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Retiring – Dos Locos Doors Close September 15


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Dos Locos exteriorI don’t know the exact date Dos Locos first opened in downtown Quepos, but the perfect location and atmosphere made it popular beyond belief—especially with gringos living in the area and visiting tourists. Dos Locos became the meeting place in Quepos…right in the middle of downtown and across from the bus station—and a place where you could enjoy some great food and refreshing libations. Possibly the main reason for its popularity was that lovely lady, Vera Jones who could almost always be seen sitting at the bar in the far right corner. She waved at folks in the buses as they were coming into town and she welcomed everyone with a big beautiful smile!

Vera She was also the person in the know…having the most information about everything going on and all the different places and activities in the area during a time when almost no information was available. And even after the advent of the internet, people would still go to her for information. She no doubt was very instrumental in helping me create the English language guide to the area, Quepolandia which just celebrated a 20 year anniversary in July.

While I’m happy that Vera will now have lots of free time for travel, tennis, family and friends’ visits, and many new adventures, I’m deeply saddened that there will no longer be that special place to meet old friends, make new friends, hear great local music and entertainment, eat some delicious Mexican food, have an ice cold beer, margarita or other drink and just enjoy the fellowship at the best meeting place in town… (and I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention, the best kitchen and wait staff). Adios Dos Locos…thanks for the wonderful memories that will be cherished forever!   Ana Lyons

Farewell Dos Locos—my “Cheers” bar where everyone knows your name, where friends became family. So many great times full of laughter, magical music moments, awesome Halloween parties and more…. too many times when we came together in great sadness at the loss of our friends. Always seeing Vera happy to welcome newcomers and tourists (wave at the bus as it passes!) alike and to offer help when needed. I will truly miss our chats at that bar but time moves on and change is always just a step behind so here’s to the new future! Enjoy yourself and keep hitting that tennis ball—no worries as I’ll still catch up with you to chat! Thanks for the memories dear friend.   Pat Cheek

Dos Locos—That cute little bar/restaurant on the corner in Quepos was our first and only hang out, for over 17 years. It was always the place to go. Friendly faces, Vera at her corner of the bar, large portioned plates, always cold beer, and the best location in town for people watching was the obvious draw. We met people, made great friends, played bridge on Tuesdays, celebrated holidays, and in time said too many goodbyes at memorials generously hosted by Vera and the girls.

I realized in time that the magic of Dos Locos was Vera. She fostered all of us as a new kind of family, building a community center that served food, beer, fun and interesting conversation.

Dos Locos was the heartbeat of Quepos. A hangout for fun loving people, without judgement.
All kinds of characters thrived in Dos Locos’ shade.

DL was also the best musical haunt around. That was no secret, or accident. Wednesday’s with Ben and the Howlers were always a rock’n’roll circus, and who doesn’t love a circus? Saturday’s with Lance, Letty, Jim and Niven, and so many others that came to be the Pura Vida Social Club was a family Saturday afternoon festival. Robbie, Ralph Simms, Ralph McDonald, Nancy, Jimmy C, Johnny Bench, Javier, Alvin, Terry, the player list goes on and on.

I feel like part of the family when I walk through those doors. It’s hard to imagine Quepos without Dos Locos, the heartbeat of Quepos. Love and miss you already.
Jack Wozniak

5 Responses to “Retiring – Dos Locos Doors Close September 15”

  1. Karen said:

    While not a regular, just can’t imagine Quepos without Dos Locos. Our kids loved to walk by when the bands were playing and dance a bit when younger.
    Wishing you the very best Vera !!

  2. Brenda said:

    I am so sorry to hear of this. We had the pleasure of visiting Dos Locos in Feb of 2018 and seeing Jimmy C and the boys play…fabulous bar…and the expats and staff were lovely. All good things come to an end…:(

  3. Mary Ann Connolly said:

    I will miss Dos Locos when I come to Costa Rica..it’s my 2nd home and they have the best staff..best food and the best bands to go and watch..I had the opportunity to meet Vera in 2011 and she welcomed my boys and myself with open arms..after my mom passed away in 2014 Vera and her amazing staff put on a great celebration for us to remember my mom..I never knew that she had so many wonderful friends when we celebrated in February 2014..when I look back at all the fun times I had at Dos Locos the fun and amazing memories will never go away…Good luck with retirement Vera and i hope u enjoy every minute of it…it will feel weird not going there next year to see you..hope to see u around Vera when I come there next February..xo

  4. Michael and Joy Vorkapic said:

    Congratulations Vera! It won’t be the same not seeing the opened doors of Dos Locos. Alot has changed over the years,but this was the one place that remain consistent.Thanks for the memories, enjoy your little town of Quepos!

  5. YADIRA SALAS said:

    I remember when my aunt worked at the City Hall (Alcadia) when it was in the adjacent corner building on the second floor. Many of my trips back to Quepos were great when we went to Dos Locos for a beer and a snack. Years have gone by, I am now retired and still saw it when I returned to visit. It will most definitely feel like something is missing. Sad to know that it will be gone when I go back. Good Bye and thank you for many years of joy.

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