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scorpionBy Mark Goldstein

It’s March, and a few days ago the Northern Hemisphere will be experienced it’s spring equinox, when Winter begins to turn to Spring. Many of our visitors are here from the northern latitudes, and have been going through a long cold winter. The arrival of spring launches growth and new beginnings. Many of you reading this are ex-pats from up north, and have experienced huge changes by relocating to Costa Rica. This brings up this month’s subject and pose of the month. Change: how to create it, embrace it and how to use yoga to make it more meaningful.

Playa Yoga

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Curried Chicken Burgers with Quick Mango Chutney

It’s mango season! During this time of year mango trees are literally dropping fruit at your feet. Monkeys, parrots, iguanas, butterflies, & humans feast on them and yet, if you’re lucky enough to have a nearby tree or two, you’ll still find yourself actually tripping over fallen mangoes. Don’t let that fruit go to waste. If you don’t have a tree handy you can buy them cheaply at the supermarket, the farmers market, or off the back of a truck.

Here’s a quick recipe for Mango Chutney that will last about a month refrigerated & goes great on Curried Chicken Burgers (below). Make the chutney before you start the burgers so it has time to cool to room temperature.
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Lencho’s War

By Jack Ewing

1948 is a special year in Costa Rican history, but its significance was perceived differently by different people. If you were on the winning side you would remember it as a heroic revolution. The losers would call it a power grab. Most outside observers saw it as a bloody civil war, and none of the participants will ever deny that it was bloody. Today everyone recognizes that the single most important result of the war was the abolition of the Costa Rican armed forces six months after its conclusion.

The war of 1948 had been brewing for some time, but the incident that triggered the eruption of violence was alleged election fraud in the elections of 1948. The people who lived in Hatillo de Aguirre knew that there was an election, but didn’t care who was running, much less worry about the outcome. Had there been a place to vote, none was eligible, as all were Panamanian citizens. The government barely knew that Hatillo existed, so the people weren’t much concerned with who ran the government. Likewise the war wasn’t of any special importance to them. It wasn’t their war. For that reason, when word arrived that the soldiers were coming, Marvin Espinosa called a family meeting. It wasn’t very democratic because Marvin made all of the decisions. But everyone had their say, the men at least.
Hacienda Baru

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KSTR Update

By Jennifer Rice PhD, KSTR President

Kids Saving The Rainforest has been very busy with lots of great news that we want to share with you.

We now have our official Zoological Garden license. We use this license for our wildlife sanctuary to house any wildlife that can’t be released back into the rainforest, animals that would have to be euthanized if we did not care for them. Currently there are over 20 monkeys protected at the Sanctuary which is called the Kids Saving The Rainforest Educational Center.
Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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Verbos de emoción o sentimiento

tico-talk-headerEn español se usa el subjuntivo en una cláusula subordinada después de un verbo de emoción en la cláusula principal si hay un sujeto diferente para los dos verbos. Algunos verbos de emoción que requieren el subjuntivo son:

Alegrarse de que
Gustarle que
Sentir que
Tener miedo de que
Temer que
Lamentar que
Sorprenderse de
Es de esperar
Es lamentable
Es sorprendente
Es (una) lástima
Es una suerte

Por ejemplo: Me alegro de que estés aquí. (I’m happy you’re here.)


  1. ¿Cómo se dice?

I’m happy that Sofia wants to go out with me.
I’m afraid she won’t have a good time.
She likes that I resemble Brad Pitt.
She’s sorry that I don’t have a car.
My folks lament that I get such bad grades.
I’m happy they still love me.
I fear I’m failing calculus.
The teacher is sorry that I’m not so smart.
We’re happy you’re playing with us.
I’m afraid we won’t all fit in your car.
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Adrián Vallí

(in English)
AdrianEscrito por Carol Vlassoff

Traducido por Rosa Arechederra

Es la imagen de la combinación moderna de Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso y Jacques Cousteau, que vive en Manuel Antonio  y al que  se le puede  imaginar como una  personalidad real en nuestro medio.  Adrián Valli, más conocido  como “Adrián, el artista de Argentina,” pinta, esculpe, talla y  experimenta con diferentes formas de arte, en su estudio de la selva en la zona de  El Lirio, Manuel Antonio.

