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Taking Care of Your Microfiber Sofa

Microfiber sofaBy Shelagh Duncan

We love our microfiber sofas and chairs, in fact I always tell people that it is just about the best, and most practical upholstery fabric for our climate, and casual lifestyles. Microfiber is a great fabric choice for down here because it resists deterioration even when exposed to mildew, sunlight, water and insects – as well as having many other wonderful qualities.

Nowadays we can find microfiber fabrics in an exciting array of designs and textures. There is even a polished version that looks like distressed leather. The colours are great too – they are much more vibrant than with natural fabrics like cotton or linen. The ‘hand’ or feel, is soft and luxurious and it has a unique texture that accentuates the colour’s depth and contrast, making it an excellent upholstery choice.

Royal Palm Interiors

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You Are What You Eat

Fresh Veggies

By Amber Zuckswert

In my personal health journey, tireless research,, and client experience it’s alarmingly obvious that mindful eating and peak performance nutrition are absolutely crucial components to every day vitality and superb longevity. I’m convinced that 90% of our physical appearance, moods and energy stem from what we sip and munch.

Movement and spiritual happiness are essential as well, but you can kill your body in the gym or meditate for hours and see no results if you continue to feed your cells junk. Our cells are made up of what we put in. If you put garbage in your one and only temple, you’ll feel and look like garbage.

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Primate Art Enrichment

 Primate art enrichmentBy Biologist Pedro

Some primates are incredibly intelligent and need enrichment for their well-being. KSTR’s biologist, Pedro came up with amazing enrichment for them. Here is his story:

From cave paintings to Banksy, painting has almost always being considered a human´s art; but when you take the white canvas and vibrant paint that served as the starting point for the great painters (Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.), and give them to the white faced monkeys, (capuchins), Georgia, Hector, and Hugo at the KSTR sanctuary you get art too! Armed with the strongest paper we could buy, and non-toxic paint, we went inside the painters cage!
Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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2 & 3 Times Table * TO eat & TO live

ComER = TO eat

I          com o

you, s/he, it          com e

we          com emos

you all, they          com en

-ER verbs are the second set of verbs that you need to master. You will find that a lot of the verbs that you will use in Spanish are ER verbs… Find an –ER verb, go to the 2 Times Table pattern, pick up the endings, and use the word in context, ¡as often as you can! It’s called “practice”.

¡Let’s practice! Let’s do a brainstorm using the verb comer.

Spanish Pura Vida

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Fat-Handed Cats: The return of the Ocelot



By Jack Ewing

The sleek, spotted cat rested with her chest and thick front paws on the log, her eyes peering over the top, waiting patiently for a spiny rat or some other small rodent to scurry along the other side. She had been there since moon rise, but so far no prey had ventured past. An uneasy feeling enveloped her body like a mist that penetrated to the very core of her being. She waited and watched. A faint sound reached her ears, and she became aware of the source of the unpleasant feeling: dogs, their distant howls drifting on the cool night breeze. The unwelcome wail was not new to her ears; it signified the most fearful thing in her environment. The thought of climbing a tree briefly flickered across her mind, but if the dogs caught her scent and found the tree, she would be trapped, an easy target for the humans that always come with the dogs. The other choice was to put distance between herself and the howling dogs, but the forest wasn’t that big, and she could only run so far. The female ocelot decided to wait and listen.
Hacienda Baru

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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – June 2014

geminiGEMINI – May 21-June 21

Welcome advice from afar this month, which may come in the form of a radio phone-in show, television talk show or an e-mail from someone you don’t know from Nigeria.


cancerCANCER – June 22-July 22

Vampires, witches and traffi c police are well starred this month, especially when parking in dark alleys on the 7th.


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Stonetree Growing in Belize

StonetreeBy Jaime Peligro

Ivan Duran got his first guitar when he was fourteen years old and living in Belize. Within a relatively short amount of time, he had also called Mexico, Spain and Cuba home. Then, in 1995, he returned to Belize with one project in mind: to build a quality recording studio, Stonetree Records, in his home town of Benque Viejo, near the Guatemala border. In fact, he told me in a recent interview that the recording studio “is on the same street where I used to play futbol when I was growing up.”

Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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That’s Fishin’ – May/June 2014

Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish

Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish

By Sarah Munro

There is no way I can explain it but I will try. The Offshore World Championship is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I didn’t even fish the competition. I lived vicariously through my friends and other anglers who qualified to fish this tournament.

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Wedding Music

wedding ringsBy Nancy Buchan

Wedding season here is kind of fizzling out, but I think it was a good one for the local event planners and for us musicians who enjoy playing weddings. It’s amazing how many folks come to this beautiful area for their nuptials – but then, who wouldn’t like to escape the northern cold and get hitched barefoot on a beach on a sunny day? Destination weddings are a big industry – a more adventurous experience for the participants, and even with airfare they are probably far cheaper than the same kind of event in the states. Geesh, they probably save a fortune in flowers and fruit alone. Many Costa Rican hotels cater specifically to wedding groups, and there are a bunch of professional wedding planners here who will take care of all the pesky details and customize the day to whatever the client wants. After all, it’s their date with destiny . . . their public and optimistic declaration of love and coupleness. Their ‘too late to turn back now, let’s bite the bullet’ moment.

