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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – September/October 2011

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

virgoVIRGO – August 23-September 22

Jake Gyllenhall continues to be your lucky Hollywood megastar this month, especially when you are trekking through the cold glacial climes and you need to take off your top to walk through freezing water and there is no TV crew to film it all. Machismo like that is rare! And there is no money to be made out of it!


libraLIBRA – September 23-October 22

Beware of small difficult to control mouth vomits around 1pm on the 18th of this month. Your destiny is like the most difficult last 2 degrees of a situp. Also, Neptune has left you a message somewhere on the History channel on the 7th.


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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September-October 2011

Cover September-October, 2011 photo by Jim PhillipsBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful corner of Costa Rica –we will have rain during the 2 months this issue covers, the question is how much, but we hope you will still have enough sunshine to enjoy—it is what makes the rainforest green….we have things for you to do…like the Sept. 15th Independence Day Parade– always fun and colorful to watch – usually starts around 10 or 11am in Quepos- bands, floats… everything a parade needs and a proud day for Costa Ricans to celebrate………….the 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off takes place at La Hacienda Restaurant on Oct. 1st—if you want to enter call them by the 28th of Sept………or just come out for a taste of some great chili and laughs………..it’s also NFL Football ….you will be able to watch your favorite team in many locations around town…this is the time of year that many of our wonderful restaurants close to allow their employees vacation so it’s a good idea to check before you go……..our colorful cover shot was sent in by our own Jim Phillips of MA – we think it will brighten our days for the next couple of months – great shot – thanks Jim!  Please tell our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia and keep checking us out here, even when you’re not in Costa Rica… Don’t forget Halloween as there is usually a party or two – often complete with costumes…..“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about dancing in the rain”………………..ciao for now……………….P

Refreshing Cold Soups: Beet Borscht

By Bill Dwyer

What could be more fitting for a hot climate like ours than flavorful cold soups? They make a great accompaniment to a sandwich for a light meal, or a nice change from fruit drinks as a refreshing snack.  Over the next few months I’ll be presenting three classic cold soups: vichyssoise from France via USA, gazpacho from Spain and Latin America, and this month’s recipe, beet borscht, from central Europe.

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Craniosacral Therapy with Babies and Children

By Evelina Bolognini 

One of Craniosacral therapy’s most frequently appreciated qualities is its capacity to rapidly resolve some problems that babies have. To find out more, the best way is to talk with people who have already brought their child to a Craniosacral therapist. Some of the difficulties that babies can have are due to the compression the baby undergoes during birth. Parents are frequently relieved and amazed by the improvements resulting from Craniosacral sessions.
Holis Wellness Center

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ParandaBy Jim Parisi

Nearly all music is a melting pot, a new image of its influences and predecessors. In Central America, Garifuna music is unique in that it is a blend of African and indigenous music without any influence from the European cultures that became dominant in all the Americas. The offspring of the indigenous Awarak tribe and African slaves who survived from two sinking slave ships, the Garifuna have always preferred an isolated existence. As these people enter the Twenty-first Century and near extinction, Ivan Duran and Stonetree Records in Belize have undergone painstaking labors to at least preserve the music by recording it. Likewise, a spin-off of Garifuna music came into existence around the middle of the seventeenth century when Spanish guitar and musical styles lent themselves as a variation on Garifuna music, and a style called Paranda was born.
Jaime Peligro Books and Music
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Celebrating Our Essential Companions of Our Planet

hibiscusBy Donna Porter

Over numerous decades and generations, the world renowned song “Imagine” by John Lennon has touched the hearts of billions of people and made us all contemplate, at some time, living in a world united in peace – a oneness.  His lyrics have inspired us to imagine a world without a heaven, a world without countries, a world without religion, without possessions, a world without a need for greed or hunger. These were, and still remain, very thought provoking and profound words to encourage world peace.  But, sadly enough, here in the year 2011, these things are still so hard to imagine. Wars continue to rage around the world as does greed and hunger. John Lennon wrote these lyrics in the 1970’s – the era of the peace movement that was born due to the Vietnam War.

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Tico Talk – Agosto 2011

Repaso general

Debe dar la forma adecuada del verbo entre paréntesis en función del contexto en el espacio en blanco. Para el subjuntivo pasado, el uso de las formas terminadas en-ra. Poner una sola respuesta en cada espacio en blanco.

