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Volunteers Wilberth Chacón, Daniel Marin Carmona, & Juan Pablo Aguero

TCA logoMarch is the hottest month of the year here in Manuel Antonio, so for this issue we want to introduce you to several very cool people who have worked for the Titi Conservation Alliance almost since its inception 16 years ago. Their dedication and enthusiasm for our conservation projects is truly inspiring!

Wilberth Chacon (l) & Daniel Marin Carmona (r)

Wilberth Chacon (l)
& Daniel Marin Carmona (r)

First is Sr. Wilberth Chacón. He has worked for our habitat reforestation program since 2003, performing tree planting, maintenance and other field tasks for the Naranjo River Biological Corridor. He’s as local as local can get. Born in Quepos county and having spent all his life in the area, Wilberth knows his way around nature as few people do here. Being a curious and hardworking man, Wilberth has taken courses related to Cacao Plantation Management and Exportation of Flowers. Over the years, he has been a key guide and assistant for the various monitoring studies performed by Titi Conservation Alliance and allies, helping with nursery set-up, GPS studies, follow-up of reforestation areas, etc. He´s also an active community leader and member of several different local development associations.

The second longstanding pillar of the Alliance is Sr. Daniel Marin Carmona. Daniel joined the Alliance in 2008, working especially on tree nurseries for our reforestation project near his home in Villa Nueva. He comes from a hardworking farm family from the community of Paso Real, who have now started a small ecotourist project on their property in Tocori with nature tours and visit to a beautiful waterfall. Daniel also works part time as a night watchmen at the Rural High School of Londres. Daniel’s deep love for the forest and countryside are definitely reflected in his enthusiasm for the work of the Titi Conservation Alliance.

Juan Pablo Aguero giving a nature talk

Juan Pablo Aguero giving a nature talk

Our third pillar is Sr. Juan Pablo Aguero. Juan Pablo has a Forestry Engineering degree from the University of Costa Rica and has been working in environmental conservation and protection for over 20 years; 15 of which have been dedicated to the mission and efforts of Titi Conservation Alliance. “Working with the Alliance has been a fulfilling experience on many levels,” says Juan Pablo, “because I’ve been able to combine the themes of conservation, environmental education and eco-tourism. Juan Pablo is a firm believer that our Quepos/Manuel Antonio community needs an environmental organization that represents our interests and, above all, puts the environment first. He has a deep knowledge of the plants of the rainforest and Costa Rican customs and traditions, which he loves to share in his talks to school children and visiting tourists. Juan and his family live in the village of Londres, outside of Quepos and very near to many of our habitat reforestation areas.

You can learn more about our projects on our website at www.monotiti.org or on our Facebook page at Titi Conservation Alliance. If you would like to become a member, you may contact us directly at info@monotiti.org.

We hope you have a great visit to Manuel Antonio and Quepos!

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