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That’s Fishin – January 2014

Sailfish action

Sailfish action

By Sarah Munro

If you’re a fisherman sitting reading this article, and it’s the first bit of January, you’re about to drop the magazine and run for the nearest boat. The fishing is WAILING this time of year, and you are definitely in one of the top 5 fishing destinations in the WORLD. Easily, bar none. The IGFA Offshore World Championships are held here, now two years in a row. And even better right now, the best eating fish, (according to me), snook are running right now. The best part for you, my friend is that the sport fishing fleet here in Quepos has specialists and boats for every kind of fishing in this area.

Inshore action is hot with Jack, Snapper, my tasty friend the Snook, and you never know what you’re going to find in the mangroves. Oh, and inshore just the other day there was a sea lion visiting, ready to pose for his shot. 

Prolific sea life

Prolific sea life

Offshore is just as tasty with Mahi-Mahi here, and the Tuna are starting to run, more numbers have posted in the past two weeks. Boats have posted up to 20 sailfish and 4-5 marlin a day this month as well; the average ranging 4 sails 1 Marlin. Crazy kinds of numbers.

Although I’m frustrated that I haven’t been out fishing enough myself, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a lifetime fisherman reel in his very first Sailfish. It’s awesome really, because there’s nothing that can really describe the feeling that you get when you feel the monster on the end of the line – for the very first time.

What's not to LOVE about fishing?

What’s not to LOVE about fishing?

The approach was fast, but within 45 seconds the 100+ lb fish was on the line. Dennis had his belt on fast, the rod in both hands, and the fight was on. These fish fight like no other, magnificent, defiant, and aggressive – check out the accompanying photos. It took 20 minutes, and the leaping, running, and anger had been fought out of the fish. Dennis definitely had the shakes, but the adrenalin worked and he had won the fight. Note the big-ass grin on his face.

There’s something more appealing than just the fishing on the waters off Quepos, Costa Rica. However, being a fisherman allows you to see and be a part of the most epic proliferation of life on earth. Seriously. Pods of dolphins can range up to the tens of thousands. Thousands are the usual. You wouldn’t think it, but thousands of birds follow baitfish, along with the dolphins. Sea turtles are also the norm, it’s not odd to see a hammerhead shark; especially if you’re doing some reef fishing. One day I saw 3 of them myself.

Eel action

Eel action

Back to my day of fishing – we tried our game at everything that day, we went out to our favorite reef and dropped line after we got our sail on the way there. 300 feet of line to drop is definitely a commitment to bring in. Especially since you’re dropping in the hopes of a 30 pound red snapper, or even better, an amberjack to smoke up. YUMMY. So, I dropped my line. I brought up a moray eel. Dropped my line again, brought up another one. Well, try again. Drop the line. Bring it up. Hello Mr. Eel, how are you? He’s twisted up in the line, eel react much like crocodiles when attacking their prey, with a death roll. So, this means when they come up, they need some care to get the line off their necks. After the 3rd time of this happening, no more reef fishing, lets head on to stalk some mahi mahi. We stalked, but no luck, we had some strikes but no hooks. It’s the way of the fish gods, and don’t I know it, because I said I was coming back with meat fish, and blood on my hands, but the only blood that was shed that day was mine. The fish gods saw fit to put a hook in my foot, and keep me in my place. Nobody fishes perfect all the time, and we all need those humbling kind of days to keep us sharp.

Dolphins swimming with the boat

Dolphins swimming with the boat

I am definitely heading out fishing again soon, but when I’m not fishing you can find me at THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL. (Playa Espadilla, south corner of road heading into MA National Park) I especially enjoy sharing/swapping fishing stories, and talking about the big one that got away. Make sure you stop in for one of our fish inspired drinks, and taste some that didn’t get away.

Until then folks, I’m hoping that you enjoyed the article and photos. If you’d like to see more, or perhaps like a referral to one of my preferred Captains, you can reach me at THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL, or directly at 8708 6152, email sarahjmunro@gmail.com. Enjoy the fishing, because I know I will be.

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area; who has been fishing since infancy. Rumor has it, Sarah gutted her first fish before she could ride a bike. It’s quite likely, that yes, one day the fish will come for her.

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Until then peeps, keep your sea legs swayin, and your rod hand ready!


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