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Baby Raccoons: Orphaned, Abandoned, or is the Mother Out Foraging to Feed the Babies?

By Sam Trull, Wildlife Vet Tech, Janine Licare, co-founder, & Jennifer Rice, President 

It is baby raccoon season!  We have recently gotten many calls about abandoned baby raccoons. If you have a raccoon in your roof or walls, please read this! 

Here are solutions on how to deal with raccoons:

Once you know how they’re getting in, find out if your unwanted guests happen to be a mother raccoon with young. If so, the best thing to do is wait a few weeks until the babies grow old enough to leave with their mother—they won’t survive without her.  (We have a mother and babies living in our roof and we have to wait until they are fully grown to shut the entrance they created in our roof.) 

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