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Has the Time Come to Say Good-bye to an old Friend? – I Hope Not!

By Jack Ewing

Back in the 1970s Diane and the kids and I lived in the casona, the old Hacienda Baru home. We didn’t get around to digging a well until the early 1980s, and every year, the spring that supplied our water would dry up in mid February. To deal with the situation we carried drinking water in 5 gallon plastic containers from another spring two kilometers away and water for washing dishes and flushing toilets in 55 gallon drums. The girl who worked for us went to the Barú River to do laundry, and every afternoon around 4:00 PM everyone went to the river to bathe in the crystal clear water. The village of Dominical was out of water too, so most of the town – about 8 people at that time — met us there, and the afternoon bath became as much a social event as one of personal hygiene.

River Otter eating fish

River Otter eating fish

Another daily visitor to the bathing ritual was the Neotropical River Otter (Lutra longicaudis.) No sooner did we started splashing around than a couple of otters would appear from down river, swimming toward our location at the “Paso del Guanacaste.” They would swim directly at us at high speed, and about four meters short of our location they would dive. Sometimes they stayed underwater only a few seconds and sometimes longer than a minute. When they resurfaced it could be anywhere, but it would definitely be at least four meters (13 feet) from the nearest person. It was like they were playing a game with us, but only to a certain point.
Hacienda Baru
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Kids Saving The Rainforest Monkey Bridge Program

By Adriana Quesada,  KSTR Manager & Monkey Bridge Program Director

Titi on a Monkey Bridge

Titi on a Monkey Bridge

KSTR has a program dedicated to help the Titi Monkeys (squirrel monkeys), as well as the other species of monkeys that live in the Manuel Antonio Area.

The leading causes of death for this endangered species are electrocution by electrical wires while crossing roads and being hit by cars. That’s why, as part of our plan to help the Titi monkeys, we have placed monkey bridges that cross above the roads of Manuel Antonio and surrounding areas to give these adorable creatures a safer way to travel in the rainforest, to get food, shelter and to be in good physical condition; yeah that’s right, Titi monkeys need to travel 17 km a day to be in good shape.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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Fishing Report – May 2010

By Jerry Glover

Welcome and bienvenidos to Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Fishing continues to be very good in our area. A few Marlin, and Sailfish are being released daily,with Mahi Mahi still being boated, some in the 40 lb range. A few boats have reported Wahoo being boated, some in the 50 lbs range. Rooster fish action is good, with 2 to 3 fish being released on our half day charters. Several have been 35# to 40# . Fishing in Quepos is always good year round. It’s always an adventure to spend the day enjoying the ocean and the many species of marine life in our area. Don’t delay! For your fishing adventure contact Luna Tours Sport fishing, our office is located in the Hotel Best Western Kamuk lobby, downtown Quepos central. We own and operate 4 Sport Fishing boats (27 ft to 33 ft) and can also arrange other boats for charter up to 46 ft for half day or full day charters. Contact us at 2777-0725 (office), 8869-4808 (24 hour cell), visit our web site at www.lunatours.net, or stop by the office for a fishing report, and talk some fishing.

Fishing Report

Yumeiho Massage

Yumeiho MassageBy Victoria

Yumeiho Massage is an oriental massage technique that strives to achieve and maintain the balance and harmony of the body. The father of the method is professor Masayuki Kotsuban.

Yumeiho is a complex method to reestablish and maintain bodily symmetry and harmony by applying pressing and kneading techniques, as well as joint-stimulating energetic elements all over the body. Read More…

Guest Chef – Tracy Maue of La Hacienda Restaurant

This recipe is very versatile.  Add your favorite ingredients such as fresh basil, sun dried tomato, diced tomato, onion or pepper.  Or use shrimp instead of chicken.  Easily double or triple and have friends over for dinner.  Enjoy!

