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Potty Time – August 2010

Potty Time

Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – August 2010

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

leoLEO – July 23- August 22

Those born in “Leo” have a tendency to find themselves in trouble, they are as corruptible and they are powerful, and will seek to gain an advantage in any way possible, either in business(loan sharking) or love(a relationship between 2 people) Good month to waste your life watching television.


virgoVIRGO – August 23-September 22

More fun with twine this month, and do remember to hold your pinkie finger up when drinking tea. In this world you have a choice between being clever and being pleasant…I suggest pleasant.


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The Monkey Bridges Are Up Again!

Titi-on-Monkey-bridgeBy Adriana Quesada, Manager of KSTR

As most of you know, a huge storm hit the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area in June, downing thousands of trees and branches, which in turn destroyed numerous monkey bridges.

The KSTR Monkey Bridge Crew went out several times to evaluate the damages, and found that a total of 32 bridges were affected by the storm, some of them partially damaged and many of them completely destroyed.Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2010

Bienvendio/Welcome -We are happy to have you visiting our corner of Paradise and reading Quepolandia . This is our “Green Season” so watch out for those afternoon showers as they can sometimes be quite heavy…..but even with a little rain you are sure to still have a great time…remember the insect repellent as we do have a few mosquitoes flying about – it also helps to take extra Vit B…………..Aug. 15th is Costa Rica’s Mother’s Day and it is a big event (as it should be!) so if you’re a Mom  from somewhere else– go ahead and celebrate twice this year – some of the restaurants are sure to have a special menu on that day…. ….speaking of Mother’s Day…we thought this great cover photo of Mono Titi “Moms” and their little ones was very fitting….thanks to Joshua Horn that snapped this shot while visiting in Manuel Antonio at Jungle Creek Vacation Rental …….now the World Cup has come to an end – we trade “futbol” for “football” but you don’t have to worry – if you need a sports fix you’ll find big screen TV’s at several drinking establishments in town….whatever you choose to do….have fun, stay dry – be safe and come back soon…….ciao….P

Party, Latin Style

Latin PartyBy Jim Parisi

When it comes to parties, no one does it better than people of the Latin culture. Spirits are high and conversations are animated, but best of all, the food is always delectable and the music upbeat and very danceable. None of these factors has was lost on Putumayo Music when they released their new album, appropriately titled “Latin Party”, a compilation of twelve modern, up-tempo songs from a varied reach of Latin regions and influences. Latin people are very proud of their heritage and I think this CD demonstrates how new musicians pay homage to their musical Latino roots, while putting their own spin on it.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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Through Angel Villareal Bogarin’s hard work, initiative and leadership, the community of Matapalo has been strengthened in social infrastructure as he has inspired change and others to action. His participation as a community leader and his involvement with the Bandera Azul program, ASANA, as well as a liason for the Matapalo Beach Lifeguards has served as a grand example to other local Costaricans on the importance of being active community participants. His example has also shown the important role the private sector can indeed play to acheive stronger more united multi cultural communitities.

For first time readers to Making a Difference, here are the 4 principal and governing factors which allow our multi cultural community to become engaged.

1. Inspire Change.

2. Build Community.

3. Facilitate action.

4. Strengthen Engagement.

Here below ANGEL shares with us his current participation in community affairs.

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How Our Towns and Villages Got Their Names

Dominical-1868By Jack Ewing

The origins of the names of places are sometimes obvious and sometimes obscure. The stories of how the places in the south central coastal region got their names are often interesting and tell us something about the area where we live.

Many places in Costa Rica were named by the church and our region is no exception. Examples of these are San Isidro, San Juan de Dios and San Josecito. A few villages already had local names when the church decided to give them the name of a saint. In these cases the inhabitants didn’t always embrace the new name.Hacienda Baru
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Rene’s Banana-Chocolate Chip Cake

One of my first, and best, jobs was at Daiter’s Creamery & Deli in Kensington Market in Toronto. Daiter’s was a family-owned Jewish dairy that made the top quality cottage cheese, sour cream, farmer’s cheese, cream cheese, & yogurt. The deli was a busy, raucous place that sold dozens of types of cheese, cured meats, lox, herring salads, bagels, fresh-baked breads, new pickles, matzo crackers, gefilte fish; an unending feast for all the senses, especially for a budding foodie like me. The place was staffed mostly by high-school and college students and overseen by the family matriarch, Rene Daiter, who, when she wasn’t managing the store, spent endless hours cooking for her family…and for us kids. Read More…

