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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2021

Bienvenidos… Welcome to paradise. We are glad you have arrived and hope you are ready for an incredible vacation. The rains are slowing, the sun is shining and the jungle is bursting with life waiting for you to explore.

Our pages are full of excellent restaurants of every flavor, Aqua Azul, La Colina, and Mira Olas just to mention a few. Want to catch your favorite games while enjoying great wings and burgers Jolly Roger has them all. Mini Price Store has your all your Christmas decorations and has added a bakery serving fresh baked goods daily along with a delicious prepared foods section ready to go. Marina Pez Vela has great views to relax and enjoy a cocktail or some delicious ice cream at Gelateria Amorosi. Marina Pez Vela also has all your fishing needs to help get your fish on and also snorkeling adventures and sunset set cruises with Sunset Tours.

We also want to thank the Brisa Elegante for our cover shot of their maiden voyage arriving in Costa Rica. They are offering morning and sunset cruises along with private charters for dinner, company meetings, and weddings (pg. 36).

Our shops are great for all your holiday shopping, Mot Mot Gallery has a variety of handmade one of a kind gifts. Modern Primitive Living offers unique items from around the world. Ojalá offers a complete line of soothing rejuvenating CBD skin care products straight from nature (pg. 15) New to the marina is Audio Masters for all your electronic needs. Another great gift idea is a family portrait with Sarah Yunker Photography. Don’t forget the Toys for Tots boxes in the area and help brighten someone’s holiday.

We hope you enjoy our magazine and it helps guide you through this enchanting paradise we call home. You can always follow and share us here and on Facebook/Quepolandia. We appreciate and welcome your comments.

We at Quepolandia would like to wish our advertisers, writers, staff and readers a Wonderful Holiday Season and an Incredible 2022.

Peace on Earth and Enjoy…D



On Sunday, October 17th, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William announced the winners of the esteemed Earthshot Prize at an inaugural award ceremony in north London to a star-studded guest list acknowledging the places and people on the front lines driving global change in protecting our planet. Costa Rica was named among the five winners that each received £1 million ($1.37 million) to fund their innovative solutions for the protection and repair of our oceans, air and land.

Andrea MezaThis initiative that has been created, organized and led by Britain’s Prince William aims to find solutions to repair the planet and stemmed from his disappointment in world leaders and their lack of effort and response to the climate change crisis. During the ceremony, the Duke of Cambridge’s passion could be felt as he addressed the guests and the public (broadcasted on BBC One) saying,

“We are alive in the most consequential time in human history. The actions we choose or choose not to take in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next thousand.”

Prior to the ceremony William urged billionaires and world leaders involved in the new space tourism rage to consider using their money, brains and manpower on the more important and pressing environmental issues facing Earth.

The eco-friendly vibe could be felt at the event as organizers asked all guests to “consider the environment when choosing their outfits” for the evening and the only guests that were allowed to attend were already in London at the time so as not to create air emissions via planes.

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Climate Change and the Rainforest

KSTR LogoDaniHi Everyone, my name is Dani, and I am your spokeskid for Kids Saving the Rainforest! If you didn’t know, Kids Saving the Rainforest is a refuge in Manuel Antonio, where sick or injured animals are taken to help get them healthy and back in the wild. Today I want to talk about why it’s important for kids to stop climate change to save the animals in the rainforest, and some things you can personally do to help.

Climate change is destroying the habitats of the amazing animals who live in the rainforest, like Sloths, Monkeys, Reptiles, Cotamundi, and so much more. Also, in colder parts of the world like the Arctic, ice and snow is melting, and some animals who need the snow, like penguins, polar bears, and sea lions, who need the cold to survive are dying. Those animals have families, and just like us, they just have one chance at life, and we want to help them, so they have good long lives. 

Janine with treeSome ways that you, personally, can help stop climate change are to eat less meat, and dairy—those food items cause more Methane gas, which speeds up climate change. Also, you can use less energy like when you’re not using your lights, turn them off! When you can walk, bike, or skateboard somewhere instead of driving, that helps too.  

If you’re a grownup reading this, try to explain this to the kids or young people in your life, so they can help, and understand why it’s important to stop climate change. If you’re a kid reading this then you have a long life to go, and it’s important to stop climate change because we only have this one chance!

