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Grilled Chicken Breast with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives & Feta

By Paul Rees

(Serves 2)

 Chicken Ingredients:

  • 2 boneless chicken breasts with tenders, fat, & skin removed, lightly score both sides with 2 or 3 shallow cuts
  • 1 Tbs olive oil
  • ¼ tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 large clove garlic, minced
  • ¼ tsp each dried thyme, rosemary, & oreganoPinch paprika
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1/8 lb feta cheese, crumbled for garnish

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Putting things together. Parte III.

By Os 

Hola amigos.  ¿How is everything going on?  This is the third and last article of this series.  So let me ask you this question again: 

Guys:  ¿Do you know how to make a Wh. question in inglés?  ¿Do you start the question with an action word (verb), with the subject (subject), with the helping guy (auxiliary), with something else (the rest) or with a Wh. word?  Let’s see: 

Spanish Pura Vida

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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – March 2013

piscesPISCES – February 19-March 20

This month is all about focusing less on the outcome and more on the journey. With Venus in your house of probabilities, you’ll likely encounter several circumstances that will be of concern.

ariesARIES – March 21-April 19

You’ve got it made. Make sure to show lots of appreciation for those around you. Here are 3 fun ways to show appreciation: buy them a new toothbrush (people rarely splurge on this luxury), comb their hair, or answer their phone calls.

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2013

Cover March 2013Bienvenidos/Welcome to PARADISE and our beautiful area….we are happy to have you here………March is a busy month with Semana Santa/Easter week and the influx of many people to our beaches. Traffic can get a little slow on the hill so take your time and have some patience – also keep an eye out for many pedestrians….it’s only a 7km road so it won’t take long to get there safely……..and then Pura Vida! …with lots of people come the not so nice little snatch and grab thieves so be aware and hang on to you “stuff” – we may live in Paradise but it’s the same the World over..don’t let your vacation get ruined by not paying attention…We have the greatest tours and the best restaurants around so enjoy a fun and active day then relax with a cold beverage, a beautiful sunset and a delicious dinner…..Hotel Makanda is now having a Pool side BBQ every Sunday – a beautiful spot to enjoy the afternoon..check it out….plus a 10% discount if you mention their ad in Quepolandia………..March Madness for you basketball fans – many places will have the games on so no problem…and don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day…sure to be a “Green Beer” somewhere…Wacky Wanda’s might have something going on….We would like to thank Lloyd Collison of Midhurst, Ontario for our very colorful cover of the Toucans..great shot!….our beaches are beautiful and the weather great so enjoy a boat ride that you can Captain with Tres Ninas Boat Rental, or charter one of our great Sportfishing boats, like Chaser, Luna Tours, Pez Rey, Mad Marlin or Pez Espada(see their ads)  and go catch dinner- Dos Locos Restaurante in Quepos  will cook it any way you like… we hear the fishing’s been great…..well that about wraps it up for the month ..be safe, have fun – remember to check us out regularly online and follow us on facebook…tell your friends about your great vacation in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and come back soon……….ciao …………..P

Decorating in the Tropical Chic Style

Tropical Living RoomBy Shelagh Duncan

Tropical chic is a perfect style for those of us who have chosen Costa Rica for their home, or home-away-from-home. It is a casual, comfortable style that adds a touch of the exotic, using jungle themes, restful colors, and natural textural elements. 

This is not the multi-colored jungle-book  look you might choose for a child’s room. Instead, it might be defined as “lush minimalism” since it mixes lots of texture and intricate pattern with simple details and a few large accessories. 

Common motifs might include stylized palm trees, large leafed  plants, monkeys, animal prints, rattan, bamboo, leather, and grass cloth. 

Royal Palm Interiors

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A Turtle and a Toad Enter the Pachanga Family

By Jim Parisi

portada-tortugaIn Tortuguero at the break of dawn, a baby turtle cracks through the shell of its egg and begins its perilous trek through prospective predators and other dangers in order to unite with the raging sea that beckons. 

At the dawn of time, according to Bribri legend, there was an only mountain, at the top of which countless toads held up an immense spherical stone that emitted strange noises. The toads, who were all the same color, had been told by their creator that their mission was to protect the stone and keep it from breaking apart. 

These are the openings of the two new bilingual books for young readers from the Costa Rican publishing company Pachanga Kids, their fifth and sixth in the series. 

Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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Yoga is a pain in the Butt!

King Pigeon Pose

King Pigeon Pose

By Mark Goldstein

This month we are concentrating on your periformis muscle, your back pocket muscle, your pain in the butt muscle. Why? Because it feels so good to stretch and release this muscle. and opening up this muscle can have a huge effect on your life. 

Have you ever had sciatic pain? That pain that can go down the back of your leg? It can hurt so bad that all you can do is lie down. Some people get sciatica it so bad that lying down hurts almost as much. The muscle that is the cause of this pain is very often the periformis muscle, and coincidently, the cure to this issue is opening up this very same muscle. If you have sciatic pain, then opening up this muscle can help. If you don’t have sciatica, then these poses and stretches can help greatly to keep you out of this crazy amount of pain. 

