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The Value of a Tree 

Milena & babyBy Sam Trull, Co-Founder/Sloth Director; The Sloth Institute Costa Rica (TSI)

When I was an elementary school child, I used to plant acorns. One by one I would dig out little tiny holes in the ground, drop in the acorn, cover them up and keep them watered. I would check on them every day. When they first started sprouting I was SO proud. As they continued to get a little bigger I kept an obsessive watch. I would play near them every afternoon just to be with them. In fact, I remember taking my little tiny toy cars (no gender stereotypes here!) outside and I would drive them around the small saplings as if they were giant redwoods. I knew those skinny little green beings would grow up to be big tall trees one day. I remember thinking that I would need to replant them somewhere with more space once they were big enough…I used to daydream about the spots were they would eventually live. They deserved lots of room for their leaves, roots and eventually…their own little acorns. I visualized the birds that would perch on their branches, the woodpeckers that would pound on their trunks. Even at that very young age I understood the value of a tree.
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The Sloth Institute Release Project: Ellen & Kermie

Kermit sleeping in vines

Kermie sleeping in vines

By Sam Trull, TSI Co-Founder/Sloth Director

The past few months have been a whirlwind—so many exciting new project ideas and so many projects that have been underway for a long time…finally showing the fruits of our labor! I am very excited to report that Ellen and Kermie’s release is underway! (For those of you who haven’t read about Ellen and Kermie, they are a pair of 2-toed sloths that were brought to KSTR within days of each other, at the time they were barely a week old, and had been orphaned by their mothers. I hand-raised the pair and last September, they were brought to the soft release cage).

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All About #slothlove—The TSI story 

2 rescued baby slothsAbout The Sloth Institute, Costa Rica

By Seda Sejud, Chief Sloth Ambassador at TSI

You may have seen the Sloth Mobile driving around town, or you may have seen some young people walking in Manuel Antonio wearing the shirts you see pictured here and wondered, who are these people and where did they come from? What is hashtag slothlove? What is a sloth mobile? And who/what is The Sloth Institute Costa Rica and where did they come from?

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