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Tide Chart December 2015

Since we accidentally dropped the Tide Chart from the magazine this month, here it is . You can always find it every month on the Visitor Resources page.

Tide chart December 2015

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That’s Fishin’- December 2015

Team Tranquilo's triumphant return.

Team Tranquilo’s triumphant return.

By Sarah Munro

Imagine yourself receiving an email from a friend, and when you read it, it’s an invitation to fish the Bisbee’s tournaments in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with Team Tranquilo. You are immediately floored because this is the biggest paying tournament in the world and an invitation to fish with one of the best teams in the world. You throw caution to the wind, and say sure to the $80,000 entry fee. Months later, you head out from your home marina, Marina Pez Vela, for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to the SUPERBOWL of fishing—The Bisbees Black and Blue Tourament™. You take shelter from a hurricane on the way there, and just as luck would have it an earthquake triggers a tsunami warning in the marina you took shelter in. Fortunately, things work out and you arrive in Cabo San Lucas. Your team decides that if you’ve come all this way, you may as well enter another tournament before the two Bisbees tournaments you came for.

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2015

December 2015 coverBeinvenidos/Welcome to Paradise for December 2015…we are rockin’ & rollin’ into High Season and so happy you have come to enjoy our beautiful area! Our rains are coming to an end but we are lush with greenery of every shade right next to the beautiful blue Pacific—you picked a great place to spend time…you will find everything you need right here in Quepolandia. Our pages are full of awesome restaurants of every flavor…new to us are Lush Tapas & Lounge with great food/drinks and an awesome view, Velamar Restaurant in Quepos offering fresh seafood & ceviche, & Buru Restaurant By The Park … they can pack you a box lunch before going to Manuel Antonio National Park…oh and don’t forget to enjoy our beautiful beaches.Port of Quepos is the place to FISH…check out our charter fleet- see our ads- and go catch that BIG one! While at the marina stop in Gelateria Amorosi for a delicious gelato or other tasty treat! It’s yummy! Remember you can call for the Marina Pez Vela Shuttle van and ride for FREE from Manuel Antonio if you eat at the marina. You’ll find all the info in our pages plus great stories. If you are here for Christmas & need a gift…pick up a box of delicious SIBU chocolates from Tulemar or visit Mot Mot Gallery, La Tombola, & The Captain’s Booty for great gifts ….that special dinner will be available at several of our restaurants…see ads – downtown Quepos will have a New Year’s Eve celebration in front of the seawall complete with fireworks at midnight and live music—my favorite party of the year! Dos Locos Restaurante has live music and party favors, too.  We will try to update the planned activities  here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia …  as they come in………we would like to thank Paul Gerace of Dominical again this year for our December cover, Leaf Insect and the Helicona—made the perfect Christmas cover!  Reach Paul at www.photosofcostarica.com. Enjoy all our tours whether it’s flying thru the jungle on a zipline with Titi Canopy, cruising the mangrove with Kayak Lodge or running the rapids with Quepoa Expeditions…just get out there and have fun –if you need special photography see ads for Sarah Yunker or Sharing Life Photography both are listed in our directory … be safe..be aware. Seems the year has just zipped by… I would like to take a minute to thank this awesome community for its continued support of Quepolandia… without our advertisers and writers we would have no purpose. Muchisimas Gracias to all of you – Happy Holidays and see ya in 2016!……….P    Don’t miss the Lighted Boat Parade Dec. 5th at Marina Pez Vela activities begin at 4pm

Retro Style: Outa Sight? Or Not Your Bag?

By Shelagh Duncan

We all know that styles are cyclical and, of course, the world of interior design is not exempt. The best aesthetics will resurface again and again. For a while now mid-century-modern design has been gaining popularity and, perhaps for good reason.

Mid-Century Modern examples

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mad menThe shift probably began after the wave of oversized and over-the-top French-Provincial and Tuscan Villas had us all feeling, well over-whelmed. Inevitably, we began to yearn for more simplicity. Then came Mad Men.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of this stylish, smart and tightly crafted show, then you’re already familiar with mid-century modern design. Mad Men has been credited with helping fuel a resurgence of interest in this style. For seven seasons we were hooked watching cool people living with a retro vibe.

Royal Palm Interiors

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Welcome to the Kids Saving The Rainforest Thanksgiving Update

KSTR poolKSTR has a lot to be thankful this year! We have been able to continue our mission of saving the rainforest and the wildlife in it a day at a time! We want to thank those of you who have supported us through the years, and to give people visiting a chance to help too by taking a tour of our Sanctuary, where 100% of the proceeds go to the wildlife in our sanctuary. See below for more information.