  1. ¡Qué partido de fútbol más horrible! ¡Nuestros jugadores jugaron como idiotas! Ojalá que ellos ____________________ (jugar) mejor ayer.
  2. El sol siempre se ____________________ (poner) en el oeste.
  3. Sí, pero ____________________ (decir) la verdad, uno no se mete en líos innecesarios.
  4. —No ____________________ (matar: tú)— dice la Biblia.
  5. Hombre, la hora se nos escapa. ____________________ (ir; nosotros) de prisa.
  6. No he visto a María hoy y debe estar aquí ahora. Ojalá que se ____________________ (despertar) a tiempo.
  7. En el año 2100 ____________________ (haber) paz entre los países del mundo.
  8. Estoy muy alegre. Yo ando ____________________ (cantar) por todas partes.
  9. ¡Que nadie me ____________________ (despertar) temprano mañana!
  10.  Ojalá que ____________________ (tener) más dinero; no necesitaría un préstamo para pagar la matrícula.
  11. Sí, ____________________ (hablar) español es importante.
  12. De ____________________ (llegar) a tiempo, podríamos ayudarla más.
  13. El avión ____________________ (haber) de partir a las 11:30 pero ya son las 12 y no ha partido todavía.
  14. No puedo ir contigo ahora; yo estoy ____________________ (leer) mis lecciones.
  15. ¡Sí, yo __________________ (tener) mucho miedo ayer cuando vi el cocodrilo en la calle!
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Turtle Season, 2011

Returning to the Sea

Returning to the Sea

By Jack Ewing

The date was October 16, 2008, the time 4:30 PM. Steve and Peggy Sue watched as the bulky form emerged from the shallow waves and began dragging itself up on the moist sand of Barú Beach. It was a strange sight to behold, especially in the afternoon. Olive Ridley Marine Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) don’t normally come out of the sea and lay their eggs during daylight hours. In fact, they normally steer clear of the moonlight, only appearing on the beach when the night is pitch black. But here she was, in all her glory, awkwardly pulling herself up the beach with flippers that looked better suited for maneuvering around in the sea than dragging a hundred pounds of dead weight across the sand. When she reached a point where thousands of years of accumulated instinct told her that the beach looked right, the female began to dig with paddle-like rear flippers. The digging continued until she could reach no deeper. After positioning her backside over the hole  she began to expel the flexible, white, leathery spheres shrouded in thick mucous, each about the size and shape of a golf ball. The eggs plopped into the hole one by one until no more remained inside the reptile. The female began scooping the sand back into the hole covering the precious eggs that would assure the future of her species. She positioned her hard bony underplate, over the mound of sand and, using her flippers, raised her heavy body into the air and quickly let it fall with a resounding thud, repeating the process until the nest was firmly packed. Near exhaustion, the female Olive Ridley Turtle began her labored trek back to the water’s edge stopping frequently to rest until, at last, she was swallowed by the vastness of the sea. Noticing the encroaching darkness, Steve glanced at his watch. The time was 5:30 PM. “We’d better get back to the lodge,” he said. “Nightfall comes quickly in the tropics.”

Hacienda Baru

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Top 5 List of Strange Things that Affect Your Pool Water

If you’re having water trouble and can’t figure it out, here are a few extraordinary things you might check:

  1. Don’t assume tap water is good water for a pool. The typical hardness in Phoenix tap water is as high as 1000ppm — 700ppm above the high end of the maximum concentration.
  2. The circulation time required to keep a pool clean and clear is normally 10 hours a day. This varies due to bather load, water temperature, wind, rain, sunlight and pool chemistry itself.
  3. Some pool chemicals actually contain minerals that can add to a calcium problem.
  4. There’s been plenty of talk and about removing phosphates from pool water. In truth, phosphates do not consume chlorine and do not combine with chlorine. Rather, Phosphates promote the growth of algae (the green, slippery stuff in a pool) which then consumes all the chlorine as the chlorine tries to destroy the algae. The net result is that you can be left with less than the desirable amount of chlorine in your pool.
  5. In a salt chlorinated pool, UV light will speed up the conversion of chlorine back to salt. A chlorine stabilizer (sort of like sun block) will dramatically slow down this conversion keeping more chlorine available for a longer time. Without this proper protection, the life span of the chlorine is greatly reduced.

Remember: Clear water doesn’t mean good water, but good water will be clear.

If you are not sure how to fully operate your pool system and would like a professional to show you how, call Costa Rica Pools we are here to help you.

Information provide by: Costa Rica Pools & Construction-located in Quepos-2777-1700 (across the street from the futball field next to Sansa) and in Uvita-2743-8200 (in the Dome Plaza across from Bridgestone),  costaricapools@hotmail.com


Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – August 2011

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

leoLEO – July 23- August 22

Blues harmonica playing has never been better starred than this month, especially in impromptu nights spent in police cells. Embrace “flowery” people with open arms.


virgoVIRGO – August 23-September 22

Beachwear is critically starred this month with a 40% chance of wardrobe malfunction when entering or getting out of swimming pools or the ocean until sunrise on the 26th.


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Bottom fishing

By Joshua Stewart.

June and July have been fantastic months for Sportfishing this year. First day of June, Ojaran III released 3 sails. Way to go!

