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That’s Fishin’- February 2015

By Sarah Munro

True Fisherwoman

True Fisherwoman

I am definitely one of the luckiest women in the world. This article celebrates the last year of fishing here in Quepolandia. Off of the pier, the mangroves, Marina Pez Vela. You are in the Shangri-La of fishing. So……….when are you going?

Month after month is special here. As are the people. It’s what makes a great community, a great experience – a bucket list line crossed off. And remember, if you don’t see Costa Rica from the Sea, well, then you don’t really see it.


The people and experiences that have inspired me this year are many. Remember, it’s what it means to you; what it means to see the look on your child’s face or for that matter your Mom’s face when they hook a monster. There is nothing like experiencing Costa Rica from the water. As a matter of fact, you’ve missed the best part if you don’t.
Let me put it in perspective. I’m lucky. I love fishing and go as often as I can. (Which is not nearly often enough.) Once in awhile, you get a perfect day. Going in a big group can be iffy. Let’s just leave it at that.

Some of my favorite people to go fishing with are the Cofers. As you can see from the photo labeled a ‘True Fisherwoman’, Amanda takes her fishing seriously. And, as a team, they have earned serious respect amongst the international fishing community. (Winning does that.) Even better is a fun-day out with friends on their boat. Check out that first-timer sailfish ‘hooker’ from a fun-day this past year. I got to swim with a sailfish for the first time with them, and it honestly changed my life. There’s nothing like swimming with a giant. Especially when that 150 pound fish has a 5 foot sword on the end of it. SO awesome.

Best part is, there are plenty of boats and captains for every experience. The best advice I can give you is to ask questions about shade, licensing, and gear. Ask for a description of an average day. Talk to more than one Captain. When I say captain, I mean it. This isn’t the desk agent. How many of the people that sell tours actually fish or know the waters? Not many, so ask for the Captain, ask about the bite…… You’re here to fish after all.

Another must mention is Marina Pez Vela. For the 3rd year in a row, THE OFFSHORE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is returning to the hottest waters in the ocean. I was very excited to be a part of the event last year; there’s nothing like tournament fishing. Believe me, ask someone who fishes in tournaments. They won’t be able to quite describe it, but you’ll get the point. This years tournament is April 12-17th. Can’t wait, because it’s just going to be bigger and BETTER! Woot!

Winning Meat Fish OWC

Winning Meat Fish OWC

The photo of the mahi-mahi/dorado and fishing team is one of 4 teams from Trinidad; fishing that day on the SeaHawk. The fish in the photo was the winning ‘meat fish’ for the Offshore World Championship last year. How excellent! After the tournament was over, I went out with them inshore fishing, and I must say if there ever were ambassadors for fishing, these guys are it. FUN. CAMARADERIE, and above all, respect for the ocean. I am very much hoping that they’ve qualified for this years tournament.

Coming up soon is the Quepos Billfish Cup, a Qualifying tournament for the OWC (Offshore World Championship). February 4-7, 2015. The next few months are going to be nothing but EXCITING here.

A New Year, and a whole bunch of new days to go fishing – YAY. January through April is some of the best fishing of the year here in Quepolandia. The snook are here, however for the past couple of weeks, the baitfish (sardines) haven’t been here. Heard yesterday that the sardines are back, so you’ll find me in the whipping waves of Palo Seco catching my dinner. If the Marlin and Sailfish numbers are any indication from December and January; it confirms that you are DEFINITELY IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

I do advise caution for those of you first-timers headed out to hook your monster. Taking this one off of your bucket list can completely change your life. And may cause a very expensive new addiction.

My rod misses me, lol, I am going fishing next week with friends and totally looking forward to it. If you’d like some fishing advice, or want to swap fish stories, drop me a line.

I’ll be at The Hawg ‘n’ Bill. It’s the ONLY place in town that cooks your catch for free. You just pay for drinks. Pass the fish mojo. Keep your rod hand steady, ready and you’ll get the big one. Until then, I’m born to fish, and forced to work.

Call Sarah direct: 8708 6152 or (2777 5350 for a message)

Need somewhere to cook your catch? Find Sarah and your fresh caught dinner at THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL, located directly on the front of Manuel Antonio Beach/Playa Espadilla. Feed your stomach and your soul! Live Music! Reservations 2777 5350. fb:  hawgnbill SEE OUR AD in QUEPOLANDIA!

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