Playa Yoga

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Top Predators: Pumas in the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor

Puma FaceBy Jack Ewing

In the rainforests of Central America the jaguar (Panthera onca) is at the pinnacle of the food chain, and the next largest feline, the puma (Puma concolor,) is one step below. There isn’t much that will confront a jaguar except the larger crocodiles that lurk in some of the rivers. The presence of these magnificent spotted cats in a rain forest is a strong indication of the biological health of the ecosystem. It means there is enough for them to eat, and enough for their prey to eat. It suggests that the ecosystem is well balanced and productive. It also means that hunting is under control.

Hacienda Baru

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Crunchy Fish Filet with a Light Sweet & Sour Sauce

By Paul Rees

(Serves 2) 


For the Sauce

  • 1 C sugar
  • ½ C water
  • ½ C vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp garlic, minced
  • ½ tsp fresh ginger, minced
  • 2 Tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 ½ tsp srirachi or chilero
  • 2 Tbsp fresh lime juice
  • ¼ C carrot, julienne or grated  

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Putting things together. Parte II.

Feliz día de la amistad y del amor – Happy Valentine’s Day.  Let’s start with some lines that you may use this febrero: 

Estoy enamorado(a) = I’m in love.

Te amo = I love you.

Te quiero mucho = I love so much.

Quiero darte un beso = I want to give you a kiss.

¡Qué cursi! = ¡How corny! 

Spanish Pura Vida

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Kids Saving the Rainforest wishes you a Happy Valentine‘s Day!

By Jennifer Rice

The animals of the rainforest wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and want to thank you for helping them!  We have a great idea for your list of Valentines.  Give them a Valentine’s Day Card with a certificate in their name on the inside.  It will be pretty on the outside and one of a kind, made by volunteers!  On the inside will be a certificate that can be framed.  Make a donation of $20 or more and we will give you a certificate in the name of your loved one, which makes a perfect Valentine’s Day card.  Spread some love and save the wildlife! We sincerely appreciate your support in helping us to continue our lifesaving work with the wildlife in our area!  

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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Pool Filters 101

 By Glen Bains

 Think of the pool filter as your liver….it filters all the bad elements out. When you don’t have the correct size (undersized) or choose the wrong type you will always have issues keeping your pool clean. Sand filters are good and are by far the most commonly used type of filter here in Costa Rica but there are better filters available here in Costa Rica. There are three types of pool filters, sand, cartridge and D.E. (which stands for Diatomaceous Earth).

Costa Rica Pools & Construction

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Meet the Author: José Antonio González Ugalde

José Antonio González Ugalde

The Dictionary of Costa Rican Slang – by José Antonio González Ugalde

By Pat Cheek 

14 years went  into the writing and publishing of this book: Dictionary of Costa Rican Slang – now that’s dedication! I met with José  during the holidays for a cup of coffee and enjoyed hearing the story of how it all came about. 

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Nearby Music Festivals

By Nancy Buchan 

Going to an outdoor music festival is just about as much fun as a person can stand.  Whether you’re dancing to a circle of banjo players pickin’ some fine bluegrass in the Colorado mountains, or laying in a lounge chair sipping a drink with a little umbrella in it on the French Riviera, listening to some cool jazz cats – it’s fun!  The opportunity to hear a bunch of different artists at one venue is irresistible.  Even if there’s 12 stages going on all at once (like the wonderful New Orleans Jazz Fest) and you have to approach it like some kind of military maneuver, it’s fun!  There are lots of interesting festivals being held all over the planet – for just about any genre of music.  Some of them showcase other artistic endeavors besides music, many have ecological or planetary themes, or maybe they’re concerned with our spiritual health…  Anyway, there are a couple of interesting new or newish festivals being held in our little part of the world I want to tell ya’ll about.  

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – February 2013

February 2013 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to the most beautiful part of Costa Rica – or at least that’s how we feel about it – it is a beautiful country. We are happy to have you here for a visit and know you will have a great time…..we have just about everything that Costa Rica is known for- from white water rafting, zip line, sport fishing, surfing, check out our new advertiser, Dante Water Sports………so get out there and have some fun!………when you work up an appetite then head to one of our many wonderful restaurants both in Quepos and Manuel Antonio….enjoy our beautiful beach and visit the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park..truly a national treasure. If you are looking for the Super Bowl never fear several places will be showing the game and don’t forget your Valentine on the 14th..many restaurants offer special dinners for the occasion, check with Victoria’s Gourmet Restaurant …..there is also a music festival called Best Fest to the south of us near Uvita, you can find more information in Nancy’s article Fiddlin’ Around……….please tell our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia…drop by for a visit and maybe a cold drink and conversation..we are a friendly bunch of “locals”………we would like to thank George Billman of Herndon, VA for our cover shot– George was visiting in November and captured this great photo of the capuchin monkey couple commonly referred to as carablanca or whiteface—they sort of reminded me of the painting, America Gothic by Grant Woods (trivia question for Thurs night at Dos Locos) of the farmer /wife with the pitchfork! Well that about wraps it up for this month….remember to check us out regularly online and now follow us on facebook…..come back soon………ciao….P