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Kids Saving The Rainforest – August 2016

Lexi at KSTRBy Lexi Baca
Spokesperson for KSTR (age 12)

Two years ago, my family and I moved to Costa Rica from California. We were ignorant. Foolish. Selfish. Just like many of the people here for the first time. We went for kayak rides, and following advice from our tour guides we reached out eagerly with a piece of fruit in our hands, waiting for the monkeys to come down and grasp it in their tiny paws. We were unaware of the fact that it’s harmful for many reasons to feed wild animals, both to humans and the animals. We didn’t appreciate our flora, pulling at its leaves and trampling it with our sandal-clad feet. Most of all, we let things happen. We watched, but did not know what to do about it. Until we met someone who did.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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That’s Fishin’ – August 2016

51 lb World Record Snook on a 15 lb line

51 lb World Record Snook on a 15 lb line

By Sarah Munro

Sometimes awesomeness just happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. Take this for example—I’ve booked inshore fishing with Roy Zapata (local/international fishing legend), and always knew in the back of my head that it was possible to catch a world record fish. Why not, as Roy has brought in world record fish before. And when he was chartered in my tournament last year, it was Roy that took Papa to ‘the spot’ and brought in a 77 lb grouper, the tournament winner. Roy is indeed a legend. I’ve had my fair share of fish when I go out with him—last time we had 8 different species of fish in one day. No world record, but just try and go and do that yourself. It’s one thing to write it, it’s quite another thing to do it.

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10 Simple Things to Make you Happier at Home

Happiness is always an inside jobBy Shelagh Duncan

I know, we tell ourselves “We live in paradise—what’s there not to be happy about? The resulting guilt because we don’t feel happy can just make things worse.

If you believe that our homes are an extension of who we are, we have somewhere to start. But if we are not happy in ourselves, how can we be happy at home? Perhaps we can change this up, and make our home a happier place to be so we, in turn will feel happier. Can this be possible?

What we do within the space we call home—both inside and out—shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life. The colours we paint our walls, the textures of the fabric we use and even the artwork on our walls can all influence how we feel. But without redoing our interior design and buying all new furniture what other options are there?

Royal Palm Interiors

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Twice-in-a-Lifetime Experiences



The Best Job Ever

By Jack Ewing

“The biggest caiman in the swamp always takes possession of the pool that surrounds the area where the cattle egrets nest,” I told the guests. “Whenever a clumsy egret chick falls in the water he grabs it.”

We had been observing a nesting site with hundreds of cattle egrets. It was nesting season and the small island of woody shrubs was full of egrets. It was located in a large open pool in a mangrove estuary. The egrets loved it because predators like raccoons, and coatis wouldn’t cross the water to get to the nests. I assumed they were afraid of the caimans.

Hacienda Baru

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Spanish Sucks by Os¡Hola amigos!  ¿How are you guys doing?  ¿Did you watch the five previous videos?  I hope you did!

This month, I am gonna share with you more of the links of some of the most inspirational TED Talks I have watched about learning languages.

T.E.D. logoSome of them have influenced me and/or my methodology of teaching, some of them (quite my favorite ones) have changed my point of view about learning languages and/or why to learn languages and even better some of them influenced my point of view about life, traveling and being a human…

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TCA celebrated Dia del Arbol with Hogar de Ancianos

Hogar de AncianosOn Friday June 17, TCA celebrated Dia del Arbol, (National Tree Day) by organizing a tree planting with 6th grade students from the Naranjito Elementary School at the future site of the Hogar de Ancianos. The Elderly Care Hogar of Quepos is relocating from its current site in Paquita to a new site located at the entrance to the small community of Naranjito about 15 minutes from Quepos. The 2 acre lot was generously donated by Lic. Manuel Solano, however the costs of the necessary infrastructure such as road entrance, electric and water connections have been raised by the Homes’s administrative Association from public and private donations. Building plans and permits are almost fully completed and construction is due to begin in later this year. Part of the property has been set aside as a “Green Reserve Area” with a short walking trail along the stream that runs through the property.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela? – August 2016

By Scott Cutter

So much for a quiet and uneventful green season! The environment here at Marina Pez Vela just keeps getting more dynamic and the combination of the summer travel season and the events here at the project, there is never a dull moment. We want to thank everyone who came out to join us in our July 4th celebrations and hope that all of you, locals and visitors alike will stay tuned for our upcoming events and continue to form a part of the community and family at the project. August promises more fun and celebrations and here is an update of some important activities and happenings at the project.