Climate change is a very important issue in the world today, and we need to change. Thank you for reading!

Thai Crisp Fried Noodles (Mee Krob)

Chef's corner header
Here’s a twist in the Thai noodle category. If you’re a fan of these flavors, try to source the Kaffir lime (fruit and leaves) which is a fascinating ingredient. Our local “limon mandarina” makes an adequate substitute.

The crunchy-chewy texture of the fried vermicelli pairs up superbly with those sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors that we love so much.

Ingredients (8 to 10 portions)

For Noodles

  • 1 package of rice vermicelli noodles (400 to 450 grams depending on which brand)
  • Oil for frying

Thai Crisp Fried NoodlesFor Sauce

  • 8 cloves of garlic finely chopped
  • 1/3 cup of brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of fish sauce (nam pla)
  • 2 tablespoons of tamarind paste
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice*
  • 2 tablespoons of Sriracha hot sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of lime zest (Kaffir limes if possible )

Optional Add Ons

  • Fried egg
  • Cooked shrimp
  • Cooked meats such as chicken or pork
  • Thinly sliced and lightly cooked veggies such as carrot, peppers, and scallions
  • Thinly sliced red chili peppers
  • Chopped nuts such as peanuts or cashews
  • Fresh cilantro leaves sprinkled on top to finish
  • Very thinly sliced and fried lime leaves (Kaffir limes if possible )
Kaffir lime

Kaffir Lime


  1. Heat the oil in a deep pan or wok. Working in small batches, fry the noodles. This is a quick process since they will puff out immediately. Drain on paper towels and set aside.
  2. Pour out hot oil except for 3 tablespoons and gently fry the chopped garlic. 
  3. Add all of the sauce ingredients stirring to dissolve.
  4. Prepare the add-ons separately. 
  5. For the final assembly, coat the noodles with the warm sauce and mix in the other ingredients. Mee Krob is generally considered like a salad and served room temperature.

The Nature of Mother Nature


I have never written a book. The two that have been published with my name as author, Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate, and Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed, are collections of articles that were previously published in local magazines, mostly Quepolandia. So, when I decided to write a book, I was in for a new experience, and like all new experiences, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had imagined. It is moving forward, albeit slowly, and I would like to share a couple of excerpts with my readers.

monkeyI am not a biologist or any other type of scientist, but I have the good fortune to have lived in or near a tropical rainforest, the habitat that contains more biomass and biodiversity than any other on the planet, for the last 50 years. I learned to love what I call the jungle and have spent a good deal of my time within its embrace. Incidentally, the word “jungle” is looked down upon by most biologists, but I love it and will use it often. To me “jungle” is synonymous with “rainforest”.

I think my love affair with Mother Nature began with my first sighting of a monkey in the wild. A movement caught my attention as I was hiking by myself, and there it was, a monkey in the middle of the jungle. A storybook animal in a storybook setting. For me, a novice, the sighting was so extraordinary that it didn’t quite seem real. I had seen monkeys in the zoo, but this was different. It turned and looked at me. For one fleeting moment our eyes met and held. Then the monkey scampered on up the tree and disappeared within the leafy fronds at the top. That was the beginning of a life-long relationship, and it has been growing and evolving ever since. It has now reached the point that I feel compelled to write about Mother Nature, and what She is to me.

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That’s Fishin’ – November 2021


man and woman with doradoWelcome to the November instalment of That’s Fishin’ & the start of a new high season here in Quepolandia! A huge thank you to everyone who Fished in Costa Rica this past season and we look forward to another great year on the water welcoming visitors from around the world.

We are lucky to experience some great fishing almost year-round, however, the next couple of months are literally my favourite time to fish. It is not only our peak season for both Dorado & Marlin but there are plenty of other great species to target also!


When everything comes together perfectly, the Dorado fishing here during November is simply amazing. After the heavy rains of September and October, debris lines form along the tide lines and current breaks very often around 8-15 miles Offshore. Whole trees, logs, branches and more can be found floating around Offshore after washing out of the rivers during heavy, heavy rains. This floating structure attracts lots of baitfish which draws the Dorado and other predators in. At this time of year, we catch lots of Dorado in the 15-25lb range with 30-lb pound fish showing up commonly and a few monsters in the 50-70lb class too.

