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ukuleleBy Nancy Buchan

In the fine tradition of traveling minstrels, a lot of interesting looking folks with musical instruments have been passing through our little town of Dominical, locally known as Dysfunction Junction. Some of them linger for a while, playing at a bonfire on the beach, or blissed out dancing at the Envision Festival or boogying at Best Fest, or sharing an original song with the fascinated locals at the bus stop. Most guitar manufacturers now routinely offer backpacker instruments for the musical traveler who doesn’t want to be laden down, but they are often pricey and frankly are not really close to being able to cope with the jungle stuff here that assaults wood and glue and metal. So, the coolest choice of instrument must surely be the humble yet powerful ukulele. I’ve seen lots of them lately – they are small and lightweight, inexpensive yet pretty darned durable, and they have this infectious happy quality that just makes people smile. And the nylon strings don’t hurt your fingers!

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