Jeannette Pérez

(in English)
JeannettePor Carol Vlassoff
Traducido por Rosa Arechederra

Desde el momento en que puso  el pie en el barco de pesca deportiva de su amigo, Jeannette Pérez se enamoró.  Estamos en su oficina en  el segundo piso de un edificio modesto de Quepos y señala con el brazo hacia la ventana principal con vista al malecón del Pacifico que esta exactamente al otro lado de la calle. “Eso es lo que más me gustó Pérez”, sonríe. “Nunca olvidaré mi primer pez vela. Fue la cosa más hermosa! ”

Jeannette Peréz de cincuenta años de edad también recuerda su primera impresión  de Quepos en 1989. Había estado viviendo en los Estados Unidos y volvió para  visitar a su madre en San José con sus dos hijos gemelos de diez años de edad, Manuel y Carlos.  Cuando  le ofrecieron el trabajo como gerente de “Sports Fishing Costa Rica “decidió echar un vistazo.

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Jeannette Pérez

(en Español)
Jeannetteby Carol Vlassoff

From the moment she set foot in her friend’s sports fishing boat, Jeannette Pérez fell in love. She sweeps an arm toward her front window, with a view of the Pacific waterfront, directly across the street from her second floor office in a modest Quepos building.  “That’s what I loved,” she smiles. “I will never forget my first sailfish. It was the most beautiful thing!”

Fifty year old Pérez also remembers her first taste of Quepos in1989. She had been living in the United States and returned to visit her mother in San José with her ten year old twin sons, Manuel and Carlos. When she was offered a job as manager of Sports Fishing Costa Rica she decided to take a look.

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Potty Time – July 2010

Potty Time

Fishing Report – July 2010

By Jerry Glover

Greetings from Sunny Costa Rica!

Fishing continues to be very good in our area. Sailfish and Mahi Mahi are being released daily, with Tuna still being boated. A few boats have reported Wahoo being boated, some in the 50lbs range. Rooster fish action is good, with 2 to 3 fish being released on our half day charters. Several have been 35# to 40#. Fishing in Quepos is always good year round. It’s always an adventure to spend the day enjoying the ocean and the many species of marine life in our area.

Don’t delay!!! For your fishing adventure contact Luna Tours Sport fishing. We own and operate 4 Sport fishing boats (28 ft to 33ft) and can also arrange others boats for charter up to 46ft for a half day or full day charters. Contact us at (506) 2777-0725 (office), (506) 8869-4808 (24 hour cell), visit our web site at www.lunatours.net

Hope to see you all this season! Good Luck fishing, Wherever You Are !

Fishing Report

Manuel Antonio Loses a Dear Friend

JoaquinFrom the mountain of San Ramon (best coffee in the world) to Manuel Antonio beach, Don King was the kindest + most honest + hardest working Tico soul I know, even on Guaro! Always ready to help and give us everything we needed. I shall never forget the last 5 years I spent there and the precious moments with him. At the end ,he almost gave me his computer, how generous he was, never asking anything in return. His great spirit will be with us forever and in my heart, I send him back the beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers he gave me 3 months ago for my birthday. ~Lucie Giroux

This is dedicated to Joaquin Jose Arroyo Chavez who passed away June 1 in Manuel Antonio. A beloved member of our community, most know him as Joaquin of Apartamento de Joaquin’s in Manuel Antonio. Joaquin dedicated his life and energy to that of service and helping others. His ENERGY and amazing smile was wonderful as he successfully housed and helped many many Gringos here. He will also be sadly missd by his family and many Tico friends and neighbors. A very special Costa Rican who touched our lives with much PURA VIDA(a pure life of love and laughter)…allowing us to know and experience why we all love Costa Rica…Joaquin will always be remembered and cherished in our hearts. Mucho Gracious Joaquin para todo… ~Katreena

A Functional Field Guide

Wildlife of Costa RicaBy Jim Parisi

Be suspicious when someone tells you that size doesn’t matter. On the contrary, when it comes to field guides, for example, the size of the book is a determining factor toward how well it will serve the customer. For example there are several beautiful coffee table books whose subject matter is the wildlife of Costa Rica. But I wouldn’t want to treat that book like a field guide, put it in my backpack and go into the jungle in search of its subject matter. Likewise, there are pocket guides that provide concise snapshots of the most common species of wildlife in Costa Rica, concise being the operative word. Pocket guides are handy but are limited and compact in their information as well.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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Por y Para

En esta edición continuaremos con las preposiciones, les presentaremos dos de las más usadas:


Las preposiciones por y para supone una de las mayores dificultades para la mayoría de los extranjeros ya que en muchos otros idiomas se utiliza la misma preposición para ambos casos.

En este artículo les vamos a ofrecer un pequeño resumen de las distintas funciones que tienen estas dos preposiciones.

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