2 men holding a tunaFull or Half-day trips out of the Marina will give you opportunities to go Dorado fishing this November. Further Offshore, November and December are peak months for Marlin also. Blue Marlin are the most common with most fish in the 150-300lb range but there will be some Striped Marlin in the mix also and the chance of a big Black Marlin over the Offshore Reefs. Sailfish are present here year-round and we are lucky to see them on most Offshore trips but numbers will increase in December as we move towards peak Sailfish season January through April. The end of the year is a great time for large Yellow Fin Tuna which are found here together with mega pods of Spinner or Spotted Dolphins. Some of the largest Tuna of the year are typically caught in December and January but November will still provide good opportunities for Tuna for the boats fishing 20+ miles Offshore.

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La Colina – Renacido Festival

Spanish Sucks – November 2021

Spanish sucks


Let’s Hit the Hay!


We spend much of our life sleeping. Naturally, where and what we sleep on forms an essential part of our quality of life. Mattresses are the most common bedding material that people use all over the world. We seldom give it a second thought unless we need to buy a new one—but what’s the story behind this one item in our home that we use more than anything else?


Research at Border Cave, South Africa

The development of mattresses began as soon as early man discovered fire. They left the security of trees and started to sleep on the ground as the fire kept night predators at bay. They often used stones covered with grass, straw, and animal skin to sleep. Later came the cave dwellers, and just last year researchers discovered fossilized bedding used by ancient humans dating back about 200,000 years at a site in South Africa called Border Cave*. This bedding even used a base of ash to deter the crawling critters!

In ancient Persia and Egypt evidence shows that goat skins filled with water were also used to lie on—the first waterbeds perhaps? The powerful Egyptians also decided to make platforms to raise themselves above the nighttime crawlers and many very elaborate ones were discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb. The common people had a mat on the ground or a simple wood platform with stuffed cushions and their pillows were often a stone! However, wool was already being woven at this time so warm blankets kept them cozy. The wealthier Greeks and Romans followed Egypt’s elite with their raised metal beds and used woven supports to hold long cotton, feather or straw filled bags: the first mattresses?

Royal Palm Interiors

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Your Nose Knows Terpenes

Wonderful World of Hemp header

You may not be able to notice them by taste or smell in a hemp-based CBD sublingual oil, even one made from a high-quality extract, but the terpenes are present and you would be receiving the benefits of them, along with the benefits of the cannabinoids like CBD or THC. Through inhalation of a high-quality hemp flower from a strain like Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce or Juicy Fruit the flavorful, aromatic terpenes are quite evident. This is due to the most prominent terpenes found in that specific strain. Marijuana strains highlight their aromatic bounties best with names like Lemon Haze, Blueberry Bubba, and Mango Kush.

TerpenesTerpenes are volatile molecules that evaporate easily and quickly and announce themselves to the nose. This is the basis of the popular alternative-healing practice called aromatherapy. Like their odorless cannabinoid cousins, terpenes are oily compounds secreted from the glands of the cannabis flowers’ trichomes and give the strain its aromatic bouquet.

Unlike cannabinoids that are predominant mostly in cannabis, terpenes are common throughout the plant world. Produced by countless plant species, terpenes are prevalent in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and other botanicals. Terpenes are common ingredients in the human diet and have generally been recognized as safe to consume by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Scientists have identified and characterized the molecular structure of some 20,000 terpenes, which compose the largest category of plant chemicals. Terpenes can be further broken down into mono-terpenes, diterpenes and sesquiterpenes, depending on the number of repeating units of a five-carbon molecule called isoprene, the structural hallmark of all terpenoid compounds.

To date, around 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis, but only a handful of these odiferous oily substances appear in amounts substantial enough to be noteworthy (or nose-worthy). The terpenoid profile varies considerably from strain to strain. The range of flavors expressed by the genus Cannabis is extraordinary – no other plant on the planet can equal the cacophony of smells and tastes like those that are available from cannabis.

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Renacido Festival

logoNovember 26th – 28th, 2021
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Renacido (reborn) is a celebration of the rebirth of art in Costa Rica. As  have we all, the arts suffer financially during the pandemic, yet we still share our hearts and passion, keeping hope and faith alive in the quarantined,  the ill, and the struggling. With the world and our workspaces closed  or restricted, limiting us from making a living, Renacido blesses us with a multi-venue music event for the artist,  by the artist. Warm your soul with Fire dancers. Inspire the artist while they create live murals in the jungle to the sound of local and touring musicians in the stunning township on the hill, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Come! Vibe with us!

