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A Real-Life Superwoman

The Hardships, Tragedies, and Challenges of Women in Rural Costa Rica

Doña Porfiria

Doña Porfiria

 by Jack Ewing

How many women do you know in their early 60s who have given birth to thirteen children, most of them at home, and without the assistance of a mid-wife? Eleven of this woman’s children are still living and have, up until April 2013, given her 15 grandsons and 11 granddaughters, who in turn, have given her one great-granddaughter. In spite of having lived through years of hardship that most women can barely imagine Doña Porfiria Gómez carries her 64 years well. My impression was that of a mature, self-confident woman who looks upon her family as her reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and perseverance.

Hacienda Baru

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