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Kids Saving The Rainforest Quarterly Report

By KSTR Wildlife Vet, Pia Martin DVM

KSTR would like to share part our quarterly report submitted to MINAE (the Ministry of the Environment):

In the last 3 months KSTR has rescued 44 animals, so in addition to the 31 we already had at the rescue center, it was total of 75 animals rescued with 27 different species!!

From these: 24 were RELEASED!! YES!!! That is a great release rate for rescue centers.

35 were moved to the Sanctuary because they are non-releasable (beautiful confiscated birds that don’t even know how to fly), and of these, 20 are still at the rescue center, and only 10 died, which is also a great number.

Our most miraculous recovery was a Howler monkey who had been electrocuted and had first, second and third degree burns over 80% of her body. We were able to save her and she was released back into her troop!
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We have 4 sloths, 3 two toed, and 1 three toed who are being raised to be released by using our Sloth Boot camp, a VERY large sloth pre-release enclosure.

We did a lot of education: we ran a 3 day conservation and rescue workshop, we went to the Dolphin School (Escuela Los Delfines), where we taught classes and did activities with the Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Prep students. We had many classes and projects with veterinary students and Primate students, gave many educational tours, and have hosted many volunteers (including a NASA Physiologist).

We also have a full time biologist staff member, Pedro Montero.

We are looking forward to the first International 3 day conference for Rescue and Rehabilitation Workers, hosted by KSTR in San Jose this month.

We are also very excited because we are now a member of ISIS (International Species Information Systems) and are using the ZIMS software to be included in the global, real-time, accurate Zoological Information Management System).

Please come take a tour and support our efforts to save the rainforest. Contact volunteer@kstr.org
To learn more about how you can help, please contact Jennifer@kidssavingtherainforest.org.

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