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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – February 2012

February 2012 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos/Manuel Antonio and our beautiful SUMMER – thaw out and warm up with us as our rains have subsided – maybe a shower every so often but mostly just HOT and we love it! Soak up the sun but don’t forget the sunblock as the sun here is intense and burning is easy & quick but then not painless!. We hope you have a great time on our tours ..from flying on a zip line through the jungle to white water rafting, or maybe catching that prized fish you’ve been wanting…..look through our pages for the tour that fits you best……you won’t be disappointed in our restaurants as we have a wonderful assortment of excellent places for you to enjoy both in MA and Quepos …….we hope you will mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia…..couple of things we’d like to mention for Super Bowl Sunday Feb 5th – we have been notified that Byblos Billfish Sports Bar and Barba Roja (both in MA) will be hosting parties so check them out….this month also brings Valentine’s Day – so grab your sweetheart and have a “sweet” time at Byblos Bistro Restaurant (pool side) or Victoria’s Gourmet Italian Restaurante as both have special plans – look for their ads for phone numbers to make reservations…in Quepos drop by Dos Locos on Thurs. night at 7 for a fun game of Pub Trivia………our beautiful cover shot this month comes from Quepolandia’s own Paul Rees—not only did he take this great shot but he grew the orchids! – nice job Paul…well that about wraps it up for this month – follow us here on the web – have a great time and come back soon……..ciao……………..P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – January 2012

Quepolandia January 2012Bienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful Paradise of Quepos/Manuel Antonio…we hope you enjoy your visit & find our magazine helpful & entertaining. We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – FELIZ AÑO NUEVO. You should find plenty to keep you busy, from great tours of all sorts & wonderful restaurants to try. We hope you will tell our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia….be sure to take in the Manuel Antonio National Park & spend some time on our wonderful beaches. Quepos is World Famous for it’s sport fishing so give it a try – you will not be disappointed.  All of our charter fleet practice catch & release of billfish so that our waters will continue to have plenty of fish for generations to come…check out our pages for sport fishing charters…our thanks to Marcos Porras of Quepos Tropical Waters Sport Fishing for our cover shot of the Sailfish…we would like to mention that the sushi bar is back at the “new” Barba Roja Restaurante so if you haven’t been by in a while, stop in & meet Mike & check out the menu changes…well that about takes care of us for this month…don’t forget to check back here regularly…Quepolandia would like to thank all of our wonderful advertisers of 2011 as we look forward to a PROSPEROUS 2012 for all…thanks for visiting & tell all your friends about us…ciao…P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2011

December 2011Bienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful slice of Paradise……….with the holidays in Costa Rica you are in for a great time– enjoy the festivities! If you are looking for the traditional Christmas Dinner then you are in luck! Several of our wonderful restaurants will be pulling out all the stops for a great meal…El Gran Escape always a winner plus many others…check for reservation information & be sure to let them know you heard about them in Quepolandia………..there will also be BIG New Year’s Eve celebrations in downtown Quepos as well as a extravaganza New Year’s Eve buffet & entertainment at El Gran Escape…. Gaia(with special entertainment) and Barba Roja, with live music at Dos Locos- all have big plans for the night so check their ads for details…………..our rains have slowed and the sun is back so enjoy our great tours..spend a day fishing with Tropical Waters Sport Fishing or Luna Tours, flying thru the rainforest with Canopy Safari or Titi Canopy, or white water rafting with Quepoa Expeditons- whatever tour you take or restaurant you try we doubt you will be disappointed…so enjoy your visit and have a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year………follow us online here and come back soon…….ciao…..

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – November 2011

Cover November 2011Bienvenidos/Welcome to our slightly soggy Paradise….rain- that necessary evil/good for the rainforest has been paying us a visit, but soon will be moving  on – as we try to enjoy the cooler weather and hope that it won’t wash out your vacation or cause any damage to the area or country.  We would like to announce the winners for the annual Chili Cook Off held at La Hacienda….1st  Cody Whitmire, 2nd Daniel, and 3rd Papa—People’s Choice went to Louise Zobrist – congrats to all! This month brings the re-opening of many of our wonderful restaurants & those of us that live here are happy to have them back!…………if you are here over Thanksgiving – no worries- a Turkey dinner will be available….check with La Hacienda, Barba Roja, El Gran Escape & possibly Agua Azul  & Kapi Kapi– we promise you won’t go hungry. We would like to thank  Bernard Solco of NY & Holger Holstien for our great cover shot – Playa Matapalo with Manuel Antonio in the distance – very cool shot!