For those who want to catch fish and dinner for sure, our recommendation is going bottom fishing. Ojaran III with Junior and Alex, caught 55 Red Snappers on June the 12th and 31 Red Snappers and 2 Cubera Snappers the next day. Going back to bottom fishing on the 14th, Ojaran II fished 27 Pargos and the Ojaran III 35 Pargos. Some rain, some darkness in the sky and even some rough tides but a lot of fish. Both Ojarans had 15 Yellow-fin Tuna on June and the first days of July. 26 Sailfish were released up to July the 9th and the best catch of the month, a nice 400lb Blue Marlin and a Dorado for the team “Junex” on the Ojaran III. More Dorados, Jacks, and Roosterfish around the month.

Contact Luna Tours Sportfishing at Hotel Best Western Kamuk lobby, downtown Quepos central. Book now Ojaran II, Ojaran III, Magic Moon and the Reel Deal (27 ft to 33ft) on full days or half day charters. We also arrange other boats for charter up to 46 ft. Contact us at 2777-0725 (office), 8869-4808 (24 hour cell) and visit our web site www.lunatours.net. And remember, good things come to those who bait.

Fishing Report

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2011

August 2011 CoverBienvenidos/ Welcome to Quepos & Manuel Antonio – or as we like to think of it – Paradise! We are happy that you have come for a visit and know that you will enjoy all that our area has to offer – you will find outstanding tours of all kinds and delicious food & drink – so partake of ALL…if you are thirsting for some great sangria drive up to Ronny’s Place & take in the awesome view – Ronny let us know that they just received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor! Please let our advertisers know that you found them in Quepolandia…we would like to congratulate Aguas Azules for  a successful Beach Clean Up in June  – the next is Aug. 28th at 9 am if you would like to help ………a big thanks to Lauren Lipton of Tallahassee for our cover shot….this is Lauren’s 2nd cover! ….send in your Best Shot and you may make the cover of Quepolandia……….Aug. 15th is Mother’s Day for Costa Rica – it’s a big holiday, as it should be, so if you’re a Mom and visiting you can celebrate too!……..that’s about it for this month – have a great time, stay dry and come back soon………you can also follow us here, where we welcome your comments……..ciao………..P

Giving in, not giving up



By Mark Goldstein

There’s a huge difference, right? As a yoga instructor, I can’t imagine that I would ever advise a student to give up, on the other hand, I whole heartedly encourage them to give in every once in a while.

This month we will be focusing on forward bends. In yoga, a forward bend can be seen as a pose of submission. Conversely, a pose like Warrior is seen as an aggressive posture. Both concepts are important aspects of life, but I imagine that many of us may have a harder problem with the submission aspect.

I think that I speak for many of us living here in Costa Rica as expats when I say that our expectations of how things can be done, are often met with challenges, that our usual way of going about achieving things here in Coat Rica can be a very different experience from what we have been used to most of our lives.
Playa Yoga

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A One-Colored Big “Small” Cat

Puma Concolor – photo by Alan Olander

Puma Concolor – photo by Alan Olander

Where have all the coatis gone?

By Jack Ewing

Gatun Lake was created when the Panama Canal was built. Before the area was flooded there was nothing but primary rainforest. Once the lake was full only the top of a mountain remained above water. Today that 15.6 square kilometers of forest covered mountain top is known as Barro Colorado Island, and it is one of the most intensively studied rainforests in the world. At some point scientists noticed that bird populations on the island were diminishing, and they endeavored to find out why. As it turned out, the root of the problem had to do with big cats. When the lake was flooded a few pumas and jaguars ended up on Barro Colorado. Since the island was too small to support even one large cat for any length of time they all eventually swam to shore. That’s when the birds started diminishing. Without pumas and jaguars to prey on the coatis and raccoons their populations increased rapidly. Both of these mammal species are omnivorous, both are semi arboreal, both are opportunistic predators, and they wreaked havoc on the nesting birds. As often happens when Mother Nature is allowed a free rein, the problem eventually solved itself. From time to time a large cat will swim to the island, stay and hunt until the prey base is thinned considerably, and swim back to the mainland. This keeps populations coatis and raccoons more or less under control.

Hacienda Baru

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Algae Problems in your Pool?

By Costa Rica Pools and Construction

Algae are single-celled plants that live in water. Following are conditions that may contribute to algae growth: High pH (over 7.6), low or no Free Chlorine residual, poor water circulation or short filter.

PROBLEM: Green algae is the most common type of algae. Usually floats freely in water but can grow on the surface as well.  It causes “pea soup” green water.

SOLUTION:  Adjust the pH of the water to 7.2 to 7.6 and be sure the Free Chlorine residual is 1-3 ppm.  Algae treatments will be much less effective if the pool cannot maintain a chlorine residual. Each algaecide has specific application information on the label. Read and follow label directions.

Use the following algaecides:

  • Tri- Coppercide from Costa Rica Pools

Success will be improved with proper brushing of the pool. Run the filter for 24-48 hours following treatment or until the water clears. Repeat treatment as necessary. Add Sparkling Blue water clarifier to help clear the water of dead algae and debris. Thereafter, make sure that the pH is 7.2 — 7.6 and that the Free Chlorine residual between 1-3 ppm is maintained.

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