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Adrián Vallí

(en Español)Adrian
By Carol Vlassoff

Picture a modern-day combination of Paul Gaugin, Pablo Picasso and Jacques Cousteau living in Manuel Antonio, and you may be imagining a real personality in our midst.  Adrián Valli, known to most as “Adrián, the artist from Argentina,” paints, sculpts,  carves and experiments with different art forms in his jungle studio in El Lirio, Manuel Antonio.

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Fabulous Fabs Coloring Our Summer

By Donna Porter

February and March are not exactly my favorite times of the year here in Costa Rica.  Yes, these are our peak months for tourism but, as a plant person, my thinking leans more towards garden activity.  It is a time when we are not suppose to be planting, but I say, if there is a reliable water source and reliable labor available… then let the planting proceed.  This summer began with milder than usual temps and continued, cooling showers in December and on into January, but who knows what February and March will bring. With these conditions, it is has been especially difficult to halt the planting.

Summer in the tropics does have its advantages and “silver lining” in the plant world and one of those is that this is the time of the year when the flowering trees – do their thing.  With the onset of higher /dryer weather, many tree species will shed their leaves and begin their reproductive cycle of flowering and seed production.  It is almost a dormant state for many plants, where little vegetative growth is occurring compared to the rainy/”green” season.

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Yoga for Surfers

By Shelley Workman

As a responsible wife of a dedicated Surfer and Yoga instructor, this class for surfers has evolved.  Seeing my highly athletic husband and surfer starting to complain after his surf sessions of knee, back or other pains, I felt alarmed.  After talking to other long-time surfers and doing some research, I found these complaints to be common side-effects of many years of surfing.  We put our heads together and committed to many more years of injury free surfing.  From this “Yoga for Surfers” here in Manuel Antonio has evolved.

Yoga and surfing seem like such a natural fit.  Both demand from the body and mind extreme balance, endurance, acuity, stamina, and fluidity.  Our classes combine many disciplines of Yoga into a routine that targets surfing and its specific muscle groups.  We train to simultaneously achieve power, flexibility and balance.   This approach changes the way all parts of our body flow and work together.

Someone once said, “Surfing is like Yoga on the water. You engage your body, mind and spirit.”  Getting yourself into a routine is sometimes hard at first, but once you start to see your surfing improve, you will love every minute of your Yoga program.

The Yoga for Surfers´ class is to get you to spend ten minutes on the beach prepping for your session instead of 30 seconds doing a quick routine.   It’s guaranteed that you won’t cry about missing one set while you get your body ready to charge.  Join us every Wednesday 9:30am at Holis Spa.  Namaste, Shelley

Holis Wellness Center

Lucky Thirteen for Costa Norte

Costa NorteBy Jim Parisi

Max Urso is a busy guy, a tireless visionary. He started his recording studio and label, Costa Norte Records, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1998, after hearing a rough cassette tape of Honduran singer/songwriter Guillermo Anderson performing and perceived a real need for a recording studio in the country. Both Guillermo and Garifuna singer Aurelio Martinez were recently included in the Central American Music Box CD, a compilation album demonstrating the musical diversity of this region. It is an accomplishment that all three of them are very proud about and happy to be a part of.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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U.S. Ambassador Visits Manuel Antonio

by Tere Chaviano & Linda Wilson

A special meeting with US Ambasador Anne Slaughter Andrew, and US Consul General Paul Birdsall, was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Aguirre. This meeting was at the invitation of the Security Committee of the Chamber, arranged at the request of Chamber President, Harry Bodaan. The focus of this meeting was to discuss and determine how to improve security and safety of US citizens, tourists, and investors living abroad in Costa Rica, and particularly, to discuss the Central Pacific area’s concerns with rising incidents of violent crimes, and problems concerning the current justice system.

