page design.  Together they have created the elements necessary to begin classroom instruction for several interested local students.   Read on with excitement as Chris Cobb explains how it all came about!

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Fishing Report – November 2009

By Jerry Glover

Welcome and Bienvenidos to Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Fishing continues to be good in our area. The Sailfish bite is a little slow this time of year but the hot bite is the Mahi Mahi. Our boats have been boating up to 10 Mahi a trip and most are in the 25 to 35 pound range. All of our local restaurants will gladly cook that catch for you. Rooster fish action is fair, with one or more fish being released on half day charters. Several have been in the 30# to 35# range. Fishing in Quepos is always good year round. Don’t delay! For your fishing adventure contact Luna Tours Sport fishing, our office is located in the Hotel Best Western Kamuk lobby, downtown Quepos central. We own and operate 4 Sport Fishing boats (27 ft to 33 ft) and can also arrange other boats for charter up to 46 ft for half day or full day charters. Contact us at 2777-0725 (office), 8869-4808 (24 hour cell), visit our web site at www.lunatours.net, or stop by the office for a fishing report, and talk some fishing.

Fishing Report