August 15th is Mothers Day here in Costa Rica so do not wait to make your reservations at any of the restaurants here at Marina Pez Vela. There is no more beautiful setting in which to treat your mother to a special dinner, beautiful environment to celebrate all they have and continue to do for us and space at the Marina is going to go fast. Z Gasto Bar, Runaway Grill, Mercato del Porto, Gabriellas Steak and Seafood, Sunrice and Falafel Bar are all here to make an unforgettable experience for your mothers and of course the decadent Gelateria Amorosi for those with the sweet tooth!

Marina Pez Vela logo

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2016

August 2016 coverBienvenidos…Welcome to our piece of paradise. We are sure you will have a great time. There are so many wonderful things Costa Rica has to offer and we have them all right here. Amazing beaches to stroll or fly with Aquas Azules Parasailing. World class sport fishing and a fleet of boats waiting for you at Marina Pez Vela. Congratulations to Roy Zapatao for your world record 51 lb. Snook.  (see article pg. 44).  We have   tours from skydiving (Skydive Costa Rica) to scuba diving and everything in between. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the nature and wildlife on a mangrove tour or for a little more adrenaline try white water rafting ( Quepoa Expeditions). Our mangroves and rivers are as magical as our coastline. To experience the jungle canopy there is nothing like ziplining ( TiTi Canopy tours). Or the first of its kind EcoTram at Hacienda Baru( tell Jack we sent you). August is whale season so while you are enjoying a cocktail at our many restaurants with a view pay attention to the coast you never know when a family of Humpbacks will go swimming by.

We want to welcome the ISA Surf World Championships to Jaco August   The Costa Rican surf team will be defending their World Title which they won in Nicaragua in 2015. The surfing will be world class as well as the destination, what better way to defend the title then to have home field(ocean) advantage. So lets go out and support the CR surf team to another World Championship. Thank you Paul for the amazing cover. VIVA COSTA RICA!!!

We would also like to wish all you mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. We would not be here if not for you. So don’t make mom cook take advantage of our incredible selection of restaurants. She probably would not mind a massage or mani pedi either.

I would also like to welcome our new advertisers Tico Pod Art Gallery, Coral Yacht Adventures, Monkey Ride and The Kayak Lodge.

We hope you enjoy our magazine and it helps guide you through this enchanting paradise we call home. You can always follow us here or on facebook. We appreciate and welcome your comments. Again Good Luck to the Costa Rica Surf Team…

Peace and Enjoy……D




National Parks of Costa Rica by Gregory Basco and Robin Kazmier

National Parks of Costa Rica coverBy Gary Garrett

When Costa Rica’s first national park was created in 1971 ( Poas Volcano National Park), the country’s deforestation was at an all-time high. In point of fact, even during the 1980’s, Costa Rica was losing its forest cover at a rate higher than any country in the western hemisphere. With international attention focused on Brazil’s disappearing rainforests, the disaster in Costa Rica went largely unnoticed. In 1950, for example, 90% of the of the country was covered in forest. By 1990 that figure was 25%.

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Meet Our Landowner Sponsors

During the 15th anniversary year of the Titi Conservation Alliance (TCA), we feel it is important to recognize the many people and organizations who have supported our projects over the years. From the founding members who legally created the organization to the staff and volunteers, all have had an important impact on improving the habitat of the Titis (and other species as well). This month we would like to especially recognize the landowners who have given their approval to allow us to plant and maintain trees on their property. Many people do not realize that not only do the sponsors “give up” some land but also incur significant out of pocket expenses such as fencing, weeding, and fertilizer so that the young trees can survive the critical first 3 years after planting.