Buy Tickets Here!

Brisa Elegante


Quepos has a new landmark in the Marina Pez Vela, the 100 ft wooden sail cruiser Brisa Elegante. With her two masts, she dominates the view of the marina. Come and check it out yourselves!

boatWhat kind of sailship is this?

Brisa Elegante was built in 2010 by the Fethiye Shipyard in Turkey. She is a Gulet, a type of sail cruiser known for its spacious and robust design. Shipbuilding in the area of Fethiye has a long tradition. Even the Phoenicians more than 2000 years ago had their ships built in this region. Gulet became popular in the 1930s in the Eastern Mediterranean, with growing popularity during the following decades. Today, Gulets are popular for day cruises and week charters in the Meds, especially in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. But Brisa Elegante is special! Her hull is built from solid 3-inch mahogany planks, giving her a unique look and strength. She boasts a spacious foredeck, giving room for functions, weddings, parties, and for your family and friends to enjoy a cruise on the Pacific Ocean.

Why does Brisa Elegante look like a pirate ship?

Well, she is built in a very traditional way, like sailships have been built for centuries. In the days of the Buccaneers, the ships were about the same size as the ship you see now lying in the marina. Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria had nearly the same size as Brisa Elegante and a crew of 45 sailors. However, she is no replica of a pirate ship; she is built to an original and traditional design. So, by boarding her, you will get the very feeling that generations of sailors had during the past 500 years!

interiorWhat kind of tours do you offer?

To start growing your sea legs, you can join us for a morning or a sunset cruise. This cruise takes you from the Marina Pez Vela along the coast of Manuel Antonio along the shore of the National Park. Experience how sailors have felt, leaving the harbor and setting sails. Feel the wind moving the ship forward and see the water rushing under the bow and along the hull, an adventure you will never forget.

We serve refreshments and small snacks during the cruise and will stop for a swim and snorkel break.

If you are in for longer cruises, you are welcome to be on a charter with Brisa Elegante. She has 5 staterooms with double beds, each with an ensuite bathroom, and comes with full board. Explore the natural wonders and relax on the sundeck. Listen to music at the bar, sit with friends and family, and enjoy guided excursions from the comfort of the ship. It will bring you to the best spots without the hassle of repacking your luggage every other day.

Contact us at info@sailcr.com.

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – November 2021

What's Shaking headerNever before has an upcoming “high” season been awaited with as much anticipation, joy, and celebration as what we and the world are now experiencing. November is always a time of renovation and energy here in Quepos/ Manuel Antonio as we move into the end of our rainy season and begin to plan for the coming holidays and peak tourism season. With the major advances and leadership in helping to insure vaccinations and health protocols, November will also be an important back-to-business month for so many in our community, and the family at Marina Pez Vela would like to take a moment to thank everyone in our community whose resiliency has helped to allow this area to be one of the touristic areas with the fastest recoveries anywhere in the world.

November is an action-packed month here at the marina and brings us back to fishing tournaments, some new additions to the plaza, and one of our favorite celebrations!


November 13th is the now famous Dorado Derby one-day fishing tournament. Last year, due to some logistics issues caused by some incredible rains, we had to break the tournament into two weekends as some anglers couldn’t get safely to Quepos and the result was so much fun that we decided to replicate the two-weekend option again in 2021! November 20th will be the Dorado Derby Dos. The rules, format, FUN is the same so pick one of these two weekends, get a team together or reach out to the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center to get hooked up with some other anglers. The Dorado bite has been epic and these one-day tournaments are a great opportunity for anglers at all levels to have fun, get an action-packed experience, share with friends, colleagues, family, and celebrate the coming season.

AUDIO MASTERS opens at Marina Pez Vela

We are extremely proud and happy to announce the opening of the Audio Masters store at Marina Pez Vela. This dynamic and beautiful new store is going to be a GAME CHANGER for so many of our community! Audio Masters is a tech solutions company which sells and installs home and professional security systems, audio systems, cell and computer parts, chargers, adapters, is an authorized MAC distributor and service center, and also offers some direct Amazon services. The days of “pleading” for a loaned charger for whatever version of MacBook, laptop, cell phone, are over as we have this great new additional. With the holidays coming up, make sure you drop by to check out this new beautiful and necessary addition to the plaza and our community!