While visiting with our advertisers– please let them know you found them in Quepolandia – enjoy yourselves and check back with us right here and of course come back soon……..ciao……P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September-October 2011

Cover September-October, 2011 photo by Jim PhillipsBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful corner of Costa Rica –we will have rain during the 2 months this issue covers, the question is how much, but we hope you will still have enough sunshine to enjoy—it is what makes the rainforest green….we have things for you to do…like the Sept. 15th Independence Day Parade– always fun and colorful to watch – usually starts around 10 or 11am in Quepos- bands, floats… everything a parade needs and a proud day for Costa Ricans to celebrate………….the 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off takes place at La Hacienda Restaurant on Oct. 1st—if you want to enter call them by the 28th of Sept………or just come out for a taste of some great chili and laughs………..it’s also NFL Football ….you will be able to watch your favorite team in many locations around town…this is the time of year that many of our wonderful restaurants close to allow their employees vacation so it’s a good idea to check before you go……..our colorful cover shot was sent in by our own Jim Phillips of MA – we think it will brighten our days for the next couple of months – great shot – thanks Jim!  Please tell our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia and keep checking us out here, even when you’re not in Costa Rica… Don’t forget Halloween as there is usually a party or two – often complete with costumes…..“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about dancing in the rain”………………..ciao for now……………….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2011

August 2011 CoverBienvenidos/ Welcome to Quepos & Manuel Antonio – or as we like to think of it – Paradise! We are happy that you have come for a visit and know that you will enjoy all that our area has to offer – you will find outstanding tours of all kinds and delicious food & drink – so partake of ALL…if you are thirsting for some great sangria drive up to Ronny’s Place & take in the awesome view – Ronny let us know that they just received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor! Please let our advertisers know that you found them in Quepolandia…we would like to congratulate Aguas Azules for  a successful Beach Clean Up in June  – the next is Aug. 28th at 9 am if you would like to help ………a big thanks to Lauren Lipton of Tallahassee for our cover shot….this is Lauren’s 2nd cover! ….send in your Best Shot and you may make the cover of Quepolandia……….Aug. 15th is Mother’s Day for Costa Rica – it’s a big holiday, as it should be, so if you’re a Mom and visiting you can celebrate too!……..that’s about it for this month – have a great time, stay dry and come back soon………you can also follow us here, where we welcome your comments……..ciao………..P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – July 2011

Bienvenidos/Welcome to all you happy travelers—lucky you to be on vacation & find yourself in beautiful Costa Rica – great choice you made! And especially enjoy Quepos/Manuel Antonio – we are a unique and interesting area with many fun things to do, great food-– so we hope you will visit our advertisers and tell them you found them in Quepolandia……….you will find all the tours available like parasailing, paddleboarding, zip lines, white water rafting, and sportfishing just to name a few—not a chance that you will be bored and at the end of the day be sure to catch one of our beautiful sunsets ….keep that camera ready as you may also catch a perfect photo for our cover-the  great shot this month of the Firey- Billed Aracari was sent in by visitors Stephanie & Michal Popadič—Michal took the photo in Manuel Antonio Park…..if you send in a photo please send at 300 dpi……….you can most likely expect a few afternoon showers as it is “Green Season” but you should still have plenty of sunshine….many of our eating & drinking establishments offer live music during the week so be sure to check the music listings and treat yourself to some great music by some very talented musicians…..have a great time and when you get home, keep up with what’s happening in our Paradise with Quepolandia online……..ciao……………….P


¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – June 2011

June's cover photo by Sean Johnstone

June's cover photo by Sean Johnstone

Bienvenido/Welcome to Paradise! We are happy to see you and know you will have a great time visiting us whether this is your first trip or a return visit. June is a great time – not so hot – rain in the afternoon and plenty of fun things to do…..if you should get caught in a downpour while driving  just slow it down and take your time – our scenery is beautiful so enjoy it…. at times the streets of Quepos can flood so if you are wading around trying to reach a dry spot just remember to really wash your feet when you get back to your hotel…….we have all the great tours available in our area – just take a look at our advertisers…..from paddleboarding, white water rafting, fishing and zip lines to just about anything else you want to try….they will take great care of you & you’ll have a blast……….our beaches are beautiful but the sun is strong even this time of year so don’t forget the sunblock and watch out for the rip tide if swimming……we would also like to mention that a couple of our estuaries at the beach are home to large crocodiles…please exercise caution with small children and dogs…we would like to thank Sean Johnstone for our cover shot….send in those photos and you might make a cover!………please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia and follow us here online when you get home…have fun – be safe and come back soon……….ciao…………P
Happy Father’s Day!