KSTR’s wildlife educational tour is growing by leaps and bounds. The tour is from 9 to 12 noon every day except Tuesdays. You will get to see lots of wildlife that cannot be released back into the wild and you will have a view of a baby sloth eating breakfast behind the clinic windows.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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By Jack Ewing

In the August issue of Quepolandia I published an article entitled, If You Are Unfortunate Enough to get Bitten by a Snake, Do it in Costa Rica. If you didn’t see it the article is available online at www.quepolandia.com/category/jack-ewing/.So much new information has come to my attention since those words were written that I decided to elaborate on the same theme this month.

Terciopelo head

Terciopelo head

The August issue of Quepolandia arrived at Hacienda Baru the same day that my friend and neighbor Randy Burns was bitten by a Terciopelo (Bothrops asper), Sunday, August 2, 2015. He was awakened at 4:00 AM when his dogs started barking. Concerned about what may have triggered the barking Randy got up and walked barefoot onto the front porch of the house. No sooner did he set foot on the porch when he felt a sting on his left ankle and thought he had been bitten by a scorpion. Returning to his bedroom, he illuminated his ankle with a flashlight and saw blood. Thinking it strange that a scorpion sting would draw blood he returned to the porch with the flashlight and a stick and shined the beam around the floor. There was the Terciopelo coiled up in a corner. He tried to hit it with the stick, but the snake managed to escape out into the yard. “Marie, Marie,” he called to his wife. “Hurry! We need to go to the hospital. I’ve been bitten by a snake.”

Hacienda Baru

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By Os

¡Hola amigos!  ¿How is everything going?  Last article was brutal, I know.  Too many boxes and endings.  So today I am gonna present you the three tenses we learn last month in an easy format that you may like it.  Check it out:

(Remember that for future tense we just add the ending to the whole verb.

Ex:  hablar goes to hablar + ending = hablaré)

-AR endings

I o é é
you, s/he a ó á
we amos amos emos
y’all guys, they an aron án

Spanish Pura Vida

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Fiddlin’ Around – November 2015

By Nancy Buchan

Led ZepplinThis last decade or so there has been an odd—at least I find it odd—urge to bring back the bands and performers who were so important to the soundtrack of our lives. I’m talkin’ tours with rock and roll dinosaurs—the hair bands that now have lots of grey, or none at all. The bad boys who survived but are more likely to be chewing Mylanta than ‘ludes. But there was a lot of musical freedom and excitement going on back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, when lyrics were important and melody still reigned. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the baby boomers want to re-connect with the music and spirit of those days, and they can now afford the couple hundred bucks for tickets, so make way for the dinosaurs! I saw a guy the other day with a button that said “I’m not old, your music really DOES suck! And pull up your pants!” Hard to argue with that.

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Soak Up The Manuel Antonio High Vibes

Epic Living logoBy Amber Zuckswert

What is it about Manuel Antonio that’s so special? Why do thousands of Costa Rican’s and tourists return again and again to this tiny tropical oasis every year? Perhaps it’s the monkeys swinging in the trees, or the warm rolling waves. Maybe it’s the countless adventures to be had, or the friendly smiling faces. No matter what you specifically enjoy most about Manuel Antonio, we all agree that magic is afoot. The soothing and grounding energy here is palpable. The high vibes rub off on you upon arrival. Below are just a few of the many ways I encourage you immerse in the astounding beauty of Manuel Antonio.

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Living Through Contrasts

By Todd Pequeen

Every year I return to the United States for a month or two to check my head. I’ve lived out of the U.S.A. for a little less than half my life now (although not all in C.R.). I don’t experience the States as a foreigner would, nor have I ever been a flag flying patriot. In my eyes nobody chooses where they were born (nor where they die) and it is solely luck if we happen to be birthed in the USA or Costa Rica. Fate could have easily handed out Afghanistan, Somalia, or North Korea. It is what we do with our life that is important, not where we are from. I have the fortune of being born on a border town too. Buffalo, N.Y. and Fort Erie, Ontario are only 15 football fields away, across the mighty Niagara River. To this day my family owns a little wooden cottage in Canada (that was my Grandparents) yet I go to Buffalo to visit relatives, friends, and massage clients sometimes every day. I like to see myself as a cultural professional. One day I can be hanging out with my Tico surfer beach buddies smoking herb on the beach in Central America; two days later I am at an upper class suburban, conservative, white picket fence party rooting for the Washington Redskins in Northern V.A. Contrasts make me feel alive. I love to be around people that are not like me. Just last week I was shooting a legal semi-automatic assault rifle with my best friend (who is an IFBB pro bodybuilder) at his country cabin, next week I will be at my wife’s parents’ remodeled 1950’s diner in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I imagine the conversation will be targeted around them praying for our safety as we head to South East Asia for a retreat a few weeks later. How I love travel, people, and seeing the world from different angles. Variety and uncomfortable circumstances are what I live for, I can’t get enough.

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That’s Fishin’- November 2015

Sarah fishingBy Sarah Munro

Can you feel it?  It’s coming. Not winter. The Fish. Actually, thanks to El Niño, the waters have stayed unseasonably warm and the bite has been good year round. Not the world=record-breaking kind of bite that we have during dry season, but there are plenty of fish out there right now.

