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That’s Fishin’ – December 2014

Mahi mahiBy Sarah Munro

Fishing here in the waters off of Quepos is amazing. Year round you can go out and catch something. I can honestly say I have never been on a boat here that went out and didn’t catch a fish. And if you’re here, right now, in December, reading this article, know that you’re here during one of the best fishing months in the year. I went out in November for a half day, and we boated 12 mahi-mahi in 4 hours. Even better for me, I had never caught a mahi mahi before.


We were fishing in the trash line, where the current runs – so you see the green-blue water hit the deep blue water line, and on top of the current is all the debris pulled out by tides and storms. There really is no better place to stalk mahi-mahi.


mahi mahiWhen you go out with a charter, there’s usually a mate who will hook the fish for you. So keep in mind that this is super fun if you can operate the reel and hook the fish; mates will totally hog the rods, and you have to tell them, like I do, “This is my rod, touch it, and it’s overboard for you.” It’s one of my pet peeves.  Rod Hogging.


Anyways, back to the mahi-mahi. We hook up one and the mate is busy with it, and next thing I know, my line hits. I hit the reel to open, let the fish run about 15 seconds and then move the reel to strike and BAM!!! I hooked my very first mahi-mahi. There’s nothing like that feeling you know, you start to feel like a pro when you get sweet, sweet moments like that. However, if you read my last fishing article, you’ll also find some sweet fishing humiliation. It’s all the work of the Fish Gods.


After that first fish, our day continued to ROCK. We had lines in for a total of 4 hours, and brought in 12. We didn’t need any more fish than that, for sure, it fed 5 families that night, and we’ve still got some filets in our freezer. It’s important to remember when you’re fishing that this needs to be a renewable resource, the same as tourism. So finding a balance between tourism and staying green is difficult, but Costa Rica is trying hard to sustain both, and I’m more than willing to be a part of the solution.


sarah with mahi mahiThere’s unbelievable sea life out there right now, Whale Season has been just spectacular. On our way out that day to hunt mahi mahi, we saw pods of whales playing and jumping in the ocean. There’s nothing like seeing these giants play, and there’s nothing more humbling when one gets curious and surfaces next to your boat. Whales, turtles, dolphins, birds, fish, the list goes on and on as to what you’ll see out there. Every time I go out on the ocean, I see something new. And if you’re here for a short time, you cannot miss the ocean. It’s the most prolific part of Costa Rica – you experience her different when you look back to land on the horizon. To me, it’s like it finally gives you the perspective of where you really are in the world. One of the most beautiful, life-dense places on the planet, and we’re all lucky enough to experience it. So what are you waiting for?


The Sport Fishing and Tour Boat fleet here offers choices for all. You can go out in a traditional Tico Panga, Catamaran, Yacht, or even kayaks and paddleboards. If you’re looking for a referral, stop in to The Hawg ‘n’ Bill beachfront restaurant and ask for Sarah.


I’m looking forward to my next fishing adventure, the sailfish and marlin bite is moving back our way. The inshore action is picking up too, lots of roosterfish biting now, and I’m seeing lots of whole snapper coming in off the boats. Check back next month for the next installment of That’s Fishin’ in Quepolandia, or, read my next article online at quepolandia.com.


Till then, keep your lines tight friends.  I know I will.


Call Sarah direct: 8708 6152 or (2777 5350 for a message)

Need somewhere to cook your catch? Find Sarah and your fresh caught dinner at THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL, located directly on the front of Manuel Antonio Beach/Playa Espadilla. Feed your stomach and your soul! Live Music! Reservations 2777 5350. fb:  hawgnbill SEE OUR AD in QUEPOLANDIA!

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