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Going Inshore

By Joshua Stewart

Do you eat fish?

If you do, inshore fishing is better than ever. As Mahi-mahi and Tuna are not really out there, smoked fish lovers will be more than satisfied with the abundance of Spanish mackerel. Ojaran III and Ojaran II have had more than seventy mackerels in the last month. You can also have some snappers, jacks and in a big quantity, fun to catch but not eatable, Roosterfish. Talking about offshore action, Sailfish is on the top. Ojaran II has released five Sailfish on the first seven days of the month. Ojaran III has had thirteen. A few Marlin and a few Mahi have been caught.

What’s on?

Extreme weather changes have been affecting water temperature. This is a The La Niña Phenomenon year.  The La Nina is usually described as a cooler than average sea surface temperature in this area of the Pacific. The La Nina phenomenon is known to occur every few years in this area and beyond, and it is known to last anywhere from a few months to as long as two years or so. Some fish like Dorado, need warmer water temperatures.

Those Lucky Days.

Captain Junior and mate Alex caught 1 Marlin, 4 Sailfish and 2 Dorado on January 29th. Captain Mike and mate Joseph caught a 65 pounds Yellow Fin Tuna on February the 5th. Ojaran II had a broken rod when a huge Manta ray pulled like a bull in a split second. (Sorry Mike).


Contact Luna Tours Sportfishing at Hotel Best Western Kamuk lobby, downtown Quepos central. Book now Ojaran II, Ojaran III, Magic Moon and the Reel Deal (27 ft to 33ft) on full days or half day charters. We also arrange other boats for charter up to 46 ft. Contact us at 2777-0725 (office), 8869-4808 (24 hour cell) and visit our web site www.lunatours.net. And remember, if fishing is interfering with your business, give up your business.

Fishing Report

Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – March 2011

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

piscesPISCES – February 19-March 20

Like your life, peanuts can be dried, roasted, blanched and put inside little potato coatings. Just like your life. You will be plagued by happy people, but don’t be swayed by them, stay miserable.


ariesARIES – March 21-April 19

This month is for lovers everywhere. Find positives wherever you are and accentuate them. Do not dwell on the negatives and you will have happiness. It’s really quite simple isn’t it? You get better looking every day. I bet you can’t wait for tomorrow!


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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2011

March CoverBienvenidos/ Welcome to our corner of Paradise……….a BIG welcome to my granddaughter, Kara, on her first trip to CR and to all those on Spring Break..we hope you have a great vacation!…..Our weather is pretty close to perfect this time of year –particularly if you like it warm & sunny…not much rain if any so you can enjoy everything you plan to do……….March brings St. Patrick’s Day so look around for green beer and lots of fun — – this month has double holiday fun with Mardi Gras and another wild time at Wacky Wanda’s complete with beads and masks…………….the 11th & 12th brings the Costa Rica Classic Billfish Tournament benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation (all money raised stays in CR!) tickets to events are available from those Sponsoring, www.costaricaclassic.com…which brings us to our cover shot provided by David Tuplin at www.davidmarktuplin.com and Bluewater Sportfishing–8705-4026– of a beautiful sailfish on the fly(remember all our boats practice catch and release of billfish)……….we have the best tours in CR and the finest restaurants so get out and have some fun – enjoy a cool drink & delicious meal– visit with our advertisers and tell them you found them in Quepolandia… come back soon….ciao……….P

To all my fans

By The House Doctor

All I want to do is turn you on, and you let me down. I want this relationship to be over, but alas, you’re the only fans I can get. Overpriced Chinese garbage. We just have to learn how to work together.

Welcome to Fans 101 my fellow Quepolandiacs, the first way to keep these fans lasting is preventative maintenance. The most commonly trashed fan here is the oscillating floor stand type. One day it’s working, the next, just a humming sound and eventually, if unchecked, the lovely aroma of frying electrical innards. By this point, you just may have to pronounce the patient dead on the scene.

Remember when servicing electrical appliances, be sure they are unplugged, I know, I know. You knew that right! So let’s begin.

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