I went out with friends at Gran Gallo Sportfishing this past month on a bottom hunting trip for snapper, grouper, runners, and amberjack. Lucky for us, we had some awesome co-ordinates from our Captain, Merlin, and we struck fish gold most of the day. Well, Merlin, Jim and Gerrardo did. I can’t remember when I lost so many fish off the bottom. The guys can’t remember laughing so hard at my attitude when I lost fish. It was very, very, hard seeing lines bite and fish brought in all around me and, well, I was just feeding the fish. It’s funny how sometimes your luck can change when you talk to the Fish Gods. I got to the point where I knew that I had done something to upset them, so I poured my beer into the ocean to give them a drink as I made my apologies and prayers to them. The mate grabbed me some fresh hunks of meat for my hook and down down down went my line to the bottom of the ocean. (Not too deep, we were mostly at 2-300 feet.) I felt it hit the bottom, I flicked it up and found my tension and lo and behold!!! The Fish Gods had listened! Right away I knew that this was a big one and I was in for a fight. He ran, straight for some rocks and my friends were yelling ‘keep him up Sarah, he’s running for the rocks.  You don’t keep him up he’s gonna break that line’. Of course, there is a fine line here in fishing. If you put too much tension and reeling in at the same time, you will pull the hook right out of the fishes mouth or snap the line. Keep it loose and the fish runs or spits the hook. Lucky again for me this was a big fish. I put my all into it and pulled up and worked that reel hard on the way down. Sweat was pouring down my face, my knees braced on the back of the boat, back and hips working the fish to the surface. The Fish Gods had answered, but I needed to show my worth and bring this fish in. This fish was tough and smart, but on this day I was smarter. He fought hard, taking the line out more than once, but I managed to boat a 25lb Amberjack in under 10 minutes with no help from the boat—other than the good advice—which is indeed priceless now as I will always remember that fight, that conversation with the Fish Gods, that day of fishing.

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John and dogsThe time has come for me to begin a new chapter in my ‘Book of Life’. In January I will be returning to the US permanently due to family needs.

In 2011 PAWS Board members Valerie Phillips, Jan Blackwell, Pat Cheek, Holly Myers and Sandy Franz asked me, ‘Would you consider becoming a member of the PAWS Board of Directors?’

‘Sure, I’d be honored to join the PAWS Board’, I said. It didn’t take too much thought. I am an ardent animal lover and had been volunteering with the group. I always want to give back to the community in which I live and being retired I’ve had plenty of time to do so.

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Diary of a Sloth Nanny

The Sloth InstituteHello, this is Jill (the sloth nanny), reporting from the sloth nursery at KSTR where The Sloth Institute is working in collaboration with KSTR to raise its baby-orphaned sloths. I’ve been volunteering here for about a month, working night and day to take care of the eleven sloths currently in rehab. Sloths have seen a popularity explosion thanks to some viral internet videos, but few people realize that it takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication to raise and release them back to the wild.

My daily routine starts at 7 am with hand-feeding all of the baby sloths. Eight of the eleven sloths are less than a year old and need frequent feedings and monitoring. Most things are slow with sloths, including their ability to drink the milk from the syringes. The feedings take patience, as hand-feeding all of the babies can be an almost two hour event. All together, there are four milk feedings per day, with one of those being overnight. This changes if we receive an infant sloth. They need feedings every two hours, around the clock. Between the late nursery feedings, I leave to take care of the two adult sloths, Ellen and Kermie, that are to be released this year. They are nocturnal two-toed sloths so each evening we hang fresh leaves and vegetables around their enclosure for them to find.

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A Goldfinch in Our Midst

The Goldfinch book coverBy Jim Parisi

Theo Decker is a thirteen-year old New York kid whose father left his mother and him a year earlier. It’s probably for the best, since his dad drank too much so he and his mom had to regularly navigate between his binges and his hangovers. They are in the New York Museum of Modern Art when an explosion rips the building and Theo’s life apart at the same time. His mother, just a hundred feet away, is killed immediately. Amidst the rubble, the dust, the fire and live electric wires, Theo crawls toward an opening, escape. He is given a ring by a dying man, along with instructions about where to deliver it. Theo also takes a small painting by an obscure Dutch painter, Fabritius. His intent is to save the painting from destruction. The painting is titled “The Goldfinch”, which is also the title of the new novel by Donna Tartt.

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There’s More to Panama

Colonial church in AntónBy Rebecca Reiber info@VillaAstoria.org

Need to make a residency run to Panama or just want a change of scenery?  There’s much more to Panama than the towns that border Costa Rica, David and Bocas.  Why not take a leisurely ride along the inter-american highway to the town of Antón and experience more of Panama?  Just past Penonome, Antón is situated in the plains just minutes from mountains and beaches, about five hours from Paso Canoas.

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