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The Blues

Sometimes we find ourselves down in the dumps. It may be a day, a week, or even a month but we as humans are susceptible to periods of depression. The last two months in Costa Rica can play into this malaise….a lack of sunshine, heavy rains, and a slow work schedule can often heighten restlessness. Waters run deep with depression and it can be hard to put a finger on exactly what is going on internally if we are in this rut. Common signs are: poor sleep habits, self-abuse through drugs, alcohol, and even food, irritability, loss of excitement over once enjoyable activities, sadness, angry outbursts, slowed thinking and movements, fatigue and physical pains to name just a few. Sometimes it is a challenge to take a good hard look at oneself and to admit that there is something wrong. Once we do we can turn the battle into our favor. Michael Jackson said it best in his song Man in the Mirror. The lyrics state, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways.”

Freedom from ourselves in this downward spiral is possible. An easy, great way to start is by jotting down a quick list of short and long term goals. Posting them throughout your house will help begin a new mindfulness. Old, repetitive habits must change to produce results that are going to last. Another easy reversal technique is to get moving. Walking, picking up around the home, simply cleaning is a small step to help reverse feelings of isolation. With movement and exercise our brain chemically changes for the better. Get out in that beautiful warm ocean for a swim or a soak, the Pacific is a powerful asset in this community. Talking to someone, whether it is a family member or a random friend helps make your voice heard and can ease anxiety. Any animal owner knows that simple quality time with a dog or a cat can lift spirits. There is no shortage of animals in Costa Rica so get out there and seek one out. I have always found solace in writing down how I feel and why I feel that way….for those of you who aren’t writers try picking up an instrument or singing your favorite songs. Get that bad energy moving and get it out of you. Painting or building some abstract art can be another way to turn on your creative side. Pursuing healthier food options will help change the polluted body/mind into a healthier running machine as well. With extra time on our hands being attentive to frequent small healthy meals can boost our energy and get us going to the next great chapter in our lives. Surround yourself with people of energy, positivity, and action.

The worst position for a human body is sitting or lying on a couch all day. Get up, get moving. Slowly, tediously, we must change ourselves from the inside out as each day is a gift here on planet earth. Youtube can be a great asset when it comes to learning new ways of thinking or being. The saying “haters are gonna hate” is a classic example and reflection of a group of people not happy with themselves. Try not to be that as sometimes the hardest choice is deciding to love those around us. A mind concerned with judgement, negativity, cynicism, doubt, and other fear based reactions is a sure sign something is wrong. Let’s lift ourselves up and in doing so create a better space and community around ourselves. It can start today… like right now. With the new high season upon us I hope everyone out there is feeling self-motivated to end 2017 better than it started. The roller coaster of emotions we all feel is as natural as the changing of the seasons themselves. Help is all around us and hopefully we are healthy enough to give more than we take. It is worth taking the time to value the little things in life to be our best. Now more than ever can be a time of health, wellness, and sharing love to everyone around us. Make the effort, who knows how marvelous the results will be.

(Todd Pequeen can be reached at 8830-7727 or at tpequeen@yahoo.com. He was the first masseur in Manuel Antonio and has been providing deep, professional therapeutic massages since 2000. He has a charming home studio or works on location. His free time is spent reading, writing, surfing, and traveling.)

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