Chicken & Mushrooms with White Wine & Cream over Pasta

IngredientsTracy Maue of La Hacienda Restaurant

2 Tbs butter

1 Tbs olive oil

1 chicken breast; cut into cubes

1 clove minced garlic

5 sliced mushrooms

¼ C white wine

¼ C cream

Salt & Pepper to taste

Colored Bowtie Pasta, cooked


Melt butter & olive oil in pan over medium heat.La Hacienda Restaurant

Add chicken, cook.  Add garlic & mushrooms, sauté five minutes.

Add wine & simmer until almost gone.

Stir in cream and cook until thick.

Toss with pasta & serve with Parmesan.

The History of Costa Rica

By Jim Parisi

History of Costa RicaRecently, the University of Costa Rica published its third edition of “The History of Costa Rica”, the first of its kind to be translated and printed in the English language. Written by Ivan Molina and Steven Palmer, two of the leading and most recognized Costa Rican historians, the book is concise yet thorough and current, spanning this country’s rich history from the arrival of human beings, at around 12,000 B.C., to the beginning of the Twenty-First Century, including the bulk of Arias’ term as president of the country.

This is the fifth book to be written in collaboration by these two authors. Palmer has a Ph.D. in Latin American History from Colombia University in New York and Molina received his Masters degree in History at the University of Costa Rica, where both men have taught. Their books have won many prestigious awards, including the Aquileo Echeverria National Prize in History, the Cleto Gonzalez Viquez Prize in History and the Ancora Prize from La Nacion, Costa Rica’s premier newspaper. The book comes armed with eight different maps, more than eighty photographs, paintings and drawings, a comprehensive bibliography and an index that offers its readers a handy, thorough reference and complete chronicle of key events in Costa Rica’s history.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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Dr. Alfonso Gaspar Martinez del Pino

(in English)
Escrito por Carol Vlassoff

Traducido por Rosa Arechederra

Dr Martinez con perroDr. Alfonso Gaspar Martínez del Pino, nacido y educado en Cuba, dice que  pensó en quedarse en Costa Rica desde el momento en que decidió aceptar la invitación para asistir a una conferencia aquí, en 1995. Dejando a sus amigos y familiares se vino  con 63 libras de equipaje (59 libras de libros), 145 dólares en el bolsillo y se dedicó a empezar  una nueva vida aquí. Dio varias conferencias en la   Escuela de Veterinaria de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma en el Barreal de Heredia, y a continuación, dice, “me quedé.”

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Dr. Alfonso Gaspar Martinez del Pino

(en Español)
By Carol Vlassoff

Dr Martinez with dogDr. Alfonso Gaspar Martinez del Pino, born and educated in Cuba, says that he planned to stay in Costa Rica from the time he accepted an invitation to attend a conference here in 1995. Leaving his friends and family, with 63 pounds of luggage (59 pounds of it books) and $145 in his pocket, he set out to establish a new life here.  He gave several lectures at the Escuela de Veterinaria de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma en el Barreal de Heredia, and then, he says, “I stayed.”

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Your Fruits and Veggies

By Donna Porter

We would all like to think that because we live in this warm tropical paradise, where plant life exudes from even the tiniest crack or crevice, that it is “a piece of cake” to grow beautiful, healthy plants. In some respects that is absolutely correct; plants do grow rapidly and sometimes, it seems, with the greatest of ease. Just cut a limb from a tree or shrub and stick it in the ground (in the rainy season of course) and in weeks it will start to leaf out and grow. But, our tropical paradise is no exception when it comes to the manner at which unblemished fruits and vegetables are produced.

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Costa Rica Reggae Nights

By Jim Parisi

Costa Rica Reggae NightsThe origin of reggae in Costa Rica dates back to the 1920s, when Jamaican leader Marcus Garvey evoked his ideas and beliefs throughout the Caribbean province of Limon. Born in St. Anne’s Bay, Jamaica, the future birthplace of Bob Marley, Garvey is considered the prophet of Rastafarianism. So, it is easy to see how reggae music is considered a kind of Costa Rican folk music.