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May 2011

cover-may-11Bienvenidos – Welcome to Quepos & Manuel Antonio……….we are happy to have you here to enjoy our little bit of Paradise!…our rains have started but fortunately in the late afternoon so that none of your fun should be washed out – we do live in the Rainforest and rain it does!! “Green Season” doesn’t that sound better than “rainy season”!…so just go out and enjoy all the great tours we have including great fishing…while visiting our advertisers to share a meal or cold drink – please let them know you found them in Quepolandia.…..look for the PAWS booth at the feria on Saturday and stop and talk about all the great things going on to provide a healthier home for the cats and dogs of our area…a big congratulations to PAWS on a successful Fundraiser –soon they will have a Mobile unit for spay/neuter clinics!…….We would like to thank Manuel Cabalceta for our cover shot of the howler monkey (cebidae-alloutta). Manuel is a guide for the Manuel Antonio National Park and can be reached for tours at 8719-6195 or manuel.cabalceta@gmail.com… It is worth having a guide to see more animals!…….please enjoy yourselves – have a super time at our beaches but remember the ocean is powerful so take care to pay attention to the riptide………..on May 30th Papa & Harry will be hosting their annual Memorial Day Pig Roast at Rancho Leon – it generally starts around Noon or 1pm with live music by Robbie & Live Wire—come on out for a great day…well that about wraps it up – follow us here and we hope you come back soon…………caio………………..P

*Stay Alert – there have been a few instances of trouble on the road to the Nature’s Beachfront Hotel  beach entrance – so it would be best to not walk it alone and stay alert to people following you.

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – April 2011

Bienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful tropical Paradise….we are happy that you have chosen our part of Costa Rica for your vacation…We have it all- Sportfishing, Canopy Tours, White Water Rafting, Ocean Kayaking, Parasailing and on and on…all within easy reach so have some fun……Quepolandia wishes everyone a Happy Easter and a safe Semana Santa (Costa Rica’s Holiday for Easter that begins on the Thurs. before Easter through the holiday) It is the time when many Ticos come to visit their beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach & Park so if the road to the beach is crowded with traffic just take it easy and enjoy the scenery………..Cover Shot congrats to Amber Oswald & Flash Gordon of St. Paul, MN, they sent in the great photo of palm fruit taken while visiting Chef Cody from La Hacienda Restaurant……we are lucky to have wonderful restaurants from Manuel Antonio to Quepos and also a new bakery La Panera located next to El Gran Escape Restaurant – so drop in and try their delicious breads and desserts! You won’t go hungry while visiting with us! As you see our advertisers around town and take time to eat or drink with them or go on a tour – please mention that you heard about them in Quepolandia….we post all the articles here every month so you can keep up with “Qué Pasa en Quepos” after you go home …….we hope you have a wonderful time and come back soon……..caio…..P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2011

March CoverBienvenidos/ Welcome to our corner of Paradise……….a BIG welcome to my granddaughter, Kara, on her first trip to CR and to all those on Spring Break..we hope you have a great vacation!…..Our weather is pretty close to perfect this time of year –particularly if you like it warm & sunny…not much rain if any so you can enjoy everything you plan to do……….March brings St. Patrick’s Day so look around for green beer and lots of fun — – this month has double holiday fun with Mardi Gras and another wild time at Wacky Wanda’s complete with beads and masks…………….the 11th & 12th brings the Costa Rica Classic Billfish Tournament benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation (all money raised stays in CR!) tickets to events are available from those Sponsoring, www.costaricaclassic.com…which brings us to our cover shot provided by David Tuplin at www.davidmarktuplin.com and Bluewater Sportfishing–8705-4026– of a beautiful sailfish on the fly(remember all our boats practice catch and release of billfish)……….we have the best tours in CR and the finest restaurants so get out and have some fun – enjoy a cool drink & delicious meal– visit with our advertisers and tell them you found them in Quepolandia… come back soon….ciao……….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – February 2011

cover-feb-11Bienvenidos/Welcome to Paradise. How lucky you are to be visiting the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. We hope that your vacation is a wonderful experience………..you have come to the right place for exciting tours like rafting, sportfishing, & canopy zip line – just to name a few!………we also have the most enticing restaurants with delicious meals-culinary delights – no fast food here! made of the freshest seafood including International, Fusion,  Sushi, Thai, Tipico Costa Rican, Tex-Mex – we have it all………..not to mention lots of ice cold libations! This being the month for Lovers & Friendship with Valentine’s Day check our ads for those offering a very special dinner for those romantics – you will also find great live music in both Quepos & Manuel Antonio almost every day of the week including– wonderful classical guitar with Rafa at Victoria’s, Live Music on Monday& Belly Dancing on Thursday at Bogart’s, lots of dancing on Weds with Benjammin & the Howlers At Dos Locos so check our Niven’s Musical Notes on the left sidebar……….for those looking for the  Super Bowl Game we suggest El Gran Escape, Wacky Wanda’s, Byblos just to name a few…….Our local animal rescue group PAWS would like to invite you to visit with them every Saturday on the seawall at the Feria – come see the animals for adoption and learn about PAWS – you can also volunteer to help if you will be staying for awhile…. we would like to thank Gil Westreich of The Silk Shop at the beach for the photo of the Saddleback Caterpillar which makes our cover –watch out for these colorful little guys as they have a nasty sting!……..we hope you enjoy your visit –stay in touch with our website when you return home……..we welcome your comments –  ciao……….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – January 2011

Bienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos/Manuel Antonio the home of Quepolandia ….HAPPY NEW YEARFELIZ ANO NUEVO….we are glad you have found us and hope you enjoy your vacation…..thru our pages you will find helpful hints, interesting articles about our area and Our Wonderful Advertisers that make our magazine possible! Please – when visiting with them, booking a tour or eating in one of our outstanding restaurants– let them now you found them in Quepolandia!………we are happy to announce the winner of our Maple Syrup Contest – Debra Boileau of MA – let us know when the waffles are ready and we’ll be right over! Debra only missed one answer, thanks to all that entered the contest & Jeannie Bird for the syrup! ……Byblos asked us to pass along that the Pizzeria has been completely renovated and is ready to serve you with great pizza and special dinner offers…so stop on by and enjoy the pool & see the monkeys …….our thanks to Diego Solis of Rancho Savegre for our beautiful cover shot…you can book your tour with him at diego@ranchosavegre.com and maybe get your own cover shot—we are lucky to have an abundance of great musicians in our area – you can see where they are playing  in your live music listings in the left sidebar….so go on now and have a great time & when you get home remember you can still stay in touch at www.quepolandia.com where we welcome your comments….ciao…………P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2010

Bienvenidos- Feliz Navidad – Welcome to Quepos & Manuel Antonio!………we hope you are having a wonderful vacation………there is much to do, see and great food to eat so you should be well taken care of. At the time of this writing we have just experienced one of the worst weeks of rain in history….there was much damage to roads, flooded homes, landslides that caused a tremendous loss of life and just about everything that is our life here in Paradise was affected………but at this very moment the roads are being repaired, people in shelters are being helped and we are working hard to have everything ready for you – our visitors to enjoy……As you travel around our area drop in on our advertisers for great food & drink ..or take an awesome tour…and please mention that you found them in Quepolandia…………we would like to thank Manuel Cabalceta for our great cover shot! The Oropel – also known as an Eyelash Viper is a beautiful color but very poisonous!

Manuel is a guide for the National Park and you can reach him at 8719-6195 or manuel.cabalceta@gmail.com for guide service…………..if you are hungry for that turkey dinner on Christmas Day check with El Gran Escape Restaurant as they will be serving a traditional dinner…typically other restaurants will have some turkey also………..and now on to NEW YEAR’S EVE……..we know for sure there will be live music & great fun at Dos Locos also live show & music plus Seafood Buffet at El Gran Escape…..& Fireworks ...there is always a big gathering in front of the seawall with fun at Wacky Wanda’s …. Kamuk and all around…… be safe and have a great time –Quepolandia would like to thank our advertisers for their support throughout the year and wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year………caio….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – November 2010

Bienvenidos/Welcome to our slice of Paradise here on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica…we are green- green- green with the waning days of rainy season and happy that we will begin to dry out & de-mold!…..You may still run into some rain but it shouldn’t slow you down much………..Those of us that call Quepos/Manuel Antonio home are happy to have all of our favorite eating establishments open and ready to serve after their much earned vacations……….we have heard that Byblos has added new menu items and Express Pizza Delivery……….Miguelito’s in Quepos has added buffalo wings to their menu and having just had them for dinner I have to say they are very tasty! I had to miss the Chili Cookoff this year at La Hacienda Restaurant but understand Chip took home 1st Place and the People’s Choice Award – congrats! Our friends Bill & Tracy that started the cook off and previously owned La Hacienda have moved back to the states but wanted to say “good-bye and thank everyone for their friendship and great memories over the past four years”……….moving on now to our cover photo we would like to thank Harrison Hitt of Manuel Antonio & Century 21 for the great shot of the nesting hummingbird in his backyard………..our covers photos are sent in by our readers and we are happy to announce we have put them together for the first Quepolandia Calendar now on sale for $10 at Dos Locos & Jaime Peligro Book Store as well as thru Quepolandia at 2777-1113 or use the PayPal link on the left. They will make a great gift and come with a mailing envelope plus $1 from each sale will be donated to PAWS- our local animal rescue/adoption group that you will find at a booth on Saturdays at the feria on the seawall……..well that about wraps it up for this month so get out there and enjoy your visit and if you are here for Thanksgiving and crave that traditional dinner then check out El Gran Escape for a wonderful dinner – just like home …………………caio……P