Just as we await the high season with a renewed sense of gratitude and perspective, this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, which every year is more and more widely celebrated even here in Costa Rica, is going to be special. Covid has given us all perspective, and the family here at MPV will be giving THANKS this year to our amazing team of employees, our local community, and nation as a whole for coming together during this past year. All of the restaurants here will be open and ready to welcome you, your guests, friends and families to join us and to give thanks for our collective blessings.

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – November 2021

November coverBienvenidos… Welcome to the Rain Forest, can’t say the name did not warn you. It will probably rain a little while you’re here but don’t let that slow your adventures. Thanks to the rain, Manuel Antonio National Park is in full bloom attracting frogs, hummingbirds, and butterflies of every color. It is also baby season here in the jungle, so look closely as a lot of monkeys and sloths are carrying their young on their backs.

Congratulations to Costa Rica for winning the Earthshot award. One of five winners named for their innovated solutions for the protection and repair of Earth.

Whale season has been fantastic this year so get to Marina Pez Vela (Sunset Tours) and book your tour to get out there and experience these incredible animals up close. We also want to welcome Brisa Elegante…. a truly unique way to enjoy the coast and beyond.

And welcome to new advertiser, Secret Beach Home.

Marina Pez Vela will be hosting the tournaments we all look forward to the Dorado Derby and Dorado Derby Dos fishing tournaments Nov 13 and Nov 20th. These tournaments are open to all so get your team ready to compete for top prizes and enjoy great fishing and all the festivities. Don’t have a team? No worries, contact MPV and they can get you all hooked up. You don’t have to miss any of the sports action by catching all the World Series and NFL games at Jolly Roger. The rains are also proving great rafting on the nearby rivers and Nauyaca Waterfall (pg 57) is always amazing

Our many fine restaurants are serving up your favorite culinary delights. It is a good idea to call ahead this time of year because some restaurants close for a quick vacation before high season hits.

Thanksgiving is Nov. 25. After these last months we all have something to be thankful for moving forward to this coming season. We want to wish all our advertisers and writers and readers a VERY Happy Thanksgiving, we could not do this magazine without you.

Colinas will be serving their famous traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings so make reservations and reserve your drumstick.

Toys for Tots will have their collection boxes around the area. So, let’s “Be Nice” and help the children and their families have a wonderful Christmas by dropping an unwrapped gift to help brighten someone’s holiday. Santa can always use your help.

We hope you enjoy our magazine and it helps guide you through this enchanting paradise we call home. You can always follow and share us here and on Facebook/Quepolandia. We appreciate and welcome your comments.

Peace and Enjoy…D

Monkeys are Made of Mangoes

Jack holding two big mangoes, header

Hacienda Barú, where I live, was roughly half rainforest and half cattle pasture when we first moved here in the early 1970s. Today it is much different, mostly rainforest and is a well-known destination for ecological tourists and biological researchers. Living with the transformation of the land from cattle ranch to nature reserve has given me a wealth fascinating experiences, one of which I will share with you here.

variegated squirrelIn 1979 we planted about 10 hectares of cacao, the stuff chocolate is made with. The uphill side of the plantation was adjacent to a rainforest and the lowland side bordered pasture and rice fields. After six years just when the plantation reached full production, the price of cacao plummeted to the point that cacao beans cost more to harvest than they were worth on the open market. We abandoned the cacao and the white-faced capuchin monkeys from the rainforest moved in and added cacao to their already hodgepodge of a diet. They don’t eat the cacao seeds, only the sweet-and-sour tasting syrup that coats them. That story is told in my first book, Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate.

Prior to the arrival of the monkeys, variegated squirrels were the only wild animals that ate our cacao. They didn’t eat much, so we didn’t worry about them. When the monkeys began frequenting the plantations on a regular basis, the squirrels disappeared. We could see them at the ecolodge and in an area that was planted with teak trees, but they were absent from the cacao plantations and forested areas.

Hacienda Baru

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