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Costa Rica, the Land of Tomorrow

By Pat Joffrion

In order to open a bank account, I need a CPA to verify and certify our income. I made an appointment for Tuesday at 2 p.m. and arrived promptly at his office in Quepos. “He will be in his office tomorrow,” the smiling secretary said to me. “But our appointment is for today,” I replied. “No problem,” she said. “You come back tomorrow.” 

Got my CPA paperwork on Wednesday morning and headed over to open our bank account? “The lady who does that will be in tomorrow.” 

Went back to the bank on Thursday, filled out all of the required documents, and pulled out several thousand dollars to deposit into our new bank account. “I’m sorry,” the teller stated. “But there is a 24-hour waiting period. You cannot make a deposit into your account until tomorrow.” 

I can’t wait to make my permanent move here. Everything is so relaxed. People don’t get excited about very much. I’ve learned that people here don’t die of heart attacks… because there is always TOMORROW!

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