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Titi Conservation Alliance has Moved

(En español)

Dear Members and Supporters,

Come visit us! New office! The Titi Conservation Alliance has a new office. Come pay us a visit! The office will be open from 8am until 3pm, Monday to Thursday. You can find us opposite Hotel Si Como No on the main road to Manuel Antonio National Park. Any time you have a question or to know more about our work, stop by!

Exciting new developments for the Titi Conservation Alliance! We are very pleased to report some new steps forward in our work in the Aguirre community, Central Pacific, Costa Rica, to protect the landscape, and the forests which harbor such great biodiversity including the much-loved titi squirrel monkeys. The Titi Conservation Alliance now has some new tools to connect and communicate with more of our members and supporters, both locally and beyond.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Alianza de Conservación del Mono Titi ha Movido

(In English)

Estimado Miembro y Alliado,

¡Ven a visitarnos! Tenemos nueva oficina. a Alianza tiene una oficina nueva. Ven a visitarnos! La oficina estará abierta de las 8am hasta las 3pm, de lunes a jueves. Usted podrá ubicarnos enfrente del Hotel Si Como No en la carretera principal al Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. Por cualquier consulta o para conocer más sobre nuestro trabajo, puede venir a saludarnos!

Blog nuevo: nuevas conexiones para la Alianza de Conservación del Mono Titi … ¡qué ilusión!
Estamos muy contentos comunicarles unos pasos adelante en nuestro trabajo en la comunidad de Aguirre, Pacífico Central, para proteger el paisaje forestal y su naturaleza tan variada, y por supuesto, el querido mono tití. La Alianza cuenta ahora con unos medios nuevos para conectarse y comunicarse con más miembros y aliados, a nivel local y más lejos.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – May 2014

taurusTAURUS – April 20-May 20

A lava hot-lamp that you or a hippy inspired relative owned in the 1960’s will impact on your life this month in ways unforeseeably messy at the moment.


geminiGEMINI – May 21-June 21

Ensure you accurately tie any shoe laces, or other knots in your clothing, to avoid embarrassment as, after the 15th, a planetary alignment will attempt knot-fl ip-opens and undo’s at random moments.


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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May/June 2014

May/June 2014 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos-Manuel Antonio we are happy to have you visit….we know you will have a great time…May & June begin our “green” or rainy season and we are looking forward to getting green…it has been one hot hot hot dry season….First we would like to wish a very Happy 92nd Birthday to Virginia Utley on May 20th but we  hope she will be celebrating all month long! We have so many great things for you to do from zip lines to off shore fishing and everything in between…just check our advertisers and sign up for a fun time ….you can tour the Manuel Antonio National Park with our cover shot guide Manuel Cabalceta..he captured this great shot of the capuchin monkey family on a tour in April…great shot Manuel…you can book a tour at manuelstours@icloud.com…..this issue covers 2 months so we will have extra articles for your reading enjoyment and puzzles – just in case we get that much wanted rain! Travelers not to worry it won’t be enough to wash away your fun….so get out there have a great time – enjoy our awesome restaurants – sip a cold one on our beautiful beach and don’t forget the sunblock even if its cloudy….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia ……we hope you will come back and visit us again but do tell your friends about our happy little Paradise and follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia  and check us out here online when you get back home… travel safe to your next destination and come back soon…… ciao………..P



Brad Watts – Farewell to a Friend

Brad WattsBy Molly McKeown

Recently our little community was rocked by the sudden passing of one the town’s most beloved residents, Brad Watts. Currently there is a palpable void in our community because we have lost a truly great man.  This loss has been compounded because we didn›t just lose a man, we also lost a charismatic musician with an irresistible smile, a respected business owner, a bad ass kayaker, a kick ass surfer and an amazing friend. Brad ‘Flip’ Watts was a one of a kind man. He had a huge heart, and an even bigger appetite for life, (and snacking . . . possibly in equal measure).

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The Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor FeastBy Shelagh Duncan

Outdoor kitchens in many old Mediterranean farmhouses and homes have pizza ovens, fireplaces, grills, sinks and work counters, set in covered terraces, courtyards and gardens. Today, this trend is growing wherever the climate allows – especially so here in Costa Rica. In this part of the world we tend to live outdoors more and the outdoor kitchen can extend our living and entertaining areas to encompass the garden, pool and beyond.

Many people were smart enough to include an outdoor kitchen in the original plans when they were building their home, others have either purchased or built homes and now are thinking about adding one.

Royal Palm Interiors

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