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ASUQUE Torneo de Surf

Asociacion de Surfeadores Quepos - Torneo de Surf

Asociacion de Surfeadores Quepos – Torneo de Surf

By Georgia King  & photos by Ivan Castillo

If you were lucky enough to wander down the far north of the beach a few weekends ago, whether by chance or knowing what lay in wait, you would have had the chance to witness the Torneo de surf in Playitas Manuel Antonio-Quepos. On the 7,8,9 junio 2013 this tournament was presented for ASUQUE, Asociacion de surfeadores Quepos. 

ASUQE was the first surf association to exist here in Manuel Antonio. After a quiet period for a couple of years it is now organizing and running tournaments throughout the year in Manuel Antonio. 

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This last one was well attended with possibly more anticipation due to the fact that it was taking place during the tail end of a large swell that had hit the waters of Manuel Antonio. 

Waves over the weekend were frequently overhead and some entries into the water were proving to be tricky. Everyone pushed through and provided some fantastic demonstrations of surf and boogie board talent for the eager onlookers. Participants came from all parts of the country to compete and test their skills in the challenging waters off of Playitas beach. 


Yoga for Surfers

By Shelley Workman

As a responsible wife of a dedicated Surfer and Yoga instructor, this class for surfers has evolved.  Seeing my highly athletic husband and surfer starting to complain after his surf sessions of knee, back or other pains, I felt alarmed.  After talking to other long-time surfers and doing some research, I found these complaints to be common side-effects of many years of surfing.  We put our heads together and committed to many more years of injury free surfing.  From this “Yoga for Surfers” here in Manuel Antonio has evolved.

Yoga and surfing seem like such a natural fit.  Both demand from the body and mind extreme balance, endurance, acuity, stamina, and fluidity.  Our classes combine many disciplines of Yoga into a routine that targets surfing and its specific muscle groups.  We train to simultaneously achieve power, flexibility and balance.   This approach changes the way all parts of our body flow and work together.

Someone once said, “Surfing is like Yoga on the water. You engage your body, mind and spirit.”  Getting yourself into a routine is sometimes hard at first, but once you start to see your surfing improve, you will love every minute of your Yoga program.

The Yoga for Surfers´ class is to get you to spend ten minutes on the beach prepping for your session instead of 30 seconds doing a quick routine.   It’s guaranteed that you won’t cry about missing one set while you get your body ready to charge.  Join us every Wednesday 9:30am at Holis Spa.  Namaste, Shelley

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