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That’s Fishin’- March 2015

Team Tranquilo

Team Tranquilo

By Sarah Munro

Welcome to the Promised Land. Well, more correctly, the promised sea. The fishing here off of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is bar none, some of the best in the world. It attracts anglers of all types. Professionals, rookies, and bucket-list-crosser-off-ers. Consider me all of the above. Also consider me extremely lucky, for this past month, I’ve had some of the best fishing experiences of my life.

Firstly, if you’ve read my previous articles, you know about the boat Tranquilo. If you haven’t, Tranquilo is a 57’ Spencer Yacht, now registered for Sport Fishing Tours that has only previously been here as a competition tournament boat. So, lucky me being lucky me, I got to go out twice this month on Tranquilo, the first as a Photographer/Videographer during the first leg of the Los Suenos Triple Crown Tournament Series, and the second as a fun-day, breaking ‘billfish cherries’ per say.

I remember the first time I hooked a sailfish. It was unbelievable. For those of you who fish, you know what kind of fish you have on the end of the line when it bites. There’s really nothing that prepares you for the feel of a billfish if it’s your first one. It’s like understanding that there are monsters bigger than you, and you’ve just hooked one. Your heart beats faster, adrenalin starts pumping and you gotta stay cool.  Keep those lines tight! You start hoping he’s going to jump from the water – and he does. Now you want to bring him to the boat so bad it hurts – you can’t really tell how big he is that far out. You work, arms flexing, eyes on the line; keeping it taut and finally, just as the real burn starts to set in, the fish is close. The burn is unimportant now; you have to bring it in…..

Undisputed Fish Joy

Undisputed Fish Joy

So, if you have any question about just how much fun it is, check out the look on my friend Carmen’s face. She’s an experienced fisherman from Alberta, Canada, who came to visit this past February – and we were part of the Fun Day of fishing. It was fun for all of us; we hooked 16 sailfish and released 11. What was awesome on the day, was tagging Carmen’s fish as part of a research project by Gray Taxidermy. If you visit grayfishtagresearch.org, you can see the fish that are being tagged and followed as part of their research project. You get to name your fish and everything! So, look for ‘Sally’ on the interactive fish map, tag #GFR1848. If you’d like to be a part of the research project yourself, be sure to ask your charter boat Captain if they are participating – what a great souvenir – and a great project!

So, what’s it like being on a boat that’s competing in a tournament? You want to know what’s different? Everything and nothing. I awoke at 3:30 am to drive from Quepos to Marina Los Suenos in Herradura; the only thing difference was that I wasn’t fishing that day – that was up to Team Tranquilo. I was on board by 5:15, boat left the Marina at 6 sharp, and a 40 mile run to the fishing grounds had lines in the water at 8 am.

Anglers stay with their rod, fingers on the line, waiting for the most gentle of bites to take the hook. The atmosphere is tight for competition, but the love of fishing still shines through. Everyone has a place, a rhythm to take for when the fish bite, it’s likely in groups, and double and triple hook-ups are the norm. Check out the photo of Team Tranquilo working a triple hook-up, and waiting on the quad. Serious fishing, friends, serious fishing….

Top Lady Angler Amanda Cofer

Top Lady Angler Amanda Cofer

It’s the stuff that makes for fishing tales of no proportion; superstitions supersede bathroom breaks, and if you’re new on the boat, and/or the catch isn’t good for the day, expect not to be invited the next time. (It also helps to stay out of the way – being in the way of a competitive angler can end up a lengthy swim to shore) So stay real to the Fish-Gods.

So, hopefully now you have an understanding of the differences between a tournament day and a fun day on a boat. I’m betting that you want both experiences. Mostly because half of it won’t fit in this article, the other part is knowing that it’s a once in a lifetime experience for some of us – so therefore it’s something worth aspiring to.

In local fishing news, the Quepos Billfish Cup was held at Marina Pez Vela February 4th-7th and guess who won again this year?  Tranquilo, of course. Reigning Champions from last year’s tournament do it again this year! Amanda Cofer takes Top Lady Angler! Get your hands up in the air and let out a ‘Whoop! Whoop! Big Congratulations to The Cofers and Team Tranquilo. Please let us know if it was those Squidnation dredges that made the difference – and let Captain Victor know to get those test lures out for me next time!

And what’s next? Well, Leg II of the Presidential Challenge in Los Suenos runs the 25th-28th of February, which is past my deadline, so look for an update in the April issue of That’s Fishin. Mark these dates on your Calendar, the Offshore World Championship runs April 11th-17th from Marina Pez Vela. If you’ve been to the previous two held here, you know that this year’s event will be even more amazing.

So, this is the Promised Sea, as I stated earlier. So get out there and get Fishin!

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