Titi Conservation Alliance

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Spanish Sucks by Os¡Hola amigos!  ¿How are you guys doing?  With this issue I am accomplishing my article number 50!!!!!  I remember when I said to myself:  “When I accomplish fifty articles I am gonna write an e-book”.  Well, it’s on my list now…

50th lesson!Today, I am gonna share with you some of the links of some of the most inspirational TED Talks I have watched about learning languages.

Some of them have influenced me and/or my methodology of teaching, some of them (quite my favorite ones) have changed my point of view about learning languages and/or why to learn languages.  ANY LANGUAGE.

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That’s Fishin’ – July 2016

Fishing on the Good Day

Fishing on the Good Day

By Sarah Munro

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is the promised land of fishing. I remember my first few trips to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I was always disappointed. Where was the green? Where was the epic bite that we heard of? Through a friend, I found the right spot and changed my plans to come here, 4 years ago. Of course my first trip included days on the water, and that’s all it took. Three months later, I had moved here. People always ask, why did you move here? The answer is always the same—for the fishing.

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Design Wise – July 2016

Lighting by Shelagh Duncan

“Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form, or texture.”  Thomas E. Farin – educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur

Dining roomLighting is such an important part of our lives, and one we take for granted most of the time. For me, I love lighting fixtures. They are like jewellery for the home!

Visually, light fixtures can add style to your home, and in practical terms the lighting you choose can effectively alter the mood or ambience of a room.

We have many lighting choices available that will add that special something to a room, and make it feel complete. Lighting options range from the edgy Industrial style, to sleek Modern and Contemporary styles, and from Rustic fixtures to the latest On-Trend designs.
Royal Palm Interiors

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Quite the Contrary

By Todd Pequeen

I expand my possibilities in life by cultivating the opposite in myself. When I was young I did not have much choice. As an adult I do, and so I use my free will to be the antagonist from within. I understand that no matter how correct I think my decisions are, or how black and white a situation seems, there are always shades of grey or layers of circumstance that I may be unaware of. This requires humility beyond the four decades of lessons I have learned. A set frame of mind can be my own worst enemy. Cultivating the opposite moves my life towards the pursuit of liberation. Freedom from all lesser pursuits (that often revolve around money, food, sex, and power) can be greatly empowering. The value of seeking change and enlightenment enriches my days beyond what I have previously dreamed.

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Fiddlin’ Around – July 2016


By Nancy Buchan

Rarely are health issues or our physical or mental well-being topics for songwriters or poets. We all know that life isn’t fair, that there is no justice in the world, and as Jim Morrison said, “No one here gets out alive!” Well, I did know a lawyer once who named his golden retriever ‘Justice’, just so he could feel like he had some in his life I guess. And why is it folks are always saying they’re sick as a dog? Even Aerosmith has a rocker with that title, though I’m not real sure what they’re singing about. “Sick as a dog, what’s your story? Sick as a dog, umm, cat got your tongue? Sick as a dog, you’ll be sorry—Sick as a dog, cause you really ain’t that young.” But most of the time songwriters stay clear of those gloomy and dire medical themes, universal though they may be. Of course there are always tasteless exceptions, like ACDC’s song The Jack, where they are really talking about getting the clap, or Joe Jackson’s blunt song Everything Gives You Cancer. Ted Nugent, who is often inappropriate, has a song called Cat Scratch Fever, Led Zeppelin put out a song in 1975 called Sick Again, and Van Halen sang Somebody Get Me a Doctor. New Orleans R & B artist Huey ‘piano’ Smith wrote a rollicking catchy tune called Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu in 1957, which was later a hit for Johnny Rivers. “I wanna jump but I’m afraid I’ll fall—I wanna holler but the joint’s too small. Young man’s rhythm’s got a hold of me too—I got the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu”. 

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