Remaining consistent in its mission statement, Papaya Music recently unveiled its newest release, Costa Rica Reggae Nights. The CD embraces a variety of Costa Rican reggae bands and styles. Included on this disc are eleven bands, demonstrating the versatility during a span of the past two decades of reggae in this country. All the recordings were previously unreleased and the compilation offers songs in Spanish, English, and Limon Creole.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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Potty Time – April 2010

Potty Time

Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – April 2010

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

ariesARIES – March 21-April 19

Happy Birthday you gorgeous Ram! Not only are you HOT this month, you are also oh so clever. You will invent a night light in the shape of a chess piece, which you will smartly name “Nighty Knight”! Let’s hope it goes over well, you could use the money! Invest in yourself and silver since you most likely can’t afford gold, and the dollar is in the toilet.


IDEAL JOB: Donut Hole Cutter

taurusTAURUS – April 20-May 20

This month you will become incensed at the thought that you missed out on all the fun during the 60’s and 70’s and will change your name to “Sunflower”. That is SO Taurus of you! Focus on variety this month, give the chocolate lobster tail a try and accept love and sugar graciously. Sweet baby Sweet!


IDEAL JOB: Ripened Fruit Checker

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Batalla de Rivas – 11 de Abril de 1856

tico-talk-headerEn esta fecha se conmemora el día en que Juan Santamaría quemó el llamado Mesón de Guerra, acto que permitió a los costarricenses vencer a los filibusteros de William Walker y quedarse con la ciudad de Rivas en su poder.

Se conoce con el nombre de Batalla de Rivas a una batalla que se dio durante la Guerra de 1856, entre las fuerzas del ejército de Costa Rica, dirigidas personalmente por el Presidente Juan Rafael Mora Porras, y el ejército filibustero estadounidense dirigido por William Walker, en la ciudad de Rivas, Nicaragua. Read More…

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – April 2010

Bienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful tropical Paradise..we are happy to have you visiting…….wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a safe Semana Santa (Costa Rica’s Holiday for Easter that begins on the Thurs. before Easter through the holiday) It is a time when many Ticos come to visit their beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach & Park so if the road to the beach is crowded take it easy & enjoy the scenery during these few days…………..CR has new laws concerning driving so be sure everyone in the car fastens their seat belt, be careful how much you have to drink & drive defensively……………..congrats to Janet Brent of Kingston, Ontario Canada and frequent visitor to MA for the great sloth photo on our cover………..as you are visiting our advertisers please let them know you found them in Quepolandia…..where the finest restaurants advertise –we have great places to eat so enjoy…its hard to single one out but if you’re looking for  special ambiance for a special evening we know you will enjoy Kapi Kapi as we did recently- delicious ! & while there see the beautiful Global Gypsy Collection of jewelry by Suzan Crane. Don’t miss our drinking establishments with plenty of cold beer for these HOT days..& our advertisers can also hook you up with fishing, canopy tours, white water rafting, horseback riding …..just to name a few of our fun tours…………….we would also like to mention our GUEST CHEF this month – Tracy Maue of La Hacienda Restaurant – watch for her recipe later this month – she will also have a terrific Easter Menu at La Hacienda….hope you hear good music, taste wonderful food & good drinks and have a terrific time while you are here to enjoy our part of Paradise… stay in touch at www.quepolandia.com ……hasta luego…………P

Our small community was saddened over the past Feb-Mar when we suffered the loss of our friends; Claire, Janet and Travis. Each of them was special to us – each gone far too soon in their life and will be missed by friends & family.

The Tale of a Titi Monkey

By Pia Martin, DVM

Right after his surgery

Titi monkeys (saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) are small but very intelligent and dexterous.  They are unique to the Manuel Antonio area.

Last august, some kids were visiting Playa El Rey in the National Park and found a very young monkey on the ground, he was hurt and couldn’t move. They felt sorry for the little guy and carefully picked him up and put him in a box. They took him to MINAET not knowing what else to do. MINAET brought him to us. The little titi was about 6 months old and had a very serious fracture in his arm and another in his clavicle. He could have fallen from a very tall tree just when he was learning to move on his own.

These kids saved his life; he would have been eaten by a predator or would have died alone of hunger.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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