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Hello fellow Quepolandia readers! It’s Karma Casey, the Kids Saving the Rainforest spokeskid! If you haven’t heard of KSTR, it’s a wonderful wildlife rescue and sanctuary non-profit right here in Quepos! They also plant trees and put up wildlife bridges in the area. For the last two years, I have been writing an article each month for Quepolandia, telling you all about KSTR and how to help the planet! This month’s article is a little bit different than the rest. This is my farewell article, so you won’t be reading my byline at the top of the page anymore!

KarmaWell, let’s start from the beginning of my story. I was an eight year old girl who loved animals and wanted to help them, but I was too young to really help them where I lived. I was just reading and researching about the majestic sloth (one of my favorite animals) when I saw the story about Jeannine and Aislin, the two nine year old girls who originally started Kids Saving the Rainforest.

The girls lived in Manuel Antonio, and they could see that the rainforest was beginning to be destroyed. They began by painting rocks and selling other arts and crafts. With the money they raised, they would buy trees to plant. Kids Saving the Rainforest grew and grew, eventually getting permission from the Costa Rican government to open a wildlife sanctuary and veterinary clinic. It has been open for about twenty years now. Wow! That’s a long time!

I was so inspired by this story, that I decided to reach out to the amazing Jennifer Rice, the president of Kids Saving the Rainforest. I told her how it was my dream to come and help all the animals there.

Kids Saving the Rainforest header

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – November 2019

November 2019 coverBienvenidos…Welcome to the Rain Forest—can’t say the name did not warn you. It will probably rain a little while you are here, but don’t let that stop your adventure. Thanks to the rain Manuel Antonio National Park is in full bloom attracting frogs, hummingbirds, and butterflies of every color. We would like to thank Paul Gerace for this month’s cover. It is also baby season here in the jungle so look closely as a lot of monkeys and sloths are carrying their young on their backs. Whale season has been fantastic this year so get to Marina Pez Vela (Sunset Tours) and book a tour to get out there and experience these incredible animals up close. The Marina is also kicking off the fishing season with the 2nd Annual Dorado Derby Tournament on November 16th. This tournament is open to all so get your team ready to compete for top prize and enjoy great sport fishing and all the festivities. Don’t have a team?…No worries contact ifishquepos.com and they will team you up. These rains provide great white water rafting on our rivers so contact Toucanes Tours for an unforgettable adventure. Another great option to take advantage of the rain is hopping on an ATV (ATV Monkey Ride Tours) and checking out some private waterfalls.

Our many fine restaurants are serving up your favorite culinary delights. It is a good idea to call ahead this time of year because some restaurants close for a quick vacation before high season. We would like to wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving. Looking for a traditional Turkey Dinner with all the fixings make your reservations now for La Colina’s Annual Turkey Feast. Missing your NFL, get to Jolly Roger for all the action and GREAT wings.

Toys for Tots will have their collection boxes around the area. So let’s “Be Nice” and help the children by dropping an unwrapped gift to help brighten someone’s holiday. Santa Clause can always use our support.

We would like to welcome our newest staff writer Karen Moss with Kids Saving the Rainforest. We look forward to your column. We also would like to thank Karma Casey for her contribution to saving the rainforest and being a spectacular spokesperson. Good luck to you and your family. We would also like to thank and welcome our newest advertisers, Adis Arquitectura, Coffee Stop, and Get It Here Jerry.

We hope you enjoy our magazine and it helps guide you through this enchanting paradise we call home. You can always follow and share us at Facebook/Quepolandia. We appreciate and welcome your comments.

Peace and Enjoy…D

Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs

A Healthier You header
Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your full potential?⁣ We work with clients in our program from all different backgrounds.⁣

  • Some who have been working out for years and others who have never stepped foot into a gym.⁣
  • Some who have been counting every calorie and others who don’t know how to count calories at all.⁣
  • Some who want to lose 20 pounds and others who don’t need to lose weight at all.
  • Some who currently have their dream job and others who aren’t even sure what their goals are.
  • Some who have the means to invest in themselves but didn’t think they were deserving and others (most of them, really) were on a tight budget and “not in a place” to be spending more money or investing in themselves. ⁣

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Let’s Talk about the SnowCap Hummingbird

Snowcap HummingbirdBy Paul Gerace

The Snowcap is a very unique looking hummingbird. The male and female are very different in appearance.

The male has a dark body and a deep purple and bronze iridescence to its feathers. The female is more white with some metallic green and bronze.

But it’s only the male that has that definitive white crown.

Their range is from southern Honduras down through Costa Rica and central Panama.

I photographed this one at Rancho Naturalista Lodge in the Turrialba region which is about 4 hours northeast of Quepos.

They were worth the trip to see.

Another of the amazingly beautiful birds that are found here in Costa Rica. See more bird photos HERE

What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2019

What's Shaking headerAHHH…September and October…the DOUBLE EDITION of the Quepolandia. This wonderful time of year where we typically have the rainiest of weather, the slowest of tourism numbers, and the best kept secret in all of Costa Rica. What is that secret you ask? Come close so I can whisper it to you…Thats it…A bit closer…“THESE ARE TWO OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, SERENE, COOL, AND ENJOYABLE MONTHS TO SPEND IN THE MANUEL ANTONIO AREA!”  Looking to spend all day tanning, maybe February is for you. Hoping for packed restaurants and bars…Semana Santa will be here soon enough. For anyone reading this article you are either a local (congrats) or one of the lucky visitors who braved the ‘rainy season’ fears and will get to experience this town, the rainforest, and Marina Pez Vela in some of its purest forms. Don’t let the sleepy feel and sometimes rainy weather fool you, there is PLENTY going on and lots to get ready for in the coming months as these tranquil days are the restful periods before our 2019-2020 madness starts again before you can blink an eye.

Whale Watching

What was once a quite natural phenomenon has become a PILLAR of our low season tourism flow and an incredibly important financial push for our community. Whale Watching is at its FULL PEAK during September and October and it is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever witness. These majestic creatures are part of the longest mammal migration cycle on the planet and we get to watch the first steps of it with the mothers and calves in the waters right off our shore. Marina Pez Vela is proud to be promoting and a launch pad for this important experience and in addition to all the promotion we do as a project, we are also proud to be giving courses from Marine Biologists, MINAE, and some of our local residents about sustainable practices and how to understand these species, educate our tourists, and protect these amazing animals. Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to experience these whales up close and you can reach out to our team at ifishquepos.com for more information on a tour, private boat charter, or personalized experience.

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Teen Music

Teen boy listening to headphones

Joan Baez singingWhen I was a teenager, I pretty much liked any music that my parents didn’t like—especially if it was being played by long haired guys dressed in black leather. I mean, that’s just typical for teens to be that way, right? That dynamic has changed some by now, and I know teens who actually like their parents and hang out and listen to music with them. Back in our day not all DJs had to adhere to programming rules or meet quotas of how many Beach Boys songs they played per hour, so sometimes they actually played some interesting music. Of course, in those days payola was still very much part of the computation and it was more or less expected since the greedy studio fat cats were still running things.

Now don’t get me wrong—I liked and still like the Beach Boys, but as music listeners in the 60s and 70s, many of us were angry and looking for musical ways to express that anger, or we were in a kind of clueless pot fog. Or maybe that was just me… The Vietnam war, unjust drug laws, crass commercialism, the lack of support for women’s issues, the double standard for equal pay and opportunities, civil rights for all people…the list was long and is STILL long, but I am encouraged by the fact that many teens are still listening to the same music that used to get our juices going back in the day. Relevant and important music and pretty darn creative.

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That’s Fishin’- September/October 2019

That's Fishin' header

It was been a truly incredible few months fishing that we have experienced here in Quepos. Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo have all been keeping Anglers busy Offshore whilst there have been some big Roosterfish, Snapper, Snook, and more showing up during Inshore Fishing trips.

4 men holding large doradoDORADO DERBY!

Before we know it, the first tournament of the new season will be upon us in the form of the Dorado Derby which takes place on November 16th. The inaugural event in 2018 was a huge success with 47 boats taking place, battling it out to be crowned the Dorado Kings & Queens of Quepos. Boat SUPER FLY from Los Sueños took the top honours with a huge Dorado of 52 lbs but only just, a mere 5 lbs separated the top 5 largest Dorado of the tournament showing that literally anyone stands a chance of winning this one day, heaviest fish tournament. This unique tournament format is designed to give every single competing boat and team a chance of winning the event. Catch the biggest Dorado, take home the Cash Prize! With just a $250 entry fee per team this is the most accessible Sport Fishing tournament on the calendar. There will a Fish Fry, Great Music, and Dock Social after the fishing, see marinapezvelatournaments.com for more details and to register your team. We would love to see you there on November 16th!

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Welcome Popcorn and Simba!

The Sloth InstituteWe have two new sloths we rescued receiving medical care and rehabilitation at The Sloth Institute. Welcome Popcorn and Simba!

Popcorn is a juvenile female two-fingered sloth that fell out of a tree because she was sick and weak due to a bad mange infection. After a few months of treatment at TSI, she is feeling much better. She just needs to gain some more weight and then she’ll be ready to be released back to the wild.

Simba is a juvenile male three-fingered sloth who we found on the ground at a nearby hotel in poor health. We discovered he had a bacterial infection and parasites. He has been recovering smoothly and responding well to his treatments. We anticipate he will also be ready to go back to the wild as soon as he puts on a little more weight.

Read updates on all of the sloths in care at TSI at TheSlothInstitute.org.

popcorn and simba

Watch Out For Other Surfers!

Surf CR logoI’ve seen it happen too many times. Beginner surfers out in the lineup where the waves are too big or fast for them. Intermediate surfers who think they know what they are doing, but do not have good control of their board. Even the advanced surfers who think they are invincible can get injured. I’ll explain each group, the hazards, and how to limit them. 

Beginner surfers are those surfing for the first few times. They can be picked out since they are most often on longboards, and those are often soft tops. They have trouble sitting upright on the board, and take extra time popping up. The hazards are when they lose control their boards after a big wave hits them, when they try to catch a wave but shoot the board out, when they fall, and when they do catch the wave but head right for you. To avoid them, be aware of where they are sitting and stay at least 20 feet away (the length of the board and the leash plus a few extra for safety).

surfing too close to other surfers

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Spanish Sucks – September/October 2019

Spanish Lesson Image


Manuel Antonio Spanish School logo

Speedy the Sloth, Free At Last

KSTR LogoBy Karma Casey

baby speedyGreetings Quepolandia readers! Its Karma, the Kids Saving the Rainforest spokeskid. This month’s article is about a VERY special someone. Have you ever heard of a sloth named Speedy?! (Some of you may know him by his nickname, Jorge.) Well, Speedy is a very unique two toed sloth who has just graduated from Boot Camp, KSTR’s pre-release area where sloths like Speedy learn how to climb trees and forage on their own to get ready for their release back into the wild. After a long journey here at KSTR, Speedy was just triumphantly set free back into his rainforest home! Let me tell you his story.

Speedy was rescued when he was only a few months old. He was tiny, only a kilogram! He had fallen from a tree near the Makanda Hotel in Manuel Antonio. Poor Speedy! The people at the hotel quickly called in the KSTR team. After a checkup by the veterinarian, KSTR attempted to reunite Speedy with his mother.

But sadly, while the hopeful team waited and waited while Speedy hung at a low branch in the tree where the mother was, and called out to his mother, she ignored him. Really mom sloth!? The mother sloth never came down for her son, so the team was forced to bring him back to KSTR. This is quite common in sloths and one of the reasons why it’s so important to have wildlife rescue efforts like Kids Saving the Rainforest. The KSTR nursery is often busy with orphans, like Speedy, and that’s where he was headed to next. A generous KSTR supporter named Nivea sponsored him, and that’s where he got his name!

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Bathrooms – Fabulous and Functional

contemporary bathroom with tubMaking Your Dream Bathroom a Reality, and How it All Began.

Design Wise logoHaven’t we all imagined soaking in a bubble-filled tub, champagne glass in hand and looking out to a glorious view or to birds flying overhead?

Every home has a bathroom, usually two or more in reality. Since the inception of indoor plumbing, bathrooms in homes have transitioned from a luxury, to a necessity and back to luxury in the custom homes we see everywhere.

Starting in ancient cultures, bathing rituals were mainly for the wealthy and influential, and for those seeking purification. Public bath-houses came along and these were very social places. In the 1800’s personal bathtubs of cast iron started showing up in homes, and portable ones made from wood or tin at last became accessible for the masses – the great unwashed! The attitude was that people could now have a bath once a week – whether they needed one or not!

person drawing plansToday we consider the bathroom as our personal sanctuary, and of course we want it to reflect that. It is so much more than a place to get clean – it has become the place where you can really make a decorating statement. There are simple Japanese style bathrooms, elegant traditional bathrooms, rustic bathrooms, and almost any style you can imagine.

If you are designing your own bathroom, plan first for the layout as you will need to consider what you want to include in there. Smaller bathrooms are always more of a challenge, but with planning and some careful thought, you can usually include everything you want.

Royal Palm Interiors

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Fire Chicken with Mozzarella

Chef's Corner logocompleted dishThis is a fun party dish that’s inspired by a Korean recipe named buldak. The spicy grilled chicken is covered with melted mozzarella and served with fresh lettuce leaves. You can replace the “gojujang” chili paste with red curry paste.


  • 1 lb or 500 grams of boneless chicken thighs
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of honey 
  • 1 tablespoon of gojujang or red curry paste
  • 1 chopped chili pepper (optional) 
  • 1 dash of black pepper
  • 3 minced cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of shredded ginger
  • 1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Sliced green onion tops and sesame seeds for garnish

Cooked chickenDirections

  1. Marinate the chicken with the first 6 ingredients for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  2. Grill or broil over low heat until done.
  3. Cut into bite size pieces and place in an oven pan, cover with cheese, and broil until cheese is melted and slightly brown.
  4. Garnish with sliced green onions and sesame seeds, enjoy with friends and cold drinks!

Memoirs of a Masseur – September/October 2019

The best is yet to come” is something I remind myself of every day. Our life stories never stop happening. Sometimes our actions may seem repetitive or boring yet our lives are in constant change, evolving us into who we are becoming next. Like day to night, like seasons or swell in the ocean, like our very cells time marches on and we are helpless against it. Optimism is in fact something we can adopt into our nature. A few amigos of mine who have had much misfortune and pain are some of the most pleasurable to be around, they take and hug the passing of the hours like it is a friend, not a foe. I seek out good company because somehow something transfers from them to me. The exact same feeling I project when I massage clients. Smiles are infectious, happiness can be addicting, and it is my job as a body worker to not bring my problems to the massage table (literally). That is why optimism is my middle name.

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September/October2019

September/October coverBienvenidos…Welcome to the rain forest, green season has arrived. So enjoy the peace of it and all the lushness it provides. Our mornings are normally beautiful and the rain comes later in the day, so get moving early and enjoy your adventures, maybe have an afternoon nap (guilt-free in the rain). Our restaurants and tour companies are in full swing to make your stay here an unforgettable one. Without the crowds and with cooler weather much more enjoyable. We recommend calling ahead to our fine restaurants beforehand because some will be closing briefly for a quick vacation for themselves and their staff. Being from the US I always enjoy this time of year. I look forward to start of the NFL season. You can catch all the action at Casino Kamuk in Quepos or Sanchos and Jolly Roger on the hill. 

Marina Pez Vela offers outstanding restaurants, tours, great shopping, and most importantly this time of year, underground parking and shuttle service. September and October are some of the best months for whale watching here in Manuel Antonio so make sure to book your tour with them and enjoy the spectacular humpback whales frolicking just offshore. October 31 is Halloween so start thinking of a costume and get ready for fright night in the jungle. Marina Pez Vela will be having their annual Halloween Bash complete with trick or treating for the kids and a haunted house. Always a great time for the entire family.

Costa Rica will be celebrating their 197th year of Independence on September 15th. Quepos will be having its annual parade in traditional dress, floats, and marching bands. So if you are in the area come celebrate with a country that truly appreciates their Independence…Viva Costa Rica!!!

We want to thank Paul Gerace for another spectacular cover.

September/October is a double month issue so we will be back to guide you in November. We hope you enjoy our magazine and it helps guide you through this enchanting paradise we call home. You can always follow and share us at Facebook/Quepolandia. We appreciate and welcome your comments.

Peace and Enjoy…D