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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela? – February 2018

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It seems like the Christmas and New Year celebrations just run right through January and with all of the tourism and events here at Marina Pez Vela, February has appeared in the blink of an eye! With the blue summer skies, flat ocean waters and billfish bite back on, it feels like things are back to “normal” here at the marina with a vibrant schedule for the month and what seem like masterpieces painted each night with our live “SUNSET SHOWS”. The energy here at the project is palpable and growing each day and whether you are a local reading this monthly publication for the updates on the area or just picked up this magazine on your first visit to the area, do NOT miss out on the chance to come down and share in the essence of MPV where our local community, travelers from around the world and the finest project on the Pacific Coast all blend effortlessly into the tropical backdrop. February is another packed month with everything from smash mouth Football of the Super Bowl to a romantic Valentine’s Day concert…

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At the time of writing the final teams have not quite been selected, but Costa Rica’s LARGEST SUPER BOWL PARTY IS ON!!! Sunday, February 4th at 5:30 our big screen will be up, the plaza will be jamming with energy and all of our restaurants will be offering Super Bowl specials so you can marvel at an amazing sunset as the backdrop, catch the kick off and cheer your team to victory or heckle your pals as their team crumbles under the pressure as did my Falcons last year!!! ARGGG!! While all your friends back home huddle in sub-zero temps, join us here at MPV for some cold beers, great food, cheers and jeers of Super Bowl LII!


None other than the iconic Roger Morales, our local vocalist who stole the nation’s hearts with his performance on Cantando por un Sueno several years ago, will be performing a FREE LIVE CONCERT. February 14th, 7pm the concert starts featuring Musica Plancha in our amphitheater with seating for as many as we can fit here at Marina Pez Vela. Whether you are celebrating with the love of your life, courting a new one, or just want to share with family and friends, this is a great and totally free event where our local community and tourists from around the globe can share in some amazing music, revel in our local talent and celebrate the importance of LOVE and FAMILY with all of us here at MPV.


In January we hosted Costa Rica’s Funnest Fishing tournament in the Pelagic Rockstar Open and simultaneous with the tournament was the grand opening of the new Pelagic Retail store here at Marina Pez Vela. This is Pelagic’s first dedicated store in all of Central America and is it located right in front of the docks here at the Marina. The store has an incredible selection of all of Pelagic’s world famous gear, including sunglasses, men’s and women’s bathing suits, fishing gear, UV insulated shirts and wraps — all of which carry the unforgettable designs and colors which have come to identify the brand. Pelagic has also sponsored the MPV and Pelagic Beach club next to the store which is a great place to just relax, show off your newest pelagic gear and watch the boats coming in each day to the docks. Stop by for the best deals on the finest gear and clothing in the industry.


While we are still about 1 month away, it is time to get your team together to compete in our signature fishing tournament which is scheduled to start March 14th. The Quepos Billfish Cup is our most competitive fishing tournament and is a qualifying event for the Offshore World Championships, which we have the honor of hosting here at MPV in April again this year. This is a chance to compete against the best anglers in the world, have a blast, qualify for the OWC, and to win part of the cash prices which are going to total more than $100,000. Inquire now about reserving your space, a boat and team at ifish.com.

While these are most of our big events in February, PLEASE STAY TUNED to marinapezvelavillas.com or our facebook page for ongoing updates about our movie nights, last minute specials at all of our commercial locations and restaurants, and upcoming events.

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