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The Sloth InstituteAn electrocuted 2-fingered sloth rescued by The Sloth Institute undergoes experimental acupuncture treatment, thanks to Rafiki Chiropractic Care. For humans and some domestic animals, acupuncture has commonly been used to treat a variety of health issues, from physical disabilities to neurological issues. In the special case of Dolly, an adult female 2-fingered sloth, an electrocution from a power line left her severely injured. Her left eye was damaged and her right arm had lost some of its mobility. The Sloth Institute came to the rescue and gave her immediate critical care.

Dolly receiving acupunctureFortunately, her eye healed and regained full functionality. But Dolly showed signs that she had lost some motor skills in her right arm. Acupuncture has successfully treated humans, dogs and cats. Could this treatment help sloths? Dr. Constant Boshoff, BSc D.C., who practices at Rafiki Chiropractic Care in Manuel Antonio, is willing to find out. He has generously donated several treatment sessions of acupuncture with electrical stimulation, which, according to Dr. Boshoff, “reinforces the acupuncture stimulation. We will see how she responds after six weeks.” Dr. Boshoff loves animals. “The little I can do is only a pleasure,” he added.

Follow Dolly’s story! Visit TheSlothInstitute.org or facebook.com/TheSlothInstitute and check out “Sloth Diaries.”


The Sloth Institute (TSI)’s mission is to enhance the welfare and conservation of sloths through research and education. TSI is located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. For more information please visit TheSlothInstitute.org or email us: info@theslothinstitute.org. If you see a sloth who needs help: CALL or WHATSAPP +506 87SLOTHS 7 